6th Jun 2006, 00:55

Well today I got the 7 passenger model with the 4 cylinder engine, and it's a one of a kind truck! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for reliability and fuel economy. It's an A +++++ truck.

22nd Jun 2006, 14:08

To the person that wrote in the comments box on May 18th:

- Yes, I think it's a very attractive SUV! Go to Toyota.com and look! They have an extremely interactive web page. Some folks don't like the spare tire on the back, but it doesn't bother me. To me, that's the look of the original RAV.

- Since I'm the guy that wrote the 2006 review, I'd say "Yes" it does all of the things you are asking/wanting an SUV to do (Gets great city/hwy mileage, hauls stuff and is a blast to drive with the V-6).

- My advice to you is go comparison shopping with the other brands. You will not find anything that can hold a candle to the new RAV in room, efficiency and value for your money. It's the best $28,000 I've ever spent on a vehicle.

25th Jun 2006, 06:09

Test drove Rav4 V6 sport myself after reading so many favorable reviews. All are fine except one thing, the driving stability at high speed. When it approaches 80mph, the instability sense is very conspicuous, just like a Corolla. So I guess any driver would feel very fatigued on this vehicle when driving out for a long trip. Another gripe is the poor quality of the back seat, very cheap feeling & looking. Passengers will suffer for sure. Hopefully the leather seat (standard on limited trim) will be better?

Maybe I shouldn't complain after taking into consideration of the price tag for such a SUV. All in all Rav4 is for practical, not for pleasure.

10th Jul 2006, 21:52

Bought Tundra after long analysis (12 months) in May and have been looking at the RAV4 since Mar.06..I doubt there is anything overall that can beat it hp/mpg/awd, but as where I live MSRP is what you pay or get out of the way (after 40 years in sales I hate it, but understand supply and demand). My only dislikes so far have been (1). it comes with what Toyota puts on it (all the extras I do not want or need) (2).web review reports of faulty windshield issues, etc. across the country (nothing major) and (3). the colors for the interior on Basic (yellow/tan) or Sport (charcoal black) :I have been told by all the dealers in my SW state" that's all they make it in" which I know is not true. However, that is all they ship to our region so.. take it or leave it. I am looking in other states and may fly to buy for what I want and better price. I wish I could find something =2 or better as I hate "retail" for less than what I truly would be happy with, but seat covers???

20th Jul 2006, 17:30

The 2006 RAV4 V6 is a wonderful vehicle. As far as paying over invoice.. we didn't, a little wheeling and dealing and cash is all it took. It was quite a feat to find the color with the options I wanted in the south eastern U.S. The road noise is minimal however, I invested in the silencer package and it is well worth it!! I sometimes cannot even tell when the engine has started except for the dash lights! With this package there is almost no road noise!!

23rd Jul 2006, 21:29

To the person who commented on the purchase of a "silencer package" is this an option on the sport or the limited? I'm in the process of ordering a v6 limited and would like to know more thanks in advance.

14th Nov 2006, 08:55

That sounds like a sound proof spray. It will wear off within a 2 year period. Had it done on my car at no cost... don't ever pay extra for it.

6th Jul 2007, 07:41

I just purchased a 2007 Rav4 and am having problems with wind noise generated by roof rack. Dealer says only solution may be to remove cross rails. Any comments, suggestions?

7th Mar 2008, 14:37

Just wanted to say something to the person that wrote the original review. I found out that the RAV4 was named the small SUV of the year. Go to money.cnn.com. It says about the top ten cars of the year, and the 11 worst. I am also planning on purchasing a RAV-4 V6 early summer. I HONESTLY CAN'T WAIT. I reviewed a few other "small" SUV's, and no others had such good mileage, and the RAV's V6 engine.