2011 Toyota Sienna LX Limited from North America


Very comfortable, reliable, irritating road noise



General Comments:

This is the AWD version. The previous car was 2-wheel drive. This one is much more responsive and appears to have more power than the 2004.

Paint and hardware have held up well. Very reliable. Very comfortable.

Would I buy another? Probably not.

The AWD version comes with run flat tires, which are so heavy I can barely move one, are incredibly noisy, and NO SPARE. We bought a spare, but there is no place to put it in the car without giving up seating capacity or having it dangerously riding in the storage area. We usually have the rear seats flat and have the spare hooked into the floor, but it REALLY gets in the way -- very irritating.

Shortly after buying it, and fortunately after acquiring the spare, we went to Red River, NM, traveling through the boondocks east of Springer and had a flat. Good luck getting a run flat tire fixed in Taos, NM. I hate run flat tires, and I'm angry at Toyota for not knowing, or worse, not caring, that there are a lot of places in the USA where you are more than 50 miles from a tire service shop that can fix or stock run flat tires (we now have regular tires).

The other major defect is this car picks up a lot of road noise on Texas roads. For some reason it's quieter in other states. (?)

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Review Date: 7th January, 2016

2011 Toyota Sienna Base V6 3.5 2GR-FE from North America


I just love this van



General Comments:

By wise choice I've taken the base model with A/C, cruise, int. wipers, electric windows, tilt... and that's all I need!

- No AWD.

- No electric opening sliding doors.

- No electric/heating seats.

- No navigation systems... My Garmin GPS is a lot better and cheaper.

- No video stuff... A personal computer and some CDs will work wonderfully and be cheaper.

- No Bluetooth.

- No push button starter.

Etc, etc, etc

- In these situations... LESS is BETTER !

- Above all... NO visits at the dealer and NO problems, yet!

It is the best looking van on the road.

- The plastic inside doesn't bother me at all... For me what matters is:

- It's smooth and powerful.

- Feeling confident I will come back worry-less from anywhere or from any distances.


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Review Date: 14th October, 2013

2011 Toyota Sienna XLE from North America




The GAS pedal has been sticking when you punch the gas to pass or quick acceleration (on ramp). It has happened several times. At first I thought I might have touched the cruise control by accident. It is the feeling like when the cruise control kicks in and the vehicle accelerate on its own.

The first instances were short and I did not realize what was happening. Recently I had a serious instance where the pedal stuck for a prolonged period of time and I barely escaped a serious crash. The vehicle has not been driven in over a week, and has been at the dealership for a week. Toyota Canada & the dealership have both been very slow, and neither are willing to provide feedback to the effort they have done to remedy the vehicle, and are not willing to provide a loaner vehicle. Toyota Canada is beyond reproach, and will not allow you to speak to a supervisor when you request to speak to one.

General Comments:

I loved my car at first. It turned on a dime for a big vehicle, and the interior room was great for my large family.

The gas pedal issue and the lack of service at the dealership and manufacturer, have turned me from a definite Toyota customer, to never again

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Review Date: 24th December, 2012

25th Dec 2012, 13:50

I have the same problem on my 2010 Camry. If you feather the throttle, it either (A) doesn't go at first, then it flies; or (B) takes off immediately on you. If you slam the throttle, it either (A) doesn't go at first, then it flies; or (B) takes off immediately on you. There is no predictability with the pedal. I unfortunately bought the thing used. I've had several Toyota technicians try to fix the pedal; even the ASE Master Technicians shake their heads in dismay.

I also drive a 2011 Sienna at work, and the pedal works fine on it.

25th Dec 2012, 17:23

Recalled twice for the same issue, you would think that the world's biggest auto maker would have corrected this problem.

25th Dec 2012, 22:01

Sounds like a real deathtrap. Get rid of it before it kills you!

26th Dec 2012, 15:31

I test drove a rental Corolla with that same issue, it never had unintended acceleration, but the gas pedal always responded slowly. I could even floor it briefly and it would only result in a rev from the motor, hardly any movement.

27th Dec 2012, 21:46

Toyota just paid out a 1.1 billion dollar settlement to Toyota owners who have been killed,maimed or otherwise damaged by these clearly unsafe vehicles. This on top of a 17.5 million dollar fine for disregarding the safety of their buyers (the fourth such fine levied against them since 2009). It boggles the mind that people still buy these vehicles. Apparently many do not keep up with the news.

I have never been a huge fan of the electric "fly by wire" throttle control on newer cars. Yes, older mechanical linkage could jam also, but it seems much more common in the newer cars with the electrically controlled throttles. One of my cars (a Ford) on occasion will accelerate suddenly for no reason, though only in reverse for some reason. Since I always keep my foot on the brake while backing up, it has never been a problem, although it is a bit unnerving. I can see where such a thing might cause a problem for a distracted, elderly or inexperienced driver.

13th Oct 2019, 11:35

That's a slipping transmission, not a throttle problem.