4th Oct 2019, 10:44

I really try to stay entirely away from mid 70s to 2000 models from USA or Japan. I bought a very low production number black Harley Davidson pick up in show condition. Wish I could post a pic. Not a single flaw. As far as a truck, it may have future interest to different crossover segments including Harley Davidson riders. Maybe a 90-93 454 SS black Chevrolet pick up. I once owned a red Splash. Terrible ride due to the wide wheels on a short wheel base. But looked good. Only trucks newer that caught my eye. But I do not love trucks at all. No matter what you do, they are still a truck. Some of the early pick ups don’t look bad at shows. But driving one is another story.

4th Oct 2019, 19:36

Another reason why some of the older, smaller trucks are starting to become worth more and more is because there isn't a single smaller sized truck made by any manufacturer sold in the US. They are all MASSIVE. Even the supposed midsized trucks like the Tacoma, Colorado and new Ranger are all more similar in size to full sized trucks from 20 years ago. But most of the trucks sold are the huge full sized versions. They've gotten so overinflated most people's heads won't even come up to the hood.

4th Oct 2019, 23:52

Mercedes & BMW from the 80s were FWD? What models are you referring to?

5th Oct 2019, 03:19

Whether you know it or not, it wasn't just the elderly that were attracted to the Cadillac/Buick/Olds, Lincoln/Mercury brands.

Here are a few real life examples for you.

First, I like yourself am in my 40's and remember in the 80's when my father was in his 40's. 80% of the cars he has owned his whole life were Buick. When I was younger we had a 1980 Century sedan, 1982 Electra sedan, 1985 LeSabre 2 door. These were the last of the rear drives for these models. All 3 were loaded to the max, even the Century being a more entry level brand. Cheap interiors? I think not; the knit velour used in those cars was pretty high quality with huge amounts of comfort.

Few years later in high school some students were driving late 70's/early 80's Cadillacs. No they were not hand me downs. They bought them because that's what they wanted.

The first car that I ever financed when I was 21 was a '93 Sedan DeVille.

The past 12 years I've been driving Town Cars, had a mid 90's that I traded for a newer model year which I expect to get 11 years out of just like the last one. Point is that large American luxury liners can attract all different crowds, whether they are still being made or not.

Yes, I believe older Toyota models from the 80's are gaining popularity and higher pricing, but don't go giving all the credit to Toyota.

A GM example from the 80's are the "G" body cars (Grand Prix, Regal, Monte Carlo, Cutlass Supreme). Those cars have a growing market for customizing, hot rodding or even keeping bone stock for a nice cruiser. Therefore value is starting to go up.

My first car was an '84 Grand Prix, and even then when it was only 11-12 years old it stood apart from the new cars from that era. An aggressive and somewhat formal looking body style that is aging very well today.

5th Oct 2019, 14:31

So then wait till 2021 and buy a new Ford Courier.

5th Oct 2019, 22:29

Can’t imagine why you are not praising Supra or MR2s as examples from that era.

Now as far as trucks, why do you diminish the existing collector appeal of full size trucks? From the very era you grew up in? They are already in shows, likely the ones with wraps and big sound systems At the annual Philadelphia Auto Show you see the bigger trucks featured of course with Jeeps. Didn’t see any small displacement engine Tacomas. I get a lot of people coming up to my all black Harley Davidson, limited numbered dash plate issue, full size. Detailed every single month. I have no doubt it’s a future collectible. However it isn’t going to be a vehicle to quit your day job over. Just like any Toyota pickup. You want to invest in vehicles that can, seek out some European model cars that climbed. There’s ones in the 90s going for a half mil. or higher. You see that with a T100? I still maintain the 80s-90s are not where it’s at. Unless it’s sentimental. I have cars today that are dropping in value. But it’s the enjoyment and club social aspects that outweigh just dollars. The only thing you need to do is buy a car you really like first while that happens. Then it’s not distressing, it’s about the fun.

8th Oct 2019, 18:37

You don't love trucks at all, yet as you have mentioned several times now, you bought a H-D pickup. (θ¿θ)

8th Oct 2019, 19:58

Don't forget the Harley Davidson F150 also.

9th Oct 2019, 03:29

That’s true. And a Silverado to tow our boat. I’d still rather drive a car. No matter what upgrades are added, they are still a truck. My cousin has a 6 wheeler Ram pick up to tow his race car in an enclosed trailer. 9 vehicles and some bikes. I’ve never heard him ever say how much he loves his truck as well. But it tows what’s even more important to him. People buy vehicles for entirely different purposes. Not always practical, but who says you have to. As long as they are well kept it’s fine. If they are heaps on blocks, I wouldn’t own.

10th Oct 2019, 18:23

Never understood why anyone bought those silly HD trucks. It's just an F-150 with some badges stuck on in a few places. Big whoopty-do...

10th Oct 2019, 20:32

Matched my 2 Harley Davidson Softail motorcycles. Liked the glass sunroof and appearance. Black understated Night Train bike matches it well. And the Heritage Classic. Just a special edition truck. Same Harley Davidson leather that’s on the seating. Custom wheels, few other differences. Already had a truck but it caught my eye. So bought.

10th Oct 2019, 21:36

Early edition "Lightning" F150's have a much bigger appeal to the collector market compared to the Harley Davidson, which is just a standard V8 F150 with badges on the body and emblems stitched into the seats.

11th Oct 2019, 18:40

So I can supercharge my 5.4. Who cares. I just bought it to match my Harley Davidson Motorcycles. There’s numerous edition trucks; maybe a King Ranch for a rancher. My 22” special edition factory wheels are not an emblem. I even like the chrome shifter. The look of the exhaust system mimics my Softails. It’s totally loaded. Some like the black edition parked next to my totally blacked out Night Train at shows. The new Black Line is not as good looking. I may buy a Street Glide to follow.

13th Oct 2019, 04:47

Yeah, I didn't praise those cars, reason being because I never owned a Toyota from the 80's era, or any era after that, and probably won't in the future.

14th Oct 2019, 15:46

Yeah but you could've saved money by simply going on eBay or whatever and get a few HD decals and stick em' on the side of the truck. That way when you haul the Harleys, people will be pleased that your truck matches the bikes.

All kidding aside, your answer is precisely why Ford did this: They knew they could put a few topical aesthetic changes to a typical F-150 and HD fans would pay out the nose. Minimal investment, maximum profits. It would be the same as if they had stuck some sort of potato chip logos on the side for someone who was very loyal to XXX brand of BBq flavored tater chips.