27th Oct 2005, 14:30

It is a poor defense for Toyota to say that the car is operating as designed. It was a terrible decision by Toyota to use the run flat tires. The number of complaints are well documented. If Toyota themselves knew of the inherent problems with the run flat tires and AWD then they should have told the consumers. Quite frankly, I have to assume they did not know the extent of the problem when they made the decision to go with them.

13th Nov 2005, 21:04

Sounds to me like Toyota is becoming more and more unreliable in making their cars and in trusting them. I had a problem with my 2003 door handles sticking and jamming. I know of 2 other people who had this problem. They said they are aware of it and the handles have been revised, obviously still not perfected. I had to pay $250.00 for it to be replaced. I asked if this will happen to the other door and they said "more than likely." I called the 1-800 number to complain, they did nothing to help and also wanted the name of the person who told me this. They made a report to send to the crm, but also wanted me to tell them who told me this. Sounds like they are trying to hide their screw-ups on these vans. I never would have complained and would have thought it was something I did had I not known other people with the problem. How many other people did they make think it was something they did. I am however grateful for the honesty of this service tech. and in the future will only deal with him.

1st Dec 2005, 14:34

I have a 2004 Sienna XLE AWD. Frankly this is the WORST Toyota I owned in my life. Me and my family had several Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The Run-Flat Tires have been the worst tires and a nightmare. From day one the tires have not performed well, the car pulls either Right or Left, I had the alignment checked starting at around 4,000 miles and the Dealer laughed at me when I asked them to check the alignment with such a low mileage. The tires are very rough when you start driving the car initially and not much better afterwards.

I also had other mechanical problems. I waited six months for this van, now I totally regret my purchase. I tried to talk to the Customer Care people, they are of no help in addressing my concerns. Their stance is there is no problem with these tires, obviously they are wrong. I also have a 1994 Camry, I have NO complaints about this car. I have more problems with a car that is 10 years newer (Sienna).

If Toyota does not address this issue and take care of their Loyal Customers, then this will be my last purchase from them. I expected them to stand-by their product, warranty and resolve any problems promptly, but obviously they have chosen to save a few dollars and ignore Customer Loyalty. This is VERY DISSAPPOINTING to see Toyota turn their back on their customers, they lost my trust in their Brand. I hope more people express their problems and force Toyota to do the right thing.

27th Oct 2011, 02:55

It looks as if you have only driven 5500 miles so far in your minivan, so why do you say they require new tires at 15,000 miles? That does not make sense.

27th Oct 2011, 20:27

A national newspaper yesterday carried an article about the rapid decline in Honda and Toyota sales in the U.S. It basically stated that American consumers were no longer under the false assumption that Japanese vehicles are better, and are switching to Ford, GM and Chrysler in droves. I know several people who have traded their Accords and Camrys, for Ford Fusions or Chevy Malibus. Not a one of them regrets their decision.

My co-worker sold his Honda CRV and bought a Ford Escape. He says there's no comparison. The Escape is a far better small SUV in every way.

22 million recalls sort of makes one question the integrity of a car maker, and Honda's disposable transmissions have given them quite a black eye.

28th Oct 2011, 13:41

On the other hand, a report this week from a famous consumer magazine, shows that Japanese brands once again top the list of the best cars built. Then again, everyone already knows that, so it's not really news.

29th Oct 2011, 09:29

"Everyone already knows that"

Really? What about all the people who have been mislead by Toyota's slipping quality? The hell with what a magazine claims; I go by experiences, which were bad for me.