1993 Toyota MR2 GT turbo from UK and Ireland


Sports car at budget prices makes most cars seem like they stand still. lol


In the 3 months that I have owned this car only a front bulb had blow.

Did have typical power steering failure, but was sorted out after turning it on and off from the key multiple times.

General Comments:

I have the GT version of the Mk II MR2. It is a Revision #2 also known as a rev 2. As standard these cars will push out 220/230 bhp with a stationary start to hitting 60 mph in 5.7 seconds. I do have to mention for people that do not know that this car has a the same engine as a Toyota Celica GT4. The car had been manufactured in '93. The Rev 1 are from years 1990 to 1992. Rev 2 were manufactured from '92 to L reg '93. From 93+ came the Rev 3 which pushed out 240 bhp standard. This review is about the Rev 2 turbo.

After being without a car for about 8 months I started missing the feel for driving. I looked into driving the Civic Type R (EP3) and Intergra Type R (DC5) but the insurance on the DC5 was too much with only 1 company willing to quote me. After time my budget changed, but my taste for a performance car was still the same.

Months of research ended with me finding a minter MR2 GT Turbo. The GT version is the more luxurious of the turbocharged cars as the GTS was made to be lighter. More of a rawer car.

The only thing different from the GTS to GT is that it is equipped with electric mirrors, different air system. The air system on the GT has a normal cool/warm blower with air cond and climate control. Included are recirc air or intake from outside air. Also featured are half leather seats as the GTS has patterned fabric. I do have to point out that these seats have multiple areas to adjust the comfort for the driver. If I remember correctly the seats have a 7 point adjustment system.

The cabin at first felt somewhat tight, but it was down to me not being used to the coupe feeling. The MR2 now feels spacious with an armrest which you can freely move your elbows about. For long drives it can easily pace up and down the length of the country with ease. As a motorway car I'd only use it for a few hours at most. Anymore and it might not be the best car to purchase as the MPG isn't too great either.

Continuing with the interior and it being a coupe, I know a fair few owners who are 6ft + and they have no problem being comfortable as they drive.

Being a MR2 (Mid-Rear) you will know that the engine is in the back. LOL I had to point that out to some people. Still the engine being placed in the rear of the car there is surprisingly some room to store a trolley load of shopping or luggage packed for a weekend away.

'the GTS Mr2 had 235 break horse power as standard and an after market exhaust, boost valve, dump valve to bring it to nearer 280 Break Horse Power'

A quote from a previous poster:

I know that hitting the 280bhp mark with this engine is easily achieved, but with just those mods alone I doubt it.

Again the previous poster compared this car with a saxo! Diabolical, these cars are completely different breeds and cannot be compared together. This car is set against the S2000, Fiat 20v coupe, Civic Type R, Ford Focus RS and the new '04 Golf GTI turbo.

But being a japanese Import and the fuel that is sold over there in the east, it uses 100 ron fuel. The nearest you can get here on public roads is 97/98 ron. Also known as optimax or 4 star. This also adds to the running costs of the car. The car being a japanese import jumps into the insurance category of 20!! The highest of the lot. Also be aware that this car will eat away it's rear tyres if abused.

I do have to say that the gearchange on the car is slick and smooth. Not comparable to the CTR, but yet smooth. If you like to drive with a bit of heel-toe this can be done too, but please be careful.

I do have to point out though that many people purchase this car as a fun alternative to a FWD hatchback and drive it the same way. NO, this cannot be done as it is a RWD MR car and the weight distribution will be different so therefore please drive with care if you buy this car. Also many people discribe the handling in the wet as, 'dire' but it isn't that bad. It's just stupid to boot it around in the wet and then blame the car. Overall the handling is rather good and you can have hours of fun stepping the back out and catching it back in (private track of course).

The cambelt has to be changed at 60k.

If bought straight from japan, your turbo will be restricted to 112mph.

It is a sports car so the suspension will be harsh. To some, they might find it tiresome, but if you like sports cars harder suspension is something you should be used to, but this is what makes the handling good.

If you stick with the JDM (Japanse Domestic Motor)headunit you will only get restricted FM stations.

