1993 Toyota Pickup from North America


Reliable, practical, cheap to own, and fun to drive. Would buy again!


Replaced the brakes (at 40K and at 90k) and clutch (for the first time) at 93k miles and I had plenty of warning. When I got a new clutch, the truck drove almost exactly the way it had when brand new.

Not one thing ever broke the entire 20 years I owned it. I was never stranded or inconvenienced by a mechanical failure. It always started and performed well. After sitting outdoors for over 20 years, it still looked decent when I sold it. I should note that this truck did not have any bells and whistles (such as power windows or locks, A/C) -- it was a bare-bones base model.

Other than the brakes and the clutch mentioned above, the only costs were oil changes (which I wasn't even that religious about), and wiper blades. I think I had a tune-up once or twice.

General Comments:

This was the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned and it was very cheap to maintain. The only reason I sold it was because I moved from a cool climate to a very hot one and needed air conditioning, which this truck did not have.

I paid $10,000 for this totally base-model truck, brand new, in 1993 -- and it was worth every penny. When I sold it 20 years later with 99K miles, I got offered nearly $1000 for it, more than I expected -- I bet if I had held-out I would have gotten more. Apparently this pick-up has a well-deserved excellent reputation.

My next brand new truck will be a Toyota, because based on this purchase, they absolutely deserve my business again. I hope it will be as good as this one was.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2016

1993 Toyota Pickup SR-5 2.4L 22RE from North America


The motor that was in the truck when purchased didn't last very long due to a poor attempt at a rebuild by the previous owner(s). This was disappointing, but the motor has since been rebuilt again using OEM parts and runs excellent. Interior is also rebuilt using a 4runner dash and bucket seats. Transmission, 4x4 system, and suspension is all original, other than struts.

General Comments:

Pretty fun truck to have. I like its simplicity and versatility. The engine block is a great design. Actually, the drivetrain front to back is pretty heavy duty for a mini truck. Compared to new vehicles... It's clearly behind the times, but that's OK by me, I'm gonna see this 'yota to 500,000km and beyond.

It's slow, but feels responsive. 23-28 MPG on average. This truck is gutless and snail-like, but will pull loads at least double the size of the truck up serious hills, no problem, all day. Off-roading fun is a bonus.

I recommend this truck in 2014 for a get 'er done kinda person on a budget. It helps to be handy with a wrench. But replacement parts are plentiful and very cheap. Keep her tuned and it's still a perfectly reliable vehicle.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2014

5th Jul 2014, 18:38

Toyota trucks are the only 20-year old trucks I'd buy with 200k+ miles, and feel good about the deal and the truck's solidity. But try finding someone who actually wants to sell theirs...

10th Jul 2015, 17:24

I have a '93 22RE with 220000 on it. You know you've bought a good vehicle when, at 22 years old, people at stores and gas stations ask if you want to sell it.

I fully expect to get another 100K out of it.

10th Jul 2015, 23:21

We get that all the time, people wanting to buy a car just to get the active low digit tags off our Delaware cars. Delaware is a small state and it's very cool and expensive to buy a low digit active registration and plate. Note it has to be active and titled to you, not just a plate. My mother had a car worth only 5 grand with a tag on the back worth 20k. Everyone tried to buy her car to maybe see if she would forget it was on the back. See http://www.autoblog.com/2008/02/21/delaware-man-spends-675k-on-license-plate-6/