1993 Toyota MR2 Turbo 2.0 turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Faster than my Learjet!


I keep knocking the side mirrors off the car while racing through traffic at 200+kmph.

General Comments:

I have owned a Learjet and a couple of V8 super cars that I used to race. None of them could keep up with my MR2. I have kept the engine standard except for a boost controller, and I run 35-40 PSI daily. These engines will run 35PSI without internal work.

Externally, I have only hand painted the body red, and added some neon lights at the front, a TRD window banner, and an anodised blue cup holder. They removed 2 seconds from my 0-150kmph time. Chicks dig my MR2 because it's so cool.

Also, be sure to swap the front and rear wheels, as it makes burn outs easier.

The directors of 2F2F wanted to feature my car in the movie, but I wouldn't let them because it's too cool.


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Review Date: 8th October, 2003

10th Oct 2003, 09:09

Great, but how does it go round corners??? Chicks dig it? Yeah, right...

30th Mar 2004, 00:31

There is no way you could put 35-40 psi of boost with out detonation.

4th Apr 2004, 15:00

Anyone else who posts a reply about this blokes comment must be a tad dumb. To the guys who did reply... he is winding you up.

1993 Toyota MR2 G-Ltd 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Find another make of car that is as good as this for the money and I will buy it for you!


Generally the whole engine went.

This is not to say that it was unreliable though.

However, I had a serious fault one day with the car. To this day, my mechanics were still unsure as to why and have since scrapped the engine.

The bottom end went (we believe) and after firstly replacing the shells, the engine blew once again.

Two weeks down the line, a full engine rebuild commenced. To my dismay, the engine blew again. We do not know why!

Everything else was fine, for example: windows, air con, etc.

Prior to this happening, no faults had occurred.

T-Bar did tend to leak when it rained. My solution was to put it in the garage. Problem solved!

General Comments:

The car was a lemon. The model is not. I am not MR2 mad, but do rate the car very highly because it does what it is designed to do very well and for extremely good money.

I purchased an MR2 for many a reason. It was a relatively cheap performance car, good looks, reliable (?) and semi convertible with the T-Bar.

Friends have had this version (N/A) and turbo versions and had had no major problems. The only fault that I know of was leaky T Bars.

I am off to buy the MR2 turbo now to have some real fun. They cost almost the same to buy, but from experience give a lot more pound for pound.

I will reporting back in a few months to give an update on the new one.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2003

10th Jun 2003, 12:31

Erm, a Nissan 200sx? Cheaper and a lot faster! :-D.

12th Oct 2006, 16:49

Sounds like you were very unlucky, maybe there was an underlying problem somewhere. The 3SGE engines are generally very reliable as long as they're maintained.

1993 Toyota MR2 Non Turbo 2.2 from North America


Best bang for your buck


My valve guides started leaking.

Timing belt and compressor belt needs changing.

General Comments:

MR2 takes on turns like no other car I have ever driven. But the seats although very sporty are not comfortable for a long drive.

Most mechanics hate working on this car because of the tight space in the engine compartment. But as far as things breaking down, Toyota has no problems at 100,000 + miles.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2003

1993 Toyota MR2 GTS Turbo 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Makes the standard MR2 seem like a slow, old diesel



General Comments:

I've always had fast cars (cash permitting), but this is by far the fastest for the money that I've found thus far.

I test drove a standard MR2 and thought it was quite nippy, then drove a turbo - absolutely no comparison!

It pulls hard in every gear (0-60 in 4.9 seconds), and even skips from 80mph to 100mph in 5th like it's in 3rd.

My only criticisms of it are that it eats rear tyres (but it's bound to), drinks oil, it can be tail happy, the cabin gets very hot and long drives can be painful on your back.

Other than those points and the high insurance it's a car with super car performance for mondeo money.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2002

27th Dec 2004, 00:00

I own a 1993 gts also, but disagree that it drinks oil. This only shows incorrect mileage on the car.

21st Jan 2005, 10:47

She was actually leaking oil. A very slight drip from the sump!

22nd Jan 2005, 11:58

I'm buying one very soon!

Was getting INS quotes for a scooby and it was £1800 and the MR2 is only £1026!

Can't wait.

17th Feb 2005, 13:24

I have a 91 MR2 GTI T bar it is very fast and could not be confused with a diesel.

9th Mar 2005, 23:51

Hmmm, still shouldn't have drunk oil though. At one stage my gts had a main rear seal leak, and I still never had to top it up between changes!

28th Jun 2006, 14:56

Mine is a group A+ with 400 hp will take on most fast cars.