27th Feb 2012, 08:57

Most of the more dangerous recall items have been disproven, so how do you record that number as subtracted from the totals? Also, sorry but me actually going to the dealer for multiple recalls and never needing any parts replaced is not "making excuses". Should my car be counted as faulty when nothing has ever been replaced on it?

You are riding on this media circus as a testament to Toyota's quality, and you are greatly misinformed. Is Toyota a perfect company? Heck no! There is no car company that is perfect. However, the whole recall fiasco has been skewed purposely to drive domestic sales. There is little Toyota can do about it, because we are in America. The media will spin things as they see fit. The same things have been going on for a long time. Everyone thought every Pinto was a bomb waiting to go off, or every Explorer was going to spontaneously roll over too at one point in time.

The reality was much different though. People refuse to see these similarities when the focus is on brands they don't like though. Without actually driving a Toyota and going through actual recall notice after notice, and seeing the actual outcome of a recall, you don't really know much about it. Instead you assume that 23 million cars are defective and dangerous, when in reality it just isn't true. The irony of it is that there wouldn't be so many cars recalled if Toyota wasn't such a huge seller in the first place.

27th Feb 2012, 22:27

Well, I am not the one who commented on 12:10, but I can tell you the magical land of trouble free GM's comes from the millions of people like me who have owned them. It's just too bad that you were not one of them.

27th Feb 2012, 22:41

There isn't an argument here at all. Instead it's the exact same, old, worn-out "Import versus domestic" debate. Give it up.

28th Feb 2012, 11:09

I would far rather read exact gripes on a model, than justifying a poor buying decision.

I wish I knew of this site when I wasted my money on my Acura TL and its trans issues. I should have bought a new BMW instead.

Also I knew of Pintos and Corvairs issues, so it's a simple matter of never buying one. I also did not buy an older Explorer.

Saying everyone has problems is not being forewarned. I want to hear the bad and weaknesses, rather than get beat up owning and at resale time.

I had a GM recall on a seat belt buckle. I simply made an appointment and had the free recall performed, and had the oil changed the same day. I then took the free shuttle at the dealer to work. Wasn't a issue.

I also look at consumeraffairs.com and look up the model and year. You can look up any Toyota and make a determination from there. And any domestic.

I also buy based on not having to get upset in the dealer service department. And I keep every receipt to prove it.

29th Feb 2012, 08:54

Consumer Reports just released the top ten cars of 2012, and once again it is dominated by imports. The RAV4 won for best small SUV... AGAIN. That is quite a feat, since it is an old design now compared to many of the competitors.

The only domestics on the list are the Ford Mustang, which is an awesome car, and the Chevy Avalanche, which is just a testament to GM's low mileage vehicles once again dominating their line... nothing new there.

The Camry Hybrid also made the list. Where's the world class Fusion? Who knows?? I just thought I would let everyone know who continually cites CR as a source where domestics dominate the rankings.

Peace, and have a great day.

29th Feb 2012, 16:08

I thought you go by experiences, and not consumer reports and ratings.

1st Mar 2012, 10:42

Re-read the last sentence of my comment!

1st Mar 2012, 11:07

Consumer Reports is a very poor source for ratings. The 2007 Camry is a great example. Due to their import bias, CR rated it a "best buy", then when all the problems started showing up, they were forced to retract their rating and apologize to their readers. They now rate the Corolla a "Best buy", and every magazine comparison I have seen on compact cars ranks it DEAD LAST in the list.

2nd Mar 2012, 09:03

It says "peace have a great day".

2nd Mar 2012, 15:00

Yes - if a publication for some reason doesn't agree with what someone else thinks - then surely it must be wrong!