1992 Toyota Pickup Xtra cab 4x4 3.0 from North America


One of the best trucks I've owned


Replaced timing belt, tensioner, radiator core and water pump/belts at 125K. All maintenance items, no failures.

General Comments:

No trouble with this truck, great 4x, never broke in several years of hardcore trail driving. My 7th Toyota and this one is a keeper.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2009

1992 Toyota Pickup 4x2 standard cab 2.4L 22R-E from North America


Best vehicle for the money!!!


I have been searching for another 1992 4x2 truck for last 3 months and found this gem last February. It was a 1 owner with low miles and well maintained example. Nothing has gone wrong with it!

General Comments:

I strongly recommend this vehicle to anyone who needs reliable transportation with some creature comforts - A/C, a great heater, and easy install stereo! This is my second 1992 Toyota Truck and my third Toyota truck altogether. Another plus - if I decide to get rid of it - you never see a Toyota truck for sale for long!!

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Review Date: 10th April, 2009

1992 Toyota Pickup SR5 3.0 from North America


Great first car


Windshield fluid container cracked.

Put it up on 32, and wheels hit the wheel well.

General Comments:

Truck handles like no other, on and off road. Love the acceleration of it.

Always feel safe in it.

Makes some noises when shifted into 4x4.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2009

1992 Toyota Pickup 22R-E from North America


I wish I still had it, but will buy another


The climate control system quit working about halfway through my ownership.

Fourth gear was noisy.

The shifter could be stiff, especially in cold weather.

The valves rattled a little if they weren't adjusted.

General Comments:

It never got less than 22 miles per gallon; more economical than the 2006 Mazda 3 I rented after it was totaled.

During the time I had it, I only performed two oil changes, changed out the gear oil in the transmission, replaced the plugs/cap/rotor/wires, and changed a few burned-out bulbs.

The truck was surprisingly quick!

The paint and interior trim held up very well considering the age and mileage.

The cab was a bit cramped for my tall frame.

Power steering would have been nice; it's very hard to find one of these trucks with that option, though.

It was rock-solid reliable, and never left me stranded.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2008

1992 Toyota Pickup Xtra Cab 22RE from North America


The ultimate in reliability and value


Front rotors at 320,000 miles.

Muffler at 290,000 miles.

Some rust around fender wells.

Transmission coolant lines at 310,000 miles.

Rear hydraulic brake lines at 320,000 miles.

General Comments:

Engine is still quiet and does not smoke. Gets 23 mpg on the highway and can still haul a 2,000 lb load with no problem. Original alternator, starter, timing chain, water pump, radiator and engine sensors. No fluids leaking front or rear.

All controls still operate as when new.

Air conditioner (R-12) still ice cold after 16 years and no refrigerant leaks.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2008

1992 Toyota Pickup ExtraCab V6 from North America


Avoid the Automatic V6, get a manual 4-cyl


Had the car inspected by a mechanic before purchase and was clean.

At 157000k, leaking Head Gasket, needed new radiator, needed new air filter and thermostat, timing belt.

Needed "valve job" to fix noise it made.

General Comments:

Had a mechanic do a major inspection on it when I bought it for $4,200. He said it looked clear, but would need a timing belt a year or so down the road.

Problems came immediately. Started making strange noise, had some minor belts replaced for $150. Then over the summer it started overheating ALL THE TIME, so I took it to a Toyota dealer and they quoted me at $3100 to fix all the problems.

I'm planning on selling it as a "fixer upper" as is for cheap and let some auto-hobbyist fix it for himself, or sell it to a used car dealer.

I really liked the pickup, but I would advise all to stay away from the Automatic V6. I know people who've had manual-4cyl's who've only had to replace the timing belt a couple times (which is to be expected). Other than that they've been amazing.

4-cyl Manual's are simple and reliable... so go that direction, Toyota apparently hadn't quite mastered the AUTO V6 at the time.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2007

18th Aug 2007, 03:14

The 4 cylinder has a timing chain, not a belt.