2006 Toyota RAV4 V-6 AWD 3.5 liter gasoline (unleaded regular 87 Octane) from North America


If you can have only one vehicle to do-it-all, buy the RAV, AWD V-6!


The hood was wiggling up and down (By the smallest of margins) at speed on the interstate. All that was needed was an under-hood adjustment of the cylindrical rubber bump-stops near the top engine frame in the underhood compartment. I did the adjustment myself and did not have to go to the dealer.

General Comments:

Availability of the V-6 RAV: It was difficult to get exactly what you wanted and the South East U.S. regional dealer admin fee of $693.00 was absurd! That's in addition to haggling over all the other local dealer fees and using invoice cost to work from. We paid $800 over invoice cost, plus tax, tag, and title fees.

The AWD V-6 Sport is very, very quick. It's faster than the VR-6, VW Jetta 6-speed we traded in (Which is a quick car!). It makes for effortless punch on the highway (passing maneuvers, or merging). Before you know it, you'll be doing 80 mph.

The RAV is very comfortable. Even with the 18-inch rims and tires plus "Sport" suspension. Tire noise, depending on road surface, does intrude slightly into the cabin, but is easily drowned out by the stereo. We got 22.8 mpg in the city recently with the 3.5 Liter V-6!!! That's great!

This vehicle will probably win a lot of SUV awards in 2007 as it is very practical, roomy, fun, fuel efficient, and the exterior dimensions are not large.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2006

9th May 2006, 21:41

Excellent review! I just bought one 5 days ago myself (not the sport) and I love it! I actually wrote a review on this site that hasn't posted yet and I gave it the exact same scores on the 1-10 scale as you did. Excellent vehicle.

18th May 2006, 09:12

I have yet to see the 2006 RAV4 in person. Overall, is it an attractive truck? I'm seriously considering buying a vehicle that is capable of being a family car, and hauler, and a sporting car (off road), while sustaining a good fuel economy, would this truck be the best choice? How good is the fuel economy? -Thanks in advanced.

2006 Toyota RAV4 Base 35. V6 from North America


Best SUV out there!


No problems to report!

General Comments:

The V6 is incredibly quick and definitely doesn't lack any "get up and go". The 5-Speed transmission really helps keep the car running efficiently and quietly... and of course helps on the gas mileage!

I have the 17 inch tires on it and they ride very nice... there is also moderate to little wind noise and would be less I'm sure if it wasn't so windy around here in the last few days!

It has TONS of space in the back - it will definitely serve its purpose when it comes to trips! The back row of seats is comfortable and conveniently fold down to create even more room in the back!

I like all the safety features and the fact that it has a low field of gravity, making roll-overs less likely.

Overall, I love the car and after 100 miles on mine and 2 other test drives, I can't complain!

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Review Date: 6th May, 2006

10th May 2006, 18:51

I wrote this review... this is supposed to be for the 2006.