19th Dec 2012, 07:47

Where's the flawless 250-300k comments we hear about? Not on this review.

19th Dec 2012, 17:35

Where? Well seeing as how Toyota is now the most reliable automaker, there's way more of this brand making it to that mileage than others.

20th Dec 2012, 16:57

Yeah, maybe after replacing a sludge filled engine or a transmission with a mind of its own.

21st Dec 2012, 06:18

My company keeps vehicles 250,000 miles; more so than in the past. Our vehicles go 50,000 miles, and some even more annually.

I have personal vehicles that have been both import and domestic, and nowadays making a claim of 200,000 miles anymore is not a huge claim.

My imports have been made in Japan and German models. The catch is the maintenance logs to get there. We have shop people, that when there is a lull in our normal work flow, they work on the company vehicles and even owners cars. My findings are the imports are costly on parts and not as durable as the domestic V8 vehicles. You can replace front end components, heater cores, cats, timing belts with water pumps at the same time, A/C seems to fail at 100k miles, power window motors, sensors and keep going. If we didn't have shop people in place, I would recommend not running the mileage up so high and buy new. When a huge bill hits, that exceeds the value of the vehicle, it's usually the turning point.

Fleet vehicles typically are over maintained, especially the oil and filters every month minimum for us. The vehicles I have had are mostly all highway, and I even have a 300k Durango review on here. I have had many company cars, and have never had an engine replaced. A couple have needed transmissions.

My most expensive personal car out of pocket repair was over 4 grand for a Mercedes diesel sedan air conditioner failure that likely still has 400k plus miles on it today. Those engines run forever.

9th Jul 2013, 06:47

How can I repair a control unit that does not select gears?