Remember this is a sub 6 second car and will pull all the way through 2/3/4 gears easily hitting stupid speeds. The people who won't know how fast these cars are are the clueless ones. Even though 10+ years it still turns heads. It will definately leave most cars for dust and the garrett turbocharger will happily boot you along.

The smile on your face when you hear the turbo whistling 2 feet behind your head is great fun.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2004

13th Jun 2005, 17:10

I wrote the review about, don't you dare put that kit on it. You'll look like a chav wanting to be rich and obviously dreaming.

Good luck with the evo though, desirable cars, but enjoy the servicing cost like a hole in the pocket.

17th Aug 2005, 15:18

Excellent review. I think too many people have bought these cars as a progression from a hot hatch, then binned it soon after :) Apparently the rev3 is a lot more 'predictable'.

23rd May 2006, 21:09

In North America JDM is Japanese Domestic Market.

24th May 2006, 12:54

I think it would beat the M3, didn't you read it? It is already pushing 340 BHP, with the weight difference is enough to take the BMW to the cleaners. But I'm not saying the beemers not impressive.

26th May 2006, 09:54

"In North America JDM is Japanese Domestic Market."

Is right, I cringe every time I read that review when I put motor instead.

Taxi please.

26th Nov 2009, 14:37

Good review. I had an MR2 turbo 4 years ago, and didn't know anything about this little car until I start living with it, then realised how quick it was. Honestly, I had a race with a CTR, which was mildly modified. I though he would trash me, but surprisingly it was the opposite. He pulled a little bit away when taking bends, but once we got to the straight bit, I just blew him away.

I actually did have a race with both e36 M3 and Boxster S, just to test. Believe me or not, the M3 was not fast as I expected, I pulled away pretty easy.

The Boxster was a short acceleration test, he floored it and I could stay with him, actually had to lift off a little. 0-60 first run I got 5.78, that's a rev2. People say it will top 165mph. Probably!

Very surprised with this car. Had to sell it, because a baby was on the way. Will surely get another one day, when I can afford 2 cars.

5th Apr 2010, 06:16

The CTR ep3 beats the Boxster and S2000 around the Anglesey race track. Both these cars have around 280bhp, so both cars standard, the CTR would beat the MR2 around the track.

1993 Toyota MR2 GTS Turbo 2.0 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland




No mechanical Problems at all, a very reliable car.

General Comments:

This is a very quick car, very fun to drive, handles like a dream. Everything Electric, very comfortable. My MR2 Turbo was imported from Japan last year and I am the first UK owner on the Car, and had no problems with it, value for money on the car is really good, and you would never realize it is an 11 year old car. My car is Modified, it has Apexi Exhaust, HKS dump Valve, Air filter, and the list goes on. Other modification are Alloy Wheels, Metal Pedals, Blitz Turbo Timer, also uprated front bumper. I have recently installed 100bhp of Nitrous Oxide, so it is pushing out around 400bhp. This is an amazing car and will be gutted the day I sell it.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2004

13th Jun 2005, 17:04

The original car at a 93 plate is an ave 225 bhp.

Where did he get 400bhp from? a figure out of the sky.

The poster above this is correct in what he is saying.

16th Sep 2005, 18:48

If you read what he said you would see that he said "The list just goes on" Now try and figure the BHP without knowing what they r. I know of a 410 bhp Mr2 Turbo in the US where I'm from, and its got mad speed. 1/4 in 10.20 seconds. Later chaps.

22nd Sep 2005, 22:23

You lot don't do your research do you?

Wouldn't expect a kid like me to come and correct you.


Your basic MR2 gts with 245 bhp. a remap of the ecu with the standard internals and an aftermarket exhaust, induction kit and boost gauge will give you 300 at 16 psi boost (max is 17psi)

The 225 will give you a max of 280 with a remap with listed upgrades above. (13 psi of boost I think)

Don't doubt the MR2.

29th Jul 2006, 11:28

MR2 GTs are ace. I have two MR2 GTs, a T bar one and the normal one. I prefer the MR2 over my previous car, which was a skyline GTS R33, as I feel that it is a lot more fun to drive and a overall more sporty ride. Better miles per gallon too, but insurance comes in high as I am only 19.