24th Jun 2007, 15:48

I have an 02 sequoia, I'm also going through the same problem with my rear window, it won't go down, this problem occurred at around 45,000 miles. I like to ride with the rear window down on the highway vs using my a/c, can't do anymore, I also had to replace my a/c compressor at around 8,000 miles, good thing it was under the warranty. also my rear wiper is not working perhaps it has something to do with the window not working, I love Toyota, but they need to be more rigorous on quality control.

1st Jan 2008, 15:27

I agree with all the comments on the brakes. My big problem is with the 4 wheel drive system. I had to replace the front transfer system ($1200). Exactly 12 months later I had another problem and was told it would cost $2200 to fix. Seems to be an expensive problem.

8th Feb 2008, 09:34

I too have a 2001 Sequoia, and had to replace the transmission at 93,000 miles. It cost me almost $4,000 for the job. I have owned Toyota's in the past, but will never recommend this brand to anyone. Dealership and customer service are not helpful.

27th Apr 2008, 21:55

Bought a Sequoia new in 2001. Have had great service out of it.

Replacing brakes and rotors twice, and brake disk just this last time (had rotors turned). We now have 163,000 on this SUV and love to drive it.

Today I noticed the passenger seat had two burns in the seat about an inch long where the stitching is.

Has any one had trouble with their heated seats, as I know this is the problem. If you know of this problem or a recall please contact me.

Also today I went to open the back gate and the handle broke. Even with this I still like to drive the Sequoia.

4th May 2008, 11:24

My 2001 Sequoia also has the VSC light problem. They come on after traveling around 20 miles. I also have the sulfur smell exhaust when I punch it and the rear window is down. The dealer claims they could not smell it.

21st Jun 2008, 10:32

I have 111,215 miles on my 2001 SR5.

I have had no issues with brakes to speak of; I replaced pads and rear drums after 53,000.

I have issues with the rear window motor, and my antenna only goes up half way.

The VSC light does come on after the brakes get real hot I have noticed, but usually goes off once the vehicle is turned off, and it resets.

Living in Utah, you do a lot of driving in the mountains, which is hard on the brakes. I hope to get the rear window working; probably pull some fuses since it's not real clear on which fuse operates the circuit to the window regulator. I have done some long trips in this vehicle; 2,113 in the last vacation. I hope to do many more?

26th Jun 2008, 23:35

I have 02 SR5, back door handle just "snapped', that little piece of plastic cost me $250 to replace, no other way to open the back door.

Had brakes replaced at about 50K, working fine now.

Don't love the mileage, but love how well it has served my family (and extended family).

11th Jul 2008, 02:19

I too am having 4 wheel drive problems. The indicator fails to tell me whether it has fully engaged in 4 wheel drive or come out of 4 wheel drive. They replaced a part a couple of years ago but now it is happening again and they don't know why. The worst part is that is actually is in 4 wheel drive and they can't get it to come out. We have had the same brake problems, back window, VSC, etc.

2nd Aug 2008, 18:49

Has anyone had their VSC light come on then hear a grinding sound. It feels like the ABS is on too. If so, what was the problem. I have a 2001 Sequoia with 122,000. Never had any problems, except for the VSC Trac System. Trying to figure out what to do.

13th Sep 2008, 20:15

I own a 2001 SR5 Limited Sequoia. I have had the VSC light on and brake light on for the last 2 years. Dealer said it was an electrical component, but after reading several posts that said they paid over $1700 for it to be replaced and it came back on again I chose not to replace it. My husband has had to replace the back brake pads three times in three years and never the front. The front brakes aren't even worn. I contacted Toyota and they say they haven't had any complaints so they can't investigate to see what is causing the problem to issue a recall.

23rd Nov 2008, 00:09

We had the same problem with the lights coming on and vibration... the problem was a break in the brake fluid line. Brake fluid was leaking from the vehicle and setting off warning lights. The vibration is caused by warped rotors, a problem caused by the brakes overheating. The solution is bigger brakes and components done under warranty.

11th Jan 2009, 10:04

I have a 2001 Sequoia that now has 120k miles, and have had the following problems:

* 2 times each - broken rear door handle and window motor mechanism

* Broken electric antenna motor

* Have had several full brake jobs, and still have a lot of vibration from warped rotors when applying the brakes

* The tires wear unevenly and need to be replaced every couple years

* The O2 sensor is shot, it is in the manifold which has been leaking from day one, resulting in that ticking noise

* The engine light is always on because of the O2 sensor, which we haven't replaced since you have to do the manifold job also - and it is too expensive.

* The rear differential and bottom of the car was so rusty, the fluid was leaking out

* Now the VSC/VSC off and brake lights are coming on - and the brakes are acting like the ABS is engaged every time they are applied even on dry roads, yielding a long braking distance and extreme rumbling.

All of these problems were symptomatic, so I don't think our mechanic was making up any of this stuff.

13th Apr 2009, 18:12

Amazingly familiar stories... wish I would have found this site earlier. We purchased our 2001 Sequoia in 12/00 and still own it with 137K miles today. One of the first delivered to Dallas. Like everyone, brakes are a problem. Rotors warp and we replace the FRONT pads every 30k. Front rotors replaced at 127K miles. Never knew about brake (rotor/caliper) recall?

Back hatch latch broke once. Rear window motor broke 5 yrs ago. The "D" dash light to represent Drive burned out 5 yrs ago and was not worth replacing.

Car is in independent shop right now to replace interior driver's door opener/mechanism as cable broke and we can't get out without rolling down window and opening from outside. $390 estimate.

Car started stalling while driving (at 131K) and DSC, etc dash lights lit up - dealer diagnosed as bad "throttle body". Replaced for $1400 (ouch) and no more issues (yet).

Never even had AC charged and still ice cold... zero AC problems in 8.5 yrs (and we live in Dallas). Tires wear perfectly (never have aligned) and we get 40-45K out of our Michelin Cross Terrains. We maintain the car perfectly - have proactively replaced the serpentine belt twice and timing belt/water pump once. Oil changed every 3.5K. No problems with antenna. 2WD transmission still smooth and perfect.

So overall it's been good for our family and we plan to keep it longer. Have taken several vacations where we've driven 3500 miles in 2 weeks. Overall a great, reliable & very comfortable vehicle (other than brakes!). Glad we never invested in the extended warranty as we would have lost money.