1992 Toyota MR2 GT-S turbo from North America


A pocket rocket


Quite difficult to work on since it's a mid engine car.

General Comments:

It's as fast as I expected. Been hearing some good things about the MR2 before I got it. Now I enjoy every minute I drive this hot rod. The seating is comfy, and it handles like it's on rails. Love how the engine sounds once the turbo kicks in.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2000

1992 Toyota MR2 GTS turbo from UK and Ireland


Nothing touches it for bang per buck! Get one now, sell you Grandma and maybe your parents too!


Nothing really!. Last summer I had a slight coolant leak, but that was soon fixed for next to nothing. The only money I've spent on the car is to satisfy my addiction to modifying!

The car came with the usual Jap mods, like the exhaust, air filter and wheels. I've since taken off the original mods and added various performance mods of my own over the past year; such as HKS cams, HKS verniers, Blitz Access ECU, Blitz Boost Controller, Blitz Diffuser, Blitz Turbo Timer, Magnecor HT leads, Khan RSR 17 inch Wheels, Full Body Kit, Cucso Struts, MRD Exhaust (v. loud!) HKS Blow off Valve (soon to swap for a Blitz one!).

General Comments:

I'm not 100% sure of my cars power reading now, I'll have to get a dyno done soon. To give an example of what sort of car the MR2 turbo is, I've **eaten** a Merc SLK 230 Coupe for breakfast, literally blew his Bavarian doors off, and that was when I was running 7psi (v. low) boost and on 95 Octane gas, god only knows what the outcome would have been if I was running 1 bar boost on 97 Octane gas! For another performance comparison, a Jaguar XK8 struggled to simply **pass** me in the fast lane!

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Review Date: 8th July, 2000

7th Jan 2002, 14:10

Oooh naughty. You should always use 97 oct fuel in turbos or you'll cause premature valve wear. I made an 321bhp M3 look very silly today-keep up the expensive car eating!

16th Jan 2003, 07:41

This is incorrect, an MR2 Turbo running at or near factory specification would easily beat an SLK 230. In stock form, the revision 2 MR2 Turbo (1992-late 1993) weighs in at 1250kg and generates 220bhp. It can make 60mph in 5.5 seconds from a standing start and tops out at just over 145mph. Compare this to the SLK 230- it weighs 1324kg, generates 193bhp, and makes 60mph in 7.3 seconds. Top speed is 137mph. They may be seriously more expensive, but speed is the issue here, and in that respect the stock MR2 Turbo wins hands down.

23rd Sep 2003, 14:37

Absolutely, not a lot will touch the Turbo, especially when you consider the coupe weight even less than the T-Bar. You can easily beat an M3!!

8th Jan 2004, 14:56

In response to the comment sent January 2003, 145mph top speed is actually quite a conservative estimate.

I have a completely stock revision 2 (1992) GT-Turbo hardtop, and I have a GPS verified top speed of 159.4 mph (on a private road of course)!

A friend with a stock revision 3 GT-Turbo claims he has a GPS verified 167 mph, but I haven't seen this myself and so can't be 100% sure whether or not this is true.

1992 Toyota MR2 GT T Bar 2.0 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Slight pinking between 3 and 4k rpm, and a slight leak from T Bar roof seal.

General Comments:

A superb sports car - one of the prettiest, with great handling and performance, but which is very economical - 34 mpg without fail for the performance it gives, which I find amazing. Servicing is very reasonable and parts, no more than any Japanese car. The only disadvantages I can see if you can manage with 2 seats are; Insurance group is high and it eats rear tyres - 15,000 miles from a pair is the norm. I even have a tow bar fitted to mine so the smallish boot is no problem! Buy one! After 2 years of ownership I still look for excuses to go out for a drive!

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Review Date: 28th November, 1999

3rd Jul 2002, 06:56

I must agree, the MR2 is the best car I've owned also. A few things though: back tyres - don't cut corners with cheap tyres, because:

1. They won't even get you 10,000 miles.

2. They don't suit the car - It's like wearing a Gucci shirt with Burton trousers.

If you have got one and never had the need to change a tyre yourself, have a practice lifting the car with the jack outside your house. It's the heaviest car I've ever known, and could cause you problems on uncertain surfaces. And check your T-Bar roof seals before you buy. Silicon filler can be easily spotted.