1992 Toyota Pickup 4x4 V6 from North America


Clutch slave cylinder.

General Comments:

So much fun to drive and very sexy looking as well. Off-roads great.

However, I am not used to the gas mileage. I only get ~15mpg at most. I'm used to driving my Dad's '96 Blazer and it is way better on gas. Is this normal or is this just my truck?

Also, with gas mileage in mind, I am questioning the benefits of other trucks of the same size (like a Dakota or an S10). Also, I am wondering if having a full size truck would be much worse on gas.???. My family has never owned one so I don't have any idea. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2007

11th Jul 2010, 02:16

My Toyota 1992 V6 4x4 gives 12 mpg.

1992 Toyota Pickup 2.4 from North America


Good truck, bad engines


Blew engine 1 up.

Blew head gasket.

Blew engine 2 up.

Replaced radiator.

Replaced 3 alternators (all caused from washing the engine compartment).

Engine 3 on its way to failure.

General Comments:

Four wheels as good as anything including a Jeep Wrangler.

Slow, slow, slow... but gets you to where your going unless you spray down the engine prior to leaving.

Besides the engine the rest of the truck has been really reliable.

Engine not made for trailer pulling.

Not comfortable.

Noisy on the road.

Bad place for a cup holder (above the radio).

Bumper falls apart if used for towing.

Royal pain in the butt to put differential lockers in.

If used for heavy fourwheeling the engine will fail.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2007

4th Jul 2007, 03:28

The 22re is a great engine, but with any mass produced vehicle, there are lemons out there, but the 22r/22re has a much better track record than probably 90% of any of the other light truck engines. Although it isn't as powerful, it is much better on gas and much more reliable than the 3vz-e V6 that goes into the early '90s Toyota truck.

4th Jul 2007, 13:55

If this is true, then you got one an EXTREMELY rare lemon, or more likely, it was completely out of some fluid. If used for heavy four wheeling, or any other kind of abuse you can dream up, the 22r will go practically forever. That is maybe the best engine ever put together.

15th Oct 2008, 17:14

The 22R-E in my truck was very well-maintained (by me) and suffered only from minor valve rattle. It's a great engine.

10th Apr 2009, 11:34

I have owned 3 Toyota trucks - all 22ror 22re engines. With the exception of valve rattle they have all been bullet proof! I can relate to the difficulties after washing the engine bay with another vehicle I had. If properly maintained and treated reasonably well, they last a very long time!

23rd Apr 2009, 13:31

I have a 1992 Toyota pickup with the 3.0L engine, and I work at a detail shop in the summer so needless to say I wash my truck a lot, and I have never had any problems at all. Is it just in the 2.4L models that you have this problem?

23rd May 2011, 21:55

Don't use it for heavy four-wheeling; problem solved.

Seems pretty silly to blame the truck for being abused.

1992 Toyota Pickup SR5 4x4 3.0 V6 from North America


This is a rock solid pickup truck


Power Steering Pump developed a leak at 160,000 miles and was replaced at 170,000 miles.

Electric window switch on left door failed at 165,000 miles.

Mechanic discovered and repaired a minor problem with rear brakes during normal 160,000 maintenance.

Radiator developed a leak and was replaced at 155,000 miles.

Replaced the after market running boards at 155,000 miles.

Repaired torn drivers seat at 155,000 miles.

Toyota recall at 145,000 miles: dealer replaced both heads and resurfaced the block at no cost to me. I paid the dealer to complete the engine overhaul including new clutch components.

Replaced second set of tires at 120,000 miles.

In dash cassette player failed at about 100,000 miles.

Replaced original tires with mud and snow light truck tires at 40,000 miles.

Involved in a major accident September 1993, about 30,000 miles, that destroyed the entire front suspension and components on the front of the engine.

General Comments:

This is a work truck outfitted with a bed liner and construction rack.

Seats are comfortable enough for 150-mile trips to and from work sites.

17-18 MPG on regular gasoline.

Tows a 3,000lb tailer comfortably, but is very slow up hills.

Will crawl through mud and snow in low 4x4.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2005

2nd May 2005, 20:40

Please tell me more about the factory recall on the heads, and etc. I am having trouble with some of those components. Please inform me. epicsling@yahoo.com.

24th Jul 2007, 06:57

Need all part names and locations.