7th Nov 2006, 21:11

How about some evidence as to why Ford is lying? If I recall correctly, the F150 has been the best selling truck for 20 something years. There's got to be a reason for that, not some stupid mentality as you state. (don't act all high and mighty, you're also one whos jumped on the "if it's from japan it's better than everything else" stereotype)

Ford's inline six 4.9 truck engine is known for its longevity and torque. The 302 is a proven V8 engine. The 351 is a puller. The 460 is a very powerful big block not known for any weaknesses. The new 4.6 is a decent overall engine and the 5.4 is a very good modern V8 engine as well.

So I'm not sure where you're getting all this Toyota is the best information, but I sincerely hope you stop getting on your knees in front of the Toyota propaganda machine.

8th Nov 2006, 15:48

In reference to WWII and well into the sixties even... if you were a child in any of those days a toy that was made in Japan was immediately considered very cheaply manufactured if you lived in USA. But mainly now there are so many models and mfrs. to choose from today... every year. Its really great to be a consumer. I would tire quickly of only Toyota. I liked when Toyota copied the styling of the 60's Mustangs in the mid seventies. I rushed out and bought a 77 Celica GT. If they copied any of the domestic classics again I would buy another Toyota.

9th Nov 2006, 12:46

I actually believe very few keep trucks 300,000 miles. Trucks get a lot rougher use than cars. I think most want as many features and warranty for what they spend. I think of the Timex watch ads they took beatings and last forever per the ads, but I wouldn't want one. I would rather spend more for a "TAG" just like I want a fully optioned out truck. I will never keep a truck more than a few years most likely 60,000 miles tops...

25th Nov 2006, 22:25

I used to work at GM and I've owned 2 of their trucks; in fact I drove an 87 s-10 for 11 years, it was OK till the intake gasket let go. I've also owned three Ford trucks and will never buy another Ford, you couldn't give me one for that matter. Well I finally came to my senses and I bought a used 97 tacoma 4 years ago, and even with 190,000+ miles on it is still like new. I have had to change the timing belt, the battery, the brakes and exhaust so far, but I have taken the Taco off road where the fords and chevys wouldn't dare go. You can bet your last dollar that Toyota's quality, reliability and durability are far superior to the domestic offerings and will outlast them by decades. Once you own a Toyota, you realize the Big 3 are not in the same league whatsoever, they'll have a lot of catching up to do before I ever buy another domestic.

12th Dec 2006, 22:50

Wanted to tell people *never* buy a used 4runner. I bought a 91 4runner with 90k miles on it. Over the course of putting on 70k more miles, I had to replace *everything* in that vehicle except for the motor and transmission. Almost every part of the suspension, oil pan, front brakes/discs wore like crazy and are expensive, bushings cracked needed replacing, O2 monitor twice, worn leaking water in throughout the vehicle, new computer, dash lights went out - had to replace entire panel, AC died, when I got it, there was no oil burn, by 120k I was adding one quart a week.

Oh cripes I could just go on and on and on.

I paid 9k for the vehicle, and in the end I added everything up and had spent another 6k to keep it going over the course of two+ years.

Since then I've talked to several 2nd owners of 4runners who have told similar stories. I hope anyone looking at a vehicle like this that looks nice, thinks twice because you'll need about $300 a month to maintain the vehicle.

If you're wondering, now I'm driving a dodge ram 1500 (bought new). Too early to tell at 60k miles, but nothing major yet except for little things (cheap ashtray broke, lighter outlet broke, and overhead light has gone out twice).

13th Dec 2006, 10:20

To the 8th Nov 2006, 19:23 commentor.

I would like to attack your statement of your bosses 83 toyota and saying that back in that day, the big 3 did not put out and thing remotely comparable.

I STILL have a 1984 Chevrolet S-10 Durango with 486,000 miles on it, on the original engine. Sure it has gone through an alternator and 2 starters and it's a little rusty in the fenders. Sure it smokes some when its started in the morning, which mind you it does every time without hesitation. It's still on its original clutch and transmission also. This truck is also not maintained well. I go maybe 5000-7000 miles between tune ups because I no longer care about it, and I don't want it. But it won't die, no matter what I do to it.

It was also abused by my father, who bought bought it new. The headliner is down, and the heater doesn't always blow the hottest, but hey, it's a truck. An AMERICAN made truck that has been good to me for the past 8 years.

14th Dec 2006, 12:07

To the guy who has 426,000 on his Chevy S-10 with the original engine, clutch and tranny, let me tell you the size of the bass that got away from me last summer. If this can be documented, have that truck put in Ripley's believe it or not. I may believe an old Chev 235 6cyl or 283 V-8 going that far, but not an 84 S-10.

15th Dec 2006, 09:09

That is about the most intelligent comment I have heard somebody make in this whole section! Why do Toyota owners attack domestic owners for buying into some kind of hype? All I hear them saying is "Toyota's are better then domestics... just because!" And if you try to disagree, they accuse you of buying into hype. Talk about a double standard!

15th Dec 2006, 16:34

It still will not prevent you from testing them all... picking the best all around performance,smoothness and drivability which is why I finally bought GM full sizes. I drove just about every make before I handed over my money. I cannot understand why drivability is hardly mentioned....to me its the most important factor. I am also not seeing the repairs that are indicated.........maybe I have been the exception in my 30 years of driving.

8th Jul 2007, 17:32

I love it how so many Toyota and Honda owners defend their cars so fervently.

One of my college buddies drives a 2003 Honda Accord. He raves about how reliable it is and how it's so much more reliable than my Rubicon. Yet when he got this car, it was in and out of the Honda dealership maintenance department. It barely runs now, and sits in his front yard at 119,000 miles.

Also, a friend with a 2005 Tacoma also raves about how great it is, and yet it never misses a trip back for some recalls. It's just so funny how anti-american people can be.

I'm not saying that Toyota is a bad car manufacturer. In the 80's and 90's they produced some extremely reliable cars. Now however they are a much larger company, and quality is already starting to fall. To the people that said full size trucks are awful off road, read some tests of Dodge's newest Power Wagon.