26th Feb 2013, 21:44

This is a 20 year old car. Need we say more? Oh - and throwing in generic comments about "imports" doesn't prove anything. We all know Toyotas are better than anything the Big three spews out anyway...

27th Feb 2013, 09:06

Really? It's funny that a Toyota based Pontiac Vibe in our family blew the motor at a whopping 48k. In the meantime, any real Pontiacs we have owned were mostly problem free, including a G-body Grand Prix that went 210k.

27th Feb 2013, 11:34

Toyota is once again ranked as the most reliable brand in America. Nuff' said. Thanks for tuning in...

27th Feb 2013, 15:18

I avoided the Vibe when I was looking at new cars a few years ago, because it had the less than reliable Toyota drive train. I ended up buying a much better built domestic. Toyota has has way too many problems in the past decade, and having more vehicles recalled than any car maker in history is not a very good recommendation.

28th Feb 2013, 05:45

Your comment is no different by saying the broad based sweep of the brush "domestics". Go to consumeraffairs.com sometime and read about late model Toyotas. Sludging, braking, air bags, transmission issues. This is an older car review that isn't glowing as well.

28th Feb 2013, 08:46

Good for Toyota, they are also the most recalled brand in America. Thanks for replying...

28th Feb 2013, 09:00

So what, that doesn't erase that fact that we had a blown motor at early mileage. Just because they supposedly make the most reliable car, means nothing to the many people who have been down the road of getting screwed.

28th Feb 2013, 15:23

Last month I went with my best friend to trade his four-year-old Corolla in on a new Ford Focus. He was offered a whopping $2000 for the Corolla. And the dealer refused to budge a penny on that offer. I told him that was way too low, so he just paid cash for the Focus and sold the Corolla for $3750. So much for high resale value!

28th Feb 2013, 17:05

It's a TWENTY year old car! Exactly how realistic is it to expect a car that old to run absolutely flawless at 20 years? All sorts of things happen when anything ages, and that includes the decomposition of metal, plastics, rubber, and wiring. So that the car made it to 20 years old is a feat in and of itself.

Oh - and as far as trying to show us links of dissatisfied Toyota owners, well that's what long term reliability surveys do, and the latest shows the most satisfied owners happen to own Toyotas, and hence have the least problems. Those trying to claim anything domestic is better than what Toyota makes are wrong from the start, so keep on trying to claim otherwise: the facts are plain as day.

1st Mar 2013, 11:59

I have a low mileage original garage kept 1970 Chevelle SS 4 speed with air conditioning that runs and looks brand new. That's more than double the time frame discussed. It's also worth over 10 times the cost new. Maybe that's one for starters.

1st Mar 2013, 17:21

The "plain facts" are that Toyota has recalled more cars than any car maker in history, has had three Grand Jury subpoenas for neglecting customer safety issues, has paid out over one billion dollars to settle claims for the supposedly "non-existent" unintended acceleration, and is making numerous out of court settlements for claims in order to avoid even more undesirable publicity. Yeah. Great car. Sure.

1st Mar 2013, 17:46

20 years old, huh? The Pontiac Vibe was a 2003 that blew the motor at 48k due to the legendary sludge problem. I could care less about your long-term surveys, which again mean nothing. And no I'm not "claiming" domestics are better; it's a cold hard fact in my case.

2nd Mar 2013, 14:20

I love those "reliability" surveys. They help give consumers tremendous bargains on used cars. In the past I have deliberately bought used domestics with "worse than average" or "much worse than average" Consumer Reports ratings because clueless car buyers actually believe these ratings have to do with MECHANICAL reliability alone, and it drives the prices down. The survey covers every aspect of the cars, and most bad ratings come from things like advanced electronic systems (such as Ford's SYNC system) that many people can't figure out how to operate.

I've had flawless service from all my domestics. My last car was rated "much worse than average" and in my years I never had a single problem. My current GM car has a "much worse than average" rating, and in over 110,000 miles it hasn't had one single repair. So much for those "reliability studies"!!

3rd Mar 2013, 00:55

Toyota quality in the '90s was better. The same can be said for other manufacturers.

4th Mar 2013, 10:52

You can say that again!

4th Mar 2013, 11:24

Tell me, who does "we all" refer to?

Is it people like me who owned a RAV-4 and had nothing but problems and a noisy ride?

Or is it people like you, who think just because your Toyota is oh so good, that everybody else is supposed to be like you?

Maybe it's the others who have always purchased domestic models that were always good to them, and have no reason whatsoever to even look at a Toyota?

5th Mar 2013, 15:06

I no longer will go on trips in my friends. RAV-4's. I am always hoarse afterward from having to yell to be heard over the ungodly noise these things make on the road.

5th Mar 2013, 16:52

If you ask me, I would think the number two question of your comment is the answer to the meaning of "we all".

6th Mar 2013, 15:18

It was a singular expression, not plural. Would be better to say the Toyota I bought was fine. Others may have had a negative experience that they have had.

8th Mar 2013, 17:50

Read my review posted on this site about my 2009 Camry, then try to tell me that Toyota builds the best.

As far as the "Big Three", my 2 Buicks and Mercury that I owned before that junk mentioned above, were far superior in build quality.