25th Nov 2002, 08:54

My 2002 Tacoma has been leaking since the day I got it. If it rains or I wash the car the inside floor fills with water. I have had the truck for 4 months and have taken it back to the dealer 4 times. They have replaced the weather stripping on both back doors. They took the door panels off and replaced the plastic lining and now they have ordered the weather stripping for the front. The car is still leaking. All problems occur on the passenger side. I think this is a design problem with the car. How can I get more information on this problem?

11th Apr 2003, 13:01

I had the same rear door leak, door seal completely replaced last week. Leaked again, back to Toyota today, they found a rubber stopper missing on the side of the door. Look for 2 rubber stoppers that plug into the door itself, see if they are missing. (between the door and body panel) Compare from one door to the other to see where the should be. If there is a hole, they are most likely missing. For mine, water was going into the hole and dripping inside the door panel, therefore spilling into the truck from the bottom panel of the door to the inside floor.

18th Jun 2003, 16:32

I have had the same problem. I have a 2002 etra cab 4x4 Tacoma. My drivers side floor board are constantly wet. My truck smells like mildew. I sent it to the dealer and they sent it to a body shop, Stating it came from the front fire box by the quarter panel. Make a long story short, It still leaks like crazy. The funny thing is I had a 1990 Toyota 4x4 and it leaked in the same spot. I think it is a design flaw.

19th Jun 2003, 18:45

Toyota leaks on floorboard?? Yes, mine does too, but it's a 1998. I have taken it to several places and no one has been able to find it as they say it will cost over $700 to find and fix. Instead I handed it over to my handy dandy father. He looked, pried and possibly found the problem. It may be water leaking in through the air vent. He pointed out that it was a poor design and water was just coming in through the vent. He sealed around the vent, which helped a little, but when there was lots of water running, it just goes right into the vent and right into the truck. I don't know how to fix this problem, but I thought I would pass this info along to someone.

18th Dec 2003, 09:27

I drive a 97 Toyota Standard Cab 4x4 and have a horrible passenger side leak just like the ones you all have experienced. I am currently working on a solution and will reply when and if I find one. I noticed on the lowest front left part of the passenger door there is rust beginning to develope. Just a small sign where this problem may be coming from.

23rd Feb 2004, 12:16

From my comments on 11th Apr 2003, back to 2 dealers 7 x!!! The door leak was from the vapor barrier, yes and around the speaker, allowing water to leak between the inside door panel to the floor. It worked for a month, then same problem. They fixed the vapor barrier again, and so far so good!

29th Jun 2004, 12:38

Leak ‘02 Toyota Tacoma extra cab. I've recently, Spring '04, noticed a leak similar to the others posted here on the passenger side floor. It first appeared after an hour drive in a moderate rainstorm. I pulled into the driveway, very slight incline, and after about 5-10 minutes of parking noticed a puddle on the passenger floor mat. I popped the hood & made sure the intake vent, under the windshield wipers, was emptying into the engine compartment. No problem there except for a loose connection under the Dash, which was easily fixed. Trying to replicate the problem a couple days later we ran a hose right onto the passenger side windshield. Minor leaking until the vent/defrost was on. Everything leaked; screws, seams for plastic areas under the dash. Suggestion in the meantime: double check the hose running from under the dash to the engine compartment, if necessary push the plastic part from the engine compartment back into the cab until the pieces fit snugly. I have it at the dealer now & will post results. Luckily it’s still under warranty.

13th Aug 2004, 07:40

29th of June - update

After making 3 trips to the dealership they removed the dash & it appears, fixed the leaking problem, although they wouldn't disclose the problem. I'm taking back next week to have the carpet replaced (wanted to make sure the leaking is done with first). Good Luck to all of you!

8th Aug 2005, 11:26

I own a 2003 Pre Runner Toyota Tacoma. The last time I vaccumed the floorboards I discovered they were wet. Mostly on the drivers side. I have been paying attention to it more now and have come to the conclusion the weather stripping at the bottom of the door is leaking, same for the rear door (4 door). I live in Atlanta area with a lot of rain and humidity, needless to say the new car smell is gone. I am now starting the process of resolving the problem. Not very happy.

5th Jan 2006, 00:57

My 2002 Crew Cab (recent purchase) rear floor boards on both sides became saturated with water when it recently rained. I did ask before I purchased it why there was new carpet throughout the entire vehicle. However, I did not get any helpful information from the salesperson on the matter. I did take it in today and the the service people found that the plug drain underneath the truck had been put in upside down allowing water in. The area around the plug was noticeably wet. They turned inserted the plug correctly and sealed it. Hopefully that is the problem.

7th Apr 2016, 19:06

I have a 2004 Tacoma double cab. The leak on mine is coming from the cab vent on the back of the cab between the cab and bed, making it nearly impossible to get to. I am applying silicone around it with my finger. I isolated it with a garden house. If you remove the door threshold and lift up the carpet, you can see the water coming in and trace it up the back of the cab. I dried it up, then put the hose above the vent and that was exactly the source.

31st Oct 2016, 19:33

Don't normally post anything online, but hoping this helps anyone having this most annoying, frustrating problem! We have a 2010 Toyota Tacoma that's been puddling on the driver's side floor every time there is a consistent rain. The mold and smell are not just a nuisance, but very worrisome! We have spent many hours trying to figure it out. Toyota service tried twice and on the second attempt told us they found the source of the leak and instructed us to replace the windshield. Well we did that but... STILL LEAKING! We just spent an entire Sunday with a garden hose pinpointing small areas one at a time & FOUND THE LEAK! It is coming from the back of the cab (appears to be on a seam) between the cab and the bed about 18" down from top of bed in an area that looks impossible to reach. Will have to take to a mechanic and hopefully get it fixed once and for all!!!