1991 Toyota Supra Non-Turbo I-6 3.0L DOHC from North America


Truly a Toyota classic; I love this car, even if I do have to sell it one day


Power steering line leak.

Spark plug cover.

Gasket went bad, leaking oil right into the top of the cylinders through plugs (replaced with Napa oil drain bolt gaskets).

Mystery problem with dash and side marker lights (fixed by hard wiring it, probably bad light switch on steering wheel).

Hood shocks went bad, replaced for 80 bucks.

Internal distributor bearing went bad; leaks oil inside of distributor cap and out the drain hole and onto the engine block, smoking the oil off (whole distributor must be replaced to fix).

Alternator fried and caught on fire, replaced with 120Amp.

Shift knob wore out.

Rear axle side shaft gasket just went bad, leaking axle oil.

General Comments:

I feel this car has done well and wore like a normal car does. Plus I must add on the possibility of the head gasket blowing (due to manufacture mistake), but coolant level hasn't lost a drop yet. But if anything does happen, I would happily ship to IPP to bore it out and rebuild.

Handles really well and is smooth and refined; this car belongs on the highway at high speeds.

This car is actually one of the most comfortable vehicles I have owned; not something I expected when I was looking around for a smaller japanese sports car.

Don't let the designation fool you, this is really a 2 seater with imitation rear seats.

Gets a lot of looks on the streets and parking lots, even some "Supra!!" from people on the side walks.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2007

1991 Toyota Supra 3.0 turbo from North America


I love this car and will own it for a long time


I bought this car in 1999 because I wanted something fast. Right after I bought it the head gasket blew. Ouch!

Then the EGR valve and many other little things like hoses and the radiator started to go, one at a time.

The only thing wrong with the interior of the car is the leather of the front seats was dried and cracked when I bought it, the back seats are fine.

The car came from an auction and it obviously had not been well cared for, so I had a lot to make up for. I have learned a lot working on this car and getting to know the professionals I trust to do what I can't.

General Comments:

When I first got this car it seemed like a money pit-my boyfriend hated it. But now that I have had the engine rebuilt (by my NEW boyfriend) and I am "Religious" about my maintenance, my Ex drives the car every day. I'm hoping to get it back from him soon-I miss her.

Anyone looking to own a toy like this should remember that high performance=high maintenance. But that it is so worth it. I have had Japanese tourists to the factory I work at stop, pose and take pictures of my car.

It is very comfortable to drive, the lumbar is awesome on road trips. It gets about 25 mpg, not bad for a turbo. I have not had it to full speed, but it will go -trust me.

UPDATE!! In June of 2008 I got my baby back! The heater control valve went out so I gave my ex another car and got the Supra back. I drove her all summer and I still love this car. My boyfriend says he will rebuild the engine one more time and I'm going to have her painted. The funny thing is that now my ex(the guy who hated my car) misses her-isn't that great!

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2007

1991 Toyota Supra Turbo 3.0 24v from UK and Ireland


Great looks, head turner, fast, but not cheap!


Main bearing went, un-economical to repair, very hard to find parts. Very common fault with the mk3 Supra's, caused by oil starvation in the sump apparently.

Nothing else went wrong (that was bad enough!)

Leather seats had some wear (caused by neglect though)

General Comments:

A very stylish car for it's age, not so much from the rear though. Pop-up lights will never get old.

Very fast, definite head turner, can outperform a lot of things on the road and pulls very strongly to well over 100mph (50mph up acceleration amazing).

Good spec for age, full leather, auto, central locking, rear Limited Slip Diff, electric heated mirrors, power steering, electric windows etc.

Great to drive, although in the wet can be a death trap unless you are always aware of it's rear wheel drive and lack of traction control status.

Not cheap on fuel, but from a 3.0 Turbo what do you expect?

There is a UK based owners club on the net, lots of good info.

Major bad points though are that the head gaskets WILL go at some point and that main bearing also tend to go pop, both known faults and very expensive ones at that!

Getting very rare on the roads now though, is a cheap car to buy considering it's a Supra!

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Review Date: 17th November, 2005