2003 Toyota Tacoma 1.7 from North America


A good reliable truck. Worth the money


Neutral safety switch.

Parking brake cable.

Door handle loose.

General Comments:

Very reliable. I am very happy with it. Runs good.

The clock is in an awkward position; hard to look at.

The seat belt doesn't retract when you step out.

Peppy and gets 20 MPG for a 4WD. Nice and quiet ride. A little bumpy, but not uncomfortable for a four wheel drive truck... I would definitely get another one.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2015

2003 Toyota Tacoma Base 2.4 gas L4 from North America


The most reliably boring truck in existence, that will never let you down


Front main seal started leaking at 24,000 miles and leaving oil spots everywhere. Dealership replaced the seal at no cost under warranty. The service tech noted on the bill that the truck was not to be used for serious off road use (my father was not pleased) and I never off roaded the car again.

At 100,000 miles the clutch will grab oddly when cold; this is likely due to the clutch's age and the abuse I have put it through, and I have NOT been nice to this clutch.

The car at 120,000 miles started falling out of 3rd gear on deceleration on hills.

During Snowmagedon of 2014 in Alabama, I slid into a curb on the ice; not an bad impact, but not soft either. No tire or wheel damage, no bent wheel. The rear end is now making noises of what I think to be the driver's side rear wheel bearing slowly going in the solid axle.

Tires don't seem to hold alignment well; may be due to poor Alabama and Georgia roads. Always have to add brake fluid every year or two; I don't know where it goes.

General Service:

I have only replaced front brake pads once, changed oil every 7,500 to 10,000 miles, but used best Royal Purple and Mobil 1 premium filter or Premium Mobil 1 oil. Replaced diff fluid and transmission gear oil two times. I have only added radiator fluid. All belts are original. I do not recommend this to anyone, just my experience and a testament to how reliable and well made it is. The car is still running strong.

General Comments:

I have a love/hate relationship with this truck. This is probably the best truck I will EVER own. It has never left me stranded or down as long as I have had it. It has carried me through High School, College Undergrad, College Masters, moving into first apartments, first dates, first kisses, first... It is a truck that has never given up, and never will. I have done more stupid things in and around this truck. It's a part of me, a part of my life. It has been in 3 minor accidents, none of which were my fault. It is rugged, it is somewhat tough. It is safe.

I seriously have neglected this truck growing up. I did not adhere to 5000 oil changes, even though I used the best of oils and filters. I put it through the wringer. A/C HAS NEVER GIVEN ME AN ISSUE, NO SERVICE, NO RECHARGE, it still blows cold. Heat works remarkably well.

Early in its life, I added a Tal and Hadas Brush Guard, Toneau cover, fog lights, truck originally had slightly large tires, similar to stock jeep size tires. The truck still has all this now. It was not a chick magnet, but great for getting me from point A to B, then C, D, etc.

It was a two door. Parents, if you are looking for a first car and you have a son, GET THIS TRUCK IN 2 DOORS. They will not get into any problems in this small of a space. It is so small inside. Yes, you can cram 3 in there, but it's hard to do.

This truck is the most boring truck I have ever driven. It doesn't corner well. It is not fast, it is not great off road, it does not get great gas mileage (that's my largest gripe with this truck, I average 22 MPG for a small 2.4L truck. That is sad for as small as this thing is). It is not "attractive", there are 0 creature comforts over an AC. Interior is OK, bench seat is comfortable. I gained a bunch of weight and the truck is still comfortable.

I am actually getting ready to retire this truck this week. Since the truck was such a good truck, I am holding onto it as a moving truck or backup vehicle, the memories attached to it and the neglect it's taken have earned this. In this time I hope to polish her up and clean her up to what it deserves. The dealer I bought my new car asked if I wanted to trade it in, and I said no. This truck is that good. I hope to one day pass it on to my son or daughter.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2014

3rd Feb 2014, 08:36

I also added a K&N FIPK cold air intake. Helped horse power, hurt torque.

Recently added an Ultra Gauge OBDII scanner. My commute to work, which is a 16.8 mile commute, if I drive watching the scanner constantly, I get 26 MPG there, 27 MPG back.

If I drive normal and with traffic, 24 MPG there. So driving nicely really doesn't translate well. I am now averaging 22 in the city.