27th May 2008, 21:04

Yeah, SURE. "best truck on the market" and the differential goes out at 30,000 miles, the cheap plastic headlight lenses have fogged already, and seats falling apart at 50,000 miles!!

I'll NEVER understand the warped reasoning of import fans. If ANY ONE of these things happened to a domestic in the first 100,000 miles, you'd all be screaming "IT"S CRAP!!", but these things and more can happen to a Toyota and it's just written off as "minor". Gimme a BREAK!!

If any of this stuff had happened to any of my domestic trucks before 200,000 miles, I'd consider it not worth buying another one, but the engines, transmissions and differentials can fall out of your Toyota at 30,000 miles and you just go throw away your money on another one!!

I've owned dozens of domestics. NOT ONE Ford, Chevy or Dodge truck ever had a SINGLE REPAIR in the first 100,000 miles, other than batteries and brake pads/lining.

23rd Sep 2008, 23:01

Wow!...Take a pill man! If your GM is soooo good then why is the company soooo far behind in sales and falling?! The government has to bail them out of debt! I'll deal with a little tear in the seat or some minor cosmetic problems on my Toyota cause I know it'll get me where I'm going without a hitch!

17th Dec 2008, 23:41

Where is this guy coming from. He is amusing himself to think he can sway someone to buy a domestic in light of the what's on the road and what is listed in the for sale columns.

Let's remind ourselves this forum is for owners of imports with their opinions of what they have experienced, so researchers like me who are looking for an honest review can find one.

I am displeased with how this site is tolerating this.

For the record, I have personally owned both domestics (a Ford F150,a Chevy Silverado, and Dodge Dakota) and Imports (Toyota, Honda). Domestic quality has gone to the dogs for the sake of cutting cost. I resolve the import makers have it, Quality. Now albeit if you buy an import that is assembled domestically, all bets are off. All said I believe the issue is transparent. And I am still going with an import... "dude". So give the forum a rest.

18th Dec 2008, 20:24

2.7 engine? Keep testing...how about a new Silverado 6.2 gas with 407 hp and 417 lbs of torque.

19th Dec 2008, 09:55

Tacoma sales are down 31% from last year... do not see the record rush of those switching to the the Toyota small truck segment. Let's see, you now own a 10 year old 250,000 mile Tacoma, what is the newest model domestic you once owned long ago specific model year?