5th Nov 2002, 15:56

Vehicles age at different rates and with a mere 10K

on this vehicle, I can't imagine someone saying they'll take it to 300K no problem!

Enjoy the vehicle, but be realistic about the future.

16th Feb 2005, 08:55

It has been almost FOUR years I originally WROTE my original note above...

I have taken two cars to 400k miles. Both on original 4 CYLINDER engines and manual transmissions. Are you telling me the RAV 4 is not able to do it. Well GUESS WHAT.. I am at 170k original miles on my RAV 4 and it is in a perfect shape. Its original engine and transmission are working perfectly fine. I EVEN HAVE ORIGINAL clutch plate on it. I drove long distances for sales purposes. Come back here in a few years and I will show you way more than 300k I mentioned above. Enjoy!!

26th Oct 2006, 13:40

Nice one!

Please let us know how your Rav 4 is still traveling.

It's cool that you came back a few years on and mentioned that it was still traveling fine.

I am about to purchase one and hope we enjoy a similar experience to you!

Cheers from down under!

18th Apr 2008, 11:28

You won't get that far if you have an automatic transmission. Our 2001 tranny just failed at 115k. Not bad, but less than I expected from Toyota. Turns out these have trouble with the ECM, and it destroys the transmission when it fails. I'll probably have it fixed, and keep driving it. It's a nice little car. Auto transmission failure rate is fairly high, so if you're buying used see if TC002-06 has been fixed first.

31st Dec 2009, 19:49

I own one bought brand new in 2001. RAV4 L, AWD, currently logged 142,000 miles with automatic transmission. Problems with check engine light that came on at around 50K miles and numerous attempts to fix it under warranty and about 4 times later still on. It runs fine, passes emission test so I just ignore it. Radiator failed 122K miles. Other than that, she runs very well and reliable.

29th Apr 2010, 11:39

I bought a 2001 Rav FWD new in December of 2000 and am still currently enjoying a wonderful ride. It has 215,000 original miles on engine and transmission. I did replace the computer and spark plugs a month ago. It even has the original battery. I love this car.