26th Jan 2004, 21:24

My little '88 Toyota has the same problem with the clutch fluid. I had to replace the clutch cylinder a few years ago when I bought it. Now it's just started leaking out again. I'm getting another vehicle for daily use, so I think I'll just keep topping off the fluid reservoir in the Toyota indefinitely. Because other than that, not a darn thing has ever gone wrong with it, and I doubt that it ever will (unless the body rusts completely off). And I can't bring myself to part with such a well-made little truck when I'd probably be lucky to get a grand out of it.

27th Feb 2004, 18:57

I've got an '88 Toyota truck. Thing is a tank. It's got 160K, and still runs almost like new. A little rough idling and knocking, but no complaints here. haven't had any clutch problems such as those above, and no leakage. I'm assuming, like most cars, the brake and clutch fluids are shared. Anyway, great truck for the money.


19th May 2004, 13:38

My 88 Toyota truck is great exept for the darn clutch fluid leak. I have replaced it once and it still has started leaking. But for an overall truck you can't find any better, It's very low maintenence, and has great off road capabilities.

4th Jun 2004, 12:04

When you run the clutch reservoir dry, you MUST bleed the system.

18th Jan 2005, 16:13

I love my 88 Toyota pickup. Even though it's a 4 banger its got some real power behind it. No probles with the clutch. It has 142k and runs like 25k. Only thing that I have truble with is the rust on the bed and the oil leak. (not big problems)

5th Jun 2005, 02:04

I just watched my odometor turn to 300000 miles on June 4, 05. It is a 1988 shot box. This is one great little truck. I also have the clutch fluid problem, just keep filling it, although mine leaks into the interior. I really hope to get 400000 miles (keep changing that oil).

30th Jun 2005, 17:30

I too have a 1988 Toyota 4x4 V6 original owner My brake reservoir leaked on the inside, replaced all of it about 3 years ago & no trouble since.368,000+ I do need to replace the standard 6' bed, my favorite color is not rust.

14th Jul 2005, 23:58

On July 10, 2005, the odometer on my 1990 Toyota pickup rolled over 300,000. The truck has all original parts except for the starter and alternator. The engine runs great and I average about 25 miles per gallon. There are a few body dings, but no rust. The paint has some oxidation, but is in good condition. To celebrate the milestone I replaced the original wheels with some chrome after market ones. Next I am going to replace the camper top. Going for 400,000! I love my Toyota!!

16th Nov 2005, 15:07

I just bought a used 1988 Short Bed Toyota Pickup with 69K miles on it! It was a delivery vehicle for a body shop in Manchester, NH, and I love it (previously, I left a 1981 Toyota Tercel at a Goodwill in Austin with 249K miles on it, and it would have run forever it its seals hadn't dried out due to a brother's failure to use coolant for a couple of months).

One problem: there is a rust hole in the bed behind the right rear wheel, and I'm not sure if I should glass it over, have it welded, or let it grow and spread. Any advice? Having cost me $2K, is it worth it (or is it possible) to fix it?

17th Dec 2005, 23:44

I have a 4x4 88' Pick-up, I have also had clutch problems. I take it off-road a lot and the Toy is great at towing Fords! As far as the 4 wheel drive not engaging, I had problems with it as well. Double check your locks on the wheel wells if you have them and let the truck roll in reverse for a couple feet before shifting into 4 wheel drive. Happy Trucking!

5th Jan 2006, 23:12

I have a '88 std. p/up that I bought new and it has NEVER given me any real problem. 22 R engine is awesome. Clutch reservoir leakage into interior was easily and cheaply fixed with an after-market cylinder. 178,000 miles and still have original clutch! The original battery finally gave out at 11 years! The most dependable and economical vehicle I have ever owned. I'll keep it until it just rusts away...

15th Jan 2006, 20:58

If you had the clutch replaced, the transmission & transfer case were removed. The shifters have to be removed when doing this, the transfer case shifter may be mis-aligned. The shifter will go in and bolt down mis-aligned Un-bolt the shifter, lift it up & check the shift rails. A U shaped notch on the left side rail should be even with the right side U shaped notch, if it is not slide a wide blade screw driver in the notch in the rail the looks to be the more forward of the two, & gently slide it back even with the other notch. This should now form a square looking box, now put the shifter in & bolt it back down, you should now be able to shift into 4-wheel drive if that was the problem.

7th Mar 2006, 16:37

I couldn't sell my 88' even after the radiator went and contributed to blowing the head gaskets. I still couldn't let it go and forked out some cash for a rebuilt 22r. It is still breaking in and has some boggy starts. I am not sure if this is just part of the process or and installation problem. I adjusted the idle which seemed to help, but still bogs here and there. After reading these forums I know why my clutch, which I also just had replaced was loose. I could use all the advise any of you have. I will be holding on to my baby for a long time. And am working on making it into a baja and cross country expedition vehicle.

13th May 2006, 09:30

Fantastic truck, I have about 350,000 on it. Engine rebuilt twice over the years, new alternator, clutch and starter motor. Going for the second cooling pump this weekend. If anything major ever happs to it, will keep and rebuild as money comes in. This baby is a workhorse.

15th Jul 2006, 10:02

In my search for my first vehicle at the age of 17, I finally struck a deal with my employer. He said he'd give me his little red Toyota as payment for my labor. So naturally I agreed, me being fond of trucks and all. So I finally split the last log and it was mine. When I got it it had a Chevy S-10 box with a GMC tailgate so it made me look alittle different when I would park at an auto parts store.

I bought a parts truck for $50 and I put the right box on it and drivers side door etc. I will note that along with almost all of you, I've indeed come across a leaking clutch reservoir. For the lack of a better solution, I just keep topping it off and it works for me. My mechanic says to me over and over the same thing "You just can't kill those ole' Toyota's". From the bottom of my oil stained gearhead heart, I believe him.