2nd Dec 2006, 11:47

I've recommended this site to a large number of people just to see what they're reactions would be to the numerous comments. After slogging through all the numerous comments, the reaction by virtually every single one has been: "I see only unfounded insults from import owners and actual testimony and valid facts from long-time owners of American cars". If people don't see facts, but instead see insults and mindless rants, they are overwhelmingly convinced that the more sane and fact-based comments are the real picture. I think this one review has helped sell a lot of domestic vehicles. I know after reading all the attacks and insults to American car owners on this site I'd never even look at another Japanese car.

2nd Dec 2006, 13:10

You know, I was at the point of being willing to consider buying a Toyota. I looked at the Prius hybrid, and was also looking at a used Tacoma. However, after reading the arrogant comments from people who constantly say how anybody who doesn't agree that Toyota is the best vehicle in the world is an unintelligent redneck, the very name "Toyota" makes me sick to hear, and I wouldn't "join the club" if you paid me. Congratulations, you turned off a potential buyer with your elitist, immature spew.

2nd Dec 2006, 19:05

The facts cannot be denied. You can talk about a CR-V towing children's wagons, or whatever other kind of childish response you want to make. None of it affects the fact that Toyota and Honda are the higher quality cars, trucks, and SUV's. And the person that decided to buy something other than the Tacoma: WHY? You based your decision not to buy a certain vehicle because of opinions you read written in by people you don't even know? It's like the old saying "cutting off your nose to spite your face". Buy something else if you like; it will be of less quality and you're only hurting yourself. Most of the comments here made by Toy./Honda owners contain statistics, actual data, and real evidence. Most comments to support the "Big 2 and half" are just random opinion. Yeah, Toyota's are boring, underpowered, appliance-like, ugly, unsafe; all just opinion that has no bearing on the quality of the vehicles. These foreign made vehicles are better made, that's the truth and more b.s. opinion and immature slander can't change that.

3rd Dec 2006, 01:58

GM the worlds largest automaker sold 293,000 vehicles last month /Nov. 2006...Toyota 196,000...that's without adding both Chrysler and Fords monthly sales. Ford reduced their figures with rental fleets, but the facts are in the total sales figures. The larger SUV market is affected by fuel prices, heating and the softening housing market. The smaller SUVs are likely selling well for those that want fuel economy and utility. I like full size vehicles and feel fortunate that I can pick what I prefer driving. Total sales are the real indicator of what people prefer and are buying. If your sales are number one you can condescend on everyone if that's your thing, but you haven't reached that level yet. I would rather read a number of well informed reviews and test drive all vehicles. I suspect you haven't driven the latest domestics... but a lot of us have. And we are buying.

4th Dec 2006, 08:10

This has gone well off topic now, and I don't see anything being accomplished by leaving this review open to further comments.

I appreciate that lots of people feel strongly about these issues, so I'm not going to start deleting lots of comments, but it seems like the right time for everyone to move on.

Steven Jackson