13th Oct 2001, 09:48

I could beat a Camaro in my 3.0i no problem, plus I don't have to fill the boot with fuel to go anywhere.

19th Dec 2001, 15:53

Mk IV Supra's have 325 horses with stock components, and could easily rip a Camaro. Do your research before you assume things.

19th Dec 2001, 16:18

Furthermore, the only downside to a Supra is that it is a tad bit heavy at 3500 pounds of curb weight. Easily fixable if you remove the back seats, glass, and replace some of the steel parts within the engine with aluminum parts (cam gears, flywheel, camshaft), and replace the pistons with lighter more efficient performance pistons.

Combine that with 850cc injectors, inter cooler, oil cooler, GT wastegate, larger turbo's or turbo, Iridium spark plugs, high-volume fuel rail, new ECU chip, high-volume catback exhaust, turbo timer (to prevent turbo lag), racing fuel pump, and other misc items. You would be ready to do 700 - 850 horses at the wheels, and kill any Camaro that crossed your path.



25th Jan 2002, 01:16

What do you guys think about the 96+ HSV (Holden) Clubsports, XU8s and GTS's up against the 3.0 Supra???

Trying to decide on what to buy. Obvious advantage is the fuel costs!!!

20th May 2003, 17:41

It's a Toyota.

24th May 2003, 04:45

Toyota, therefore very reliable with awesome power to boot. Can't go wrong with these cars, good mpg/performance too. This is the main reason why this car is an excellent world wide seller, which is unlike most American cars, which only really sell in America. No comparison really!

26th May 2003, 14:59

I wish I had $35-$40 g's to throw away... I guess I will stick with my 89 Ford Tempo... It's dropped with 16" chrome hub caps and 2 10" Walmart specials... Went to the track and nailed a 30.12 quarter mile. So bring it on, Supra...

7th Jul 2003, 22:59

Imports being more reliable is a myth. Supra's are awesome cars, but way too expensive. Getting a Camaro/Firebird would be better, as performance parts are a lot cheaper and the car itself is cheaper. Also everyone loves GM ;)

13th Jul 2003, 19:41

Yeah, you could throw 40K at a Toyota and get some pretty good numbers, granted. Yet this is a lousy option considering what you could do with a used iroc and 30K. An iroc with only 15K put into it would be a threat to any Toyota short of formula 1. We can all play the horsepower game, but don't forget that torque is what makes tire smoke, not HP.

6th Sep 2003, 23:26

750 hp supra? Twin Turbo? Do you know what a Camaro with an ls1 is capable of if it was turbocharged, the Callaway c8 Camaro ran 236.8 mph in willowdale raceway on November 16th 1998. It was powered by a twin turbocharged ls1 v8 rated at 887rwhp and its also street legal. If there were more turbo kits available for the ls1, it would be one of the most potent engines ever built.

26th May 2004, 23:07

Uhhh... chill out guys... it's a 96 Twin Turbo... manual transmissions weren't even offered that year. Doh!

22nd Jul 2004, 20:23

The toyota supra leaves an honda civic far away.

26th Jul 2004, 02:16

Yeah... Not really. Do you know what the JUN Toyota Supra is? Elvis drives it (inside joke). This things 2jz-GTE power plant throws down 1,300 horsepower. I'll say it again, one thousand three hundred horsepower my bro. It broke the land speed record for a street legal car on the salt flats in Nevada at 252.9 miles per hour. I don't see any street legal Camaro's that can do 252 miles per hour, or for that matter see them with 1,300 horsepower either, do you. I didn't think so.

Ya Dead Homie.

6th Aug 2004, 21:28

The Supra is an amazing car. The Camaro is just as amazing. I have seen big boost Supras destroy many cars, but I have also been in forced induction Camaros that have pulled on Supras past 150 mph. I also seen Corvettes take 1st and 2nd at Supra events.

Both power plants have their pros and cons. But make no mistake about it, he or she with the biggest bank account will more than likely win.

As for the older cars, 80s Chevys, they weren't really fast, so a turbo car beating a stock or mildly modified like a Vette or Mustang or F body will be the norm. But a car that is built to run hard is a different story.

Supras are the only import that I really like, and the 3000GT VR4. Also high horsepower is what gives you the edge on the freeway, but quarter mile is where you need torque to get out of the hole. Corvette and Camaro owners respect the Supra, but sometimes people who are into the Supras (not owners) tend not to respect American cars.

The LS1 when turbo'd is super fast; I haven't seen one lose to Supra yet. Plus the imports have more turbo goods going for them.

I would like to see someone supercharge a Supra and see how the engine reacts to that kind of boost.

So in short, don't put one car down. In the end, it's just opinion, not fact fellows.

Thanks for reading.

Go high performance Camaros, Vettes, Supras, Mustangs and so on.

19th Oct 2004, 19:12

I like fast cars. But people who think supra is the fastest is kids stuff. (well let's face it- supra is for kids- not pro) Take your supra to "World street nationals." Your car must be street legal or else you can't race. I've never seen a supra over there because all cars are V8's and some can do over 200 mph in a 1/4 mile about 7 sec. So let's see if all you supra fanatics can say something after you race your car over there- everyone will just laugh at you-sorry truth hurts- no offense. :)