RAV4 4 door wagon 4WD 2.0L petrol

Is good but could also be better; be prepared for costs

113 words, Australia and New Zealand, 1 comment


Very good looking car. Loved it. But cost me $8,000 repairs to own it for half a year

202 words, North America, 6 comments


My RAV4 lemon; is this common or am I just unlucky?

254 words, North America, 7 comments

RAV4 4 cylinder. 2.2

Trouble free

184 words, North America, 1 comment

RAV4 2.0 four cylinder

This was a good buy for a graduate student

147 words, North America

RAV4 2wdr 2dr 4 cylinder

Fun, useful, stunningly reliable

239 words, North America, 5 comments


Reliable, fun to drive, you can't go wrong with this vehicle

43 words, North America

RAV4 4-door 2.0 inline four

Typical Toyota reliability and features

116 words, North America

RAV4 GS 2.0 petrol

Smart 4x4 with excellent performance

50 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

RAV4 LX 2.0

38 words, UK and Ireland