4th Nov 2006, 05:42

GM sales are not ahead, they are just not quite in as deep a hole as they were last week. They are still losing money badly. Toyota is making profit, as it should be.

4th Nov 2006, 08:04

I am sure Toyota is making a high profit... one only has to look at what they cost......... I would like to see the prices drop and then I would perhaps buy one for my son to drive.

5th Nov 2006, 00:23

If you need a full size pickup without compromises, buy a Tundra. You guys that argue against Toyota, you just don't get it; I almost feel sorry for you. They ARE the best cars AND truck available, you can talk about recalls if you like, but whatever other make you drive or support has had far more recalls percentage wise than Toyota. Buy one, drive it for awhile, and then you will begin to see the light of day. Yeah, I agree, if you're going to haul the world on your back every day, then buy a Cummins diesel, or an F-350; you need it. But even that is not even close to being up to par to Toyota quality. That is a fact, so get used to it. For the average daily driver, and even the average work truck, the Tacoma and the Tundra are by far the best choice. Their quality is MUCH better, and if you disagree, then you are wrong. Plain and simple.

5th Nov 2006, 05:58

I drove a Tundra and did not like it. Don't feel sorry for me. If you have the financial resources you have the oppy to test them all. Maybe you haven't been out this year to do so.

Reading isn't driving them and thoroughly testing them one by one is the only way. If I hate the ride and the performance what good is a review? You end up hating it til you sell it. The closest import I actually did like however was Nissans full size truck, but I bought a loaded GM with the standard 100,000 mile warranty.

5th Nov 2006, 13:09

How can you say that the Tundra is the best truck availible, they've only been making it for like 7 years! If it ends up being the best selling truck for decades like the F150 has been, then maybe I'll reconsider my doubt. I knew someone that owned a Tundra, and it was OK, but definitely not better then Ford or Chevy! The interior sucked and it was not very powerful, I mean come on, 4.7L engine? That's weak! They got smart and bought a new Suburban which was 10x better.

6th Nov 2006, 10:23

What I mean is that the longevity of a Toyota motor and drivetrain in general make it the better truck.

Up until recent years, you had no choice but to buy from the Big 3 if you wanted a full size truck, but now there are better options.

Have you seen the new Ford commercial where they claim that they have more trucks on the road with over 250,000 miles than any other make? That's complete b.s.; maybe because of their diesels, but surely not because of their gasoline engines. There's a mentality in this country left over from World War 2 that prevents some people from seeing that Toyota's are the better trucks, because their grandpa grew up driving Fords, and so did their dads. Well guess what, the times have changed, and Ford has not evolved enough along the way. Toyota has. Honda has. Nissan is close, but not quite there yet. Chevrolet is a sad joke, they are not even in competition.

Now, I don't want to start another boring discussion about the Honda Ridgeline here either. I agree, it is not a real truck, but it is a Honda, which means it will run longer than all of the "real trucks" out there. But the Tundra is the perfect package; Toyota engineering in a full size truck that can handle anything you throw at it. No, it can't tow as much as an F-350 or some other monster Ford truck. But comparing apples to apples, the Tundra is a much better truck than the F-150.

7th Nov 2006, 12:48

But is it comfortable?

7th Nov 2006, 17:24

I was born after WWII. It is a generation you might have heard of called "Baby Boomers". There is apparently a lot of us and we buy many new vehicles. In addition some of us are fairly well educated, tend to be savvy and well informed on capital purchases. We examine all aspects with some emotion certainly added in.

You can rant and rave about GM, Ford, Dodge and yet not everyone shares your viewpoint. I have nothing against Toyota - I drove them in college and when my funds were limited. Historically they were a point A to point B vehicle, nothing luxurious. I never kept one over 70,000 miles. You can buy extended warranties, but when Ford and GM covers the drivetrain to 100,000 miles, that is a major influence.

Perhaps when I retire I might keep a vehicle 10 years or til its dead in the ground, but hopefully I am like many of the other smart "boomers" that won't be forced into that.

I like having a new truck. Maybe it's an indicator of my hard work and everyone in my large family buys often as well. It's exciting having new cars/trucks. The thing I enjoy is the excitement on expanding my scope on each new years offerings. You get tired of vanilla for example day after day every year. I actually got tired of my last truck; even its color no longer appealed to me. So you look at new trucks.

On my 2 brand new vehicles, the monthly diagnostics and Onstar of my new GM truck/SUV and hands free phone are my favorite new features.

In 2 years I may buy a Ford with even better technology, a Dodge Ram, Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra if they make it ride better and add some power. My point is that I am not hopelessly locked to any manufacturer and defensive to the point of becoming ridiculous.

The pre WWII generation in my opinion did not have the vast offerings we have today. Back then you typically worked one sole job til you retired, lived in the exact same house, stayed married etc etc... the demographics have certainly changed since then. People now are more educated, switch and transfer jobs without any stigma, many have blended families with a greater number of drivers within the same household. I have 5 related drivers/stepchildren in the mine alone.

I have never once ever had all the same brands in the same driveway. The people and friends I know are not anything prior to WW2 that's for certain; they share my situation as well. So when you blatantly generalize on everyone you might want to consider how families are today. It might enlighten you quite a bit and inderstand why we differ from your rationale. The turn off to me is putting all domestic owners down. My family has both in our household, so perhaps we have the advantage of being more enlightened and not being severely critical. It's not very admirable.

7th Nov 2006, 18:36

"but it is a Honda, which means it will run longer than all of the "real trucks" out there."

My '85 Dodge has 250,000 miles (a gasoline engine), and can travel a road choked with 2 feet of snow. I've driven through snow drifts that were over the hood. And yes, it is bone stock with no lift or other modifications. I want to see your precious Honda do that, let alone when it has 250,000 miles, or is 21 years old. The words "Honda" and "truck" don't belong in the same sentence.