1996 Toyota T100 SR5 4x4 XtraCab 3.4L from North America




I replaced the starter at 300,000 miles.

I've changed the timing belt and water pump every 100K miles.

It's had 2 tune ups, total.

I've replaced the battery a few times, and the front brakes a couple of times. I also replaced the shocks and a few front end parts at 300K miles.

The factory stereo was replaced several years ago.

It's had overload springs on the back since 1997, and I have broke them and replaced them, but that is an aftermarket part.

It was shot by a 300 Win Mag through the floor board. The bullet went through the bell housing, hit the torque converter and ricocheted into the fly wheel. The torque converter didn't even have a scuff. The fly wheel was slightly bent. I replaced the flywheel and sealed the bell housing hole with silicone, and it was running like new again.

It's had 6 or 7 sets of tires.

General Comments:

This is not a town truck. It's hauled and towed tens of thousands of pounds of water, dirt, meat, fruit/vegetables, wood and just about everything else.

I still get 18 to 22 MPG, and I can and have gone just about everywhere in this truck. I would drive it cross country today.

I did have it repainted a while back because the dark blue paint was just about scratched and/or faded off. It looks great, and because it's a southwest truck, it has NO RUST.

It still runs like it did in 1997. It doesn't burn a drop of oil, and the oil is still clean when I change it with 3500 miles on it.

I expect to see 500K on the odometer before it's done.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2012

1997 Toyota T100 SR5 3.4 V6 from North America


This has been the best vehicle I have owned


Replaced the starter at 250,000 miles.

Seat belts were replaced at 225,000 and 240,000 miles, because they quit retracting.

Various evaporative system solenoids and sensors have gone out lately, but this is after 15 years and over a quarter million miles of ownership.

Dealer servicing has been rather expensive, but the truck has never stranded me.

General Comments:

This truck is well built, reliable, and good looking. The styling is timeless.

The 4x4 has worked flawlessly, and has great traction.

Decent MPG, averaging 17 to 21. I have gotten 23.5 MPG on the freeway driving 65 mph without the A/C.

People are amazed that it is a 1997 model.

Toyota should offer another model like the T100!

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Review Date: 1st October, 2012

1996 Toyota T100 SR-5 3.4 liter V6 from North America


Super mid size truck, worth every penny


Head gasket recall, got it fixed by a Toyota dealer, can't remember the year.

Hesitates when I accelerate, easy fix (changed spark plugs and wires).

General Comments:

Super reliable truck.

Very quiet for a truck.

Very comfortable and roomy.

The 3.4 liter V6 is very strong.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2011

30th Jul 2011, 20:45

I love when people refer to a certain pick-up as being an "SUV with the roof chopped off". What do you think an SUV actually is? It's a TRUCK WITH A ROOF on the back! What do you think a 2500 Suburban really is? It's just a 2500 Silverado with no bed and extra seats! So yeah, it's an SUV with the roof chopped off. Call it whatever you want, but "truck" sure is easier to say.

1995 Toyota T100 SR5 3.4L from North America


A stalwart truck hiding behind bland mid 90's styling


Replaced stabilizer bar links at 225,000.

Replaced leaky fuel tank at 230,000km. There is a plastic skid plate beneath the tank that has a tendency of trapping silt and moisture, which will lead to rusting.

Aside from that, just routine maintenance.

General Comments:

This is the SR5 extended cab model. Bought the truck for skiing, hauling and towing. Seats 6, can haul a cubic yard of gravel (with aftermarket airbags), drops into 4Lo for moderate off-roading, what more could a guy want?

Gas mileage averages about 13L/100km with a best observed 11L/100km.

Interior is very solid feeling. I test drove an 08 Tundra for fun, but found the interior finish very sloppy in comparison. The Tundra has about twice the horsepower though!

The V6 offers 'acceptable' power. I frequently tow a 3000lb tent trailer through the mountainous interior of BC, and it handles it pretty good.

Excellent ground clearance lends well to some of the nastier decommissioned logging roads, but makes it a bit tougher for loading/unloading cargo (especially a motorcycle) from the truck bed.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2010