13th Jun 2013, 05:25

Even without recalls, I would not consider a small truck. Most people with trucks look at complete utility, not just 30 MPG. I put a couple of hundred miles a month on mine. I like having it. It doesn't cost much to insure, and a tank of gas is not an issue. They are great for renovating, towing and doing difficult applications where a car does not work.

13th Jun 2013, 12:35

The recall claims about Toyota are not any more of a deterrent than any other car maker. The only difference is that Toyota is higher rated in reliability than the other automakers. That's really all there is to it.

But seriously - so far most of the comments being made on this thread are from people who are making it extremely clear that they not only dislike Toyotas, and probably only because they are a foreign automaker, but they also want us all to know just how much they dislike small pickup trucks as well, and feel the need to let us know how much they simply love their full sized trucks.

Last time I checked, this was a review for a Toyota Tacoma. Full sized trucks have nothing to do with this topic. If you do not like either Toyotas or Tacomas... then DON'T BUY ONE, and what's more, stop posting totally unrelated comments about your full sized trucks.

14th Jun 2013, 08:30

If you look at the past 5 years, with added refinements over many decades, the serious issues in vehicles should be minimal today.

Many buy vehicles today based on the fuel gauge as their # one priority.

My domestic recall consisted of a seat belt latch, not engine or trans failures.

My best import ever was also built in the 90s, with no returns to the dealership. You would think that trend would have continued. My guess is that rapid high production, trimming more and more weight to keep the cost down and affordable, affected durability of late models.

My best Toyota ever was a brand new 1977 Celica GT made in Japan. Even the paint was better. No issues. My next one was an 80, and it wasn't as good even back than. So what has happened with the quality spiral today? The news headlines haven't been encouraging enough to prompt our return. And I will add Honda in the sentence as well. We had multiple trans issues, but that's another topic.

Low volume, made in country of origin imports were better for us (except for premature rust).

14th Jun 2013, 11:40

Repeating the same argument about how Toyota's quality has fallen is about the same as using the recall argument: Two different means to try and belittle the brand without facts to back it up. If this were true, then Toyota would not be at the top of the reliability charts. Please explain to all of us how this could possibly be true.

Likewise, claiming that vehicles strictly made in Japan or any other country as being better because of its origination of manufacture is equally bogus. FYI, my Tacoma was made 17 years ago in Fremont, California. It's been every bit as reliable as any of the strictly made in Japan models.

14th Jun 2013, 14:51

Toyota's recalls ARE different from other automakers. Where domestic makers recalls are voluntary, Toyota required not one, not two, but THREE Grand Jury subpoenas before issuing their recalls. And in sheer volume alone, no car maker on Earth comes even close to the number of vehicles Toyota has recalled. If they build "quality" vehicles, that's a funny way of showing it.

15th Jun 2013, 09:46

Because the quality HAS fallen; look it up.

I work on cars everyday, all makes and models, and there are so many different repairs on Toyotas that were unheard of many years ago.

Experience counts here; a family member had a Toyota model that had the motor replaced at 48,000 miles due to the legendary sludge problem. A new engine was to expensive, so I put in a used one and called it a day.

The president of Toyota even admits the quality has dropped; just live with it and accept it.

15th Jun 2013, 10:23

Is it possible that a Tacoma built 17 years ago is of better construction than the past 5 years? Does anyone remember reading of massive recalls from Toyota 17 years ago as well?

Which city a product is made in is not the issue as well. We feel that it was the much higher production levels, with gas price hikes, that seemed to stimulate the quality control issues of late. My Toyotas I bought from long ago, seemed to be of higher quality. Maybe more concern with detail, maybe less emphasis on dramatic weight reduction to increase fuel economy. Imagine not having to go back to the dealership with recalls and issues. You may buy a brand new 2013 Tacoma and find it's not to the level of quality of the 17 year old one.

If you bought a # of new ones and posted as one owner, it may have more credibility vs the single vehicle. I like to read multiple one owner import reviews to see if it's an upward trend. Surely you must have an opinion of the rise in major issues from many owners that have bought lately. And it's certainly all over the media; not speculation. I do not see the quality going in the right direction.

I use to base my purchases on how my 91, 95, or 99 model was. But after that, I saw quality issues go astray, yet still bought with the past in mind. But that only goes for so long.

Not everyone shares your opinion. People will buy many cheap gas vehicles with the gas price high. That doesn't mean they are reliable. But it boosts production totals. A lot of people today are struggling with mortgages, raising families, utilities etc. They may not be able to afford an even better quality car or truck that is actually priced just out of reach for an average new car owner. When high repairs hit, we shopped. It may be another new import or it may be a domestic. But I am not buying based on a 17 year old vehicle testimonial for new. I want to read exact years and mileage with issues. Those brave enough to admit they made mistakes, and had a lot of problems, are what I need to see. And then buy another import or a domestic. There's a lot to choose from in 2013.

16th Jun 2013, 02:47

If domestic trucks are so bad, can you explain to me, why have my co-workers with over 300,000 miles on their Rangers, been able to do their jobs every day?

16th Jun 2013, 13:30

Can someone explain, if the recent quality issues with Toyota are so bad lately... Why we would remotely even consider buying another new Toyota in 2013?

16th Jun 2013, 15:33

First of all, I'm going to wager that most of the people here claiming that Toyota's quality has fallen, or that they are of poor quality, don't actually own one, nor ever would.

Secondly, I too talk from experience. In our family we have or had the following.

'85 Camry: Sold at 220,000 miles.

'92 Camry: Sold at about the same. 220,000 or so.

'88 Toyota Pickup: 165,000.

'88 4Runner: 265,000.

'98 Avalon: 310,000.

'02 Prius: Currently 165,000.

'96 Tacoma: Currently 261,000.

'02 Tundra: Currently 325,000.

These vehicles are all over the map age-wise. None of them had any major problems, save for the 4Runner, which burned up a set of wheel bearings.

And I find it interesting that people seem to be repeating the same thing over and over again - that oh-no... Toyota's quality has fallen. All any of you have to do is pull up a browser, type in "long-term reliability by brand" and you will handily see that the MOST recent reports show the following:

1: Lexus

2: Scion

3: Toyota

Hmmmmm... so if Toyota's are really that bad, how come they STILL are at the TOP of the list? Something here isn't computing. Saying something that doesn't correlate with actual fact is no way to make an argument.

Either way, like mentioned before, if you don't like Toyotas... then STOP making comments on Toyota reviews! That'd be like me hovering around Ford and Chevy comments, and going on and on about how that "I had heard" that they were a lot worse now, and that my Grandpa's Uncle's Cousin had one and the wheels fell off or what not.

It's really that simple...