1991 Toyota Supra GT 2.0 T T from UK and Ireland


One of Toyota's best kept secrets


Nothing has gone wrong so far I am utterly impressed with this rare Japanese imported model.

Surprised by the disappointing fuel consumption which is around the low twenties in the city and mid thirties on the motor.

Finding information about the engine and this particular model which is a 2.0 twin turbo 24v straight 6 has proved difficult.

Insurance costs are twice as much as the 3 litre Turbo!!

General Comments:

The car is very quick.

I'm surprised by the smooth auto gearbox.

Its super clean underneath and both interior and exterior are unmarked.

The engine is superb.

I only paid £3000 for this fresh import and its well worth it!!!

I will never buy a used car from the UK again, Imports are the best!!!

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Review Date: 9th August, 2002

1991 Toyota Supra 3.0i Turbo 3.0i turbo from UK and Ireland


Superb performance and reliability


So far nothing.

Have had the alloy wheels refurbished and a new set of tyres.

General Comments:

The performance and handling of this car are quite astonishing for its age. Reliability wise it is very very good if looked after. The head gasket is a problem if not seen too professionally and it is probably worth seeking out a qualified independent garage to do the work rather than Toyota themselves. Find a good one with history (and a recent head gasket change) and you'll have a great performance car for many years to come for little money.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2002

31st Aug 2003, 20:49

Good to see another happy Supra owner (although this thread is over a year old, I'll bet he's still happy! lol).

The MK III Supra was known to have a BHG (blown head gasket) problem. Factory specification under-torquing of the cylinder head bolts led to failure of the seal, usually before before 100,000km of driving time had elapsed. Aware owners could avoid this by having the head re-torqued to a higher setting. I have done this on three of the five Supra's in the family stable and not had a problem :-)

My belief is that this problem was aggravated by the hot-spot between number 3 and 4 cylinders.

12th Oct 2003, 12:19

Actually, I believe the aggravated Hot spot is around the #6 cylinder, at the rear of the block. There are a few reasons for this:

1. Heater core hose location

2. EGR cooler plate

3. #1 Pre-catalytic converter location.

All these items retain excessive heat and can keep the rear of the motor hot, even hours after shut down. During these times, the rear of the motor is still hot and the rest of the motor has cooled down. This affects the expansion and contraction rate of the metals. This can lead to a warped head, since they are cooling at different rates.

The other reason is that Toyota Service Repair Manual states that the head bolts should be torqued down to 54 ft/lbs, which is entirely too low of a value to provide sufficient clamping load. The bolts should be broken loose and re-torqued to 75 ft/lbs. Beyond that, the bolts exceed their plastic region and can no longer hold a good clamp. When you stretch something too far, like an over-torqued head bolt, it can no longer return to its original shape. 75 ft/lbs has been determined to be the plastic limit of the stock head bolts through standard ANSI methods (I think that's the standard test procedure.

Hope that helps.

8th Mar 2011, 23:43

It is a very poor reflection on Toyota that the head gaskets are constantly blowing on these cars.

1991 Toyota Supra 3.0 straight 6 turbo from North America


Poor man's Lotus Esprit / NSX


The car leaked oil from its valves, and the head gasket blew.

The targa top began to leak tremendously around 114,000 miles.

Good, strong motor, but they need to build it right.

General Comments:

This car has showed me pain, agony, and most of all an empty bank account.

However, I have modified this car to a daily drive-able power of around 350hp.

It is the cleanest, and the nicest '91 around.

I would not recommend people to buy this car, unless it is in mint condition, and is a reliable driver.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2001