2002 Toyota Tundra Access Cab SR5 4X4 4.7 i-Force V8 from North America


Perfect truck!!


Nothing has really gone wrong except the O2 sensors! There are 4 altogether, and I had to replace two of them on the right side. Other than that, the truck has been absolutely flawless.

General Comments:

I added the TRD dual exhaust and bigger tires/rims.. The sound is awesome and the ride is much better with the added height. The truck has good power and there are plenty of upgrades available.

I went to look at new Tundra's the other day, and realized I like my truck better. Plus it's paid off and will last forever if I take care of it!

The access cab is good for kids, but small for adults, so keep that in mind.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2011

27th Dec 2011, 09:56

Those trucks are very good used trucks deals... 02-04 models are going for $8000-12,000... which is a very good deal, because those Tundras were very expensive when new... but finding a good, clean one owner/non-accident truck is not easy, because most of the people that have them don't want to part with them. They know what they have. Also many of those older Tundras are built better than the new ones...

2002 Toyota Tundra SR5 4.7 V8 from North America


Great truck. No more GM


Nothing. Ever.

General Comments:

This is my first non-domestic truck. This Tundra is so much better than Fords and Chevys I had previous, it makes it a no-comparison. Quality of this truck is unbelievable. Nothing breaks, nothing goes wrong.

It's very comfortable, and the interior quality and fit and finish is a nice change from what Chevrolet and Ford offer.

The power of the 4.7 4 cam V8 is awesome.

I read some reviews that have had brake issues. I have had none.

My truck gets oil changed at 3000 miles, and I had the trans serviced at 45,000 since I tow with it.

This truck is not a "garage queen", but rather a truck that gets used for what its intended... and it never has missed a beat.

Did I mention the engine is awesome?

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Review Date: 7th April, 2008

8th May 2008, 17:02

Interesting. You rave about your truck, but don't know what kind of transmission it has? I smell an anti-domestic review here.

9th May 2008, 15:59

The hard plastic panels in 2008 are not anywhere as superior now as the new GM. Neither is the warranty... handling, ride, room, towing and load capacity. But you may not have been shopping new... just for a used model truck.

2002 Toyota Tundra SR5 4.7 V8 from North America


I wish I could have 7 in different colors


Lower ball joint recall.

General Comments:

The truck is reliable as all get out, sticks like glue to off road obstacles.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2007

2002 Toyota Tundra SR5 Access Cab 6 cylinder. from North America


Nice Looking, But I'm Afraid To Drive It Anywhere


Serious problems with brakes.

The front end won't stay in alignment.

Steering wheel shakes back and forth.

Constantly pulls to the right even though the front end was aligned three times and tires balanced 4 times in 3,000 miles!

General Comments:

Toyota service is the worst I have encountered in 30 years of owning cars. Stadium Toyota of Tamps FL has damaged my Tundra 3 separate times while working on it. Ruined the front swing arms while replacing defective front brake system. Dented rear wheel wheel while changing out defective rear brakes and permanently stained the hood paint with? while in their shop. While aligning the front, they forgot to tighten any of the bolts which caused dangerous driving conditions for us.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2006

8th Jan 2007, 16:02

I've read TONS of stuff about Toyota's major problems with brakes, air bags, transmissions, poor paint and premature engine failure. Nothing like Toyota "quality" huh?? Thanks for an honest review.

2002 Toyota Tundra SR5 V8 Off Road Package from North America


I come from a family of Toyota owners, and have owned two Land Cruisers and an Avalon XLS myself, before purchasing my 2002 Tundra SR5.

I had the serpentine belt replaced at about 5,000 miles, as well as the driver's door window motor.

At around 8,000 miles, the dealership replaced the drivers door window motor again.

At 15,000 miles, I had a lot of "creaking" coming from the dashboard that was unexplainable. Then the passenger side air bag cover started rising up and out of the dash. I had the truck in for the dashboard six different times. Each time the dealership would take it apart, and not properly put it together. One of the times they lined underneath the dash with sound deadening felt. When I picked the truck up, felt was sticking out of all the vents and stereo control openings.

The technicians also forgot to connect the air vents, so I had no heat for an entire week until they were able to take my truck back in. This was during January of 2003, when the temperature was below negative for a straight week. The technicians also forgot to attach the tower molding on the driver's side, so I was able to fit my entire hand between the molding and the interior ceiling.

When I brought up the fact to the service manager, that if I were to trade in my truck to them or another dealership, I would lose value on it from all the felt sticking out of the dash, he had no response.

I also had problems with a clicking sound coming out of the front end when applying the brakes, which was never resolved.

The battery became corrosive at around 10,000 miles too.

I ended up replacing the tires at around 18,000 miles, which isn't unheard of after speaking to other Tundra owners.

Needless to say, the creaking continued and was never fixed properly. I am one that can block out annoying sounds, but it became obnoxious and irritating to drive. I sat down with the general manager, sales manager, and service manager. They all seemed to be "feeling" for me due to my bad experiences, but quite frankly as things progressively got worse, they were not willing to help out one inch.

I wrote a five page letter to Corporate, documenting all the servicing issues I had with the truck and dealership. An official from Toyota contacted me and said I could go forward with my case to arbitration; which I did. It got nowhere! I tell everyone, "do not waste your time in arbitration." You have a.01% chance of winning. When I found myself picking up the truck constantly, and then calling the service department the next day because the problems were still occurring, I decided to trade it in for a Mitsubishi Montero Limited Edition and give someone else the nightmare.

Friends and family would joke at how often I had a loaner car. Out of 15 months of owning the truck and making monthly payments on it, it was in the shop for 4 1/2 months total.

It was a beautiful and comfortable truck; on and off the road it handled well. I was saddened to have had such a bad experience with Toyota, since they have always made such a great product.

In December of 2004, I was a sucker and tried to give the 2005 Tundra SR5 Off Road one more shot. What a sucker I was. It has been in the shop three times so far for rear brakes, a droning sound coming out from under the front part when traveling between 30-39 mph, which hasn't been resolved, and a bad air sensor intake and manifold at 3,000 miles. (The truck started bucking and continuously shifting on its own (it's an automatic) while traveling at 55mph on a straight away in the road). I have spent over $30,000.00 on each truck, and both are lemons!

General Comments:

For a company whose vehicles are not cheap and are suppose to last, I wish they had a better warranty and better service for their devoted customers.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2005

4th Apr 2005, 09:33

I just purchased a 2005 Toyota Tundra SR5 4 door.

I bought it believing in the reliability of the Toyota. I own a 1998 Corolla and have 166,00 miles and not one problem.

I've put 754 miles on the truck and got 16.12 MPG. Not impressed with the mileage, but knew this going into it.

I am impressed with the power of their V-8 but feel it's being held back. Almost like the engine can't get enough air flow. To try and remedy this I'm installing a K&N air filter. I'm also boosting the tire pressure up from 29psi front/32psi rear to 35psi all around. I will sacrifice ride slightly, but want to see what it improvements I can get on the mileage.

I was given the 6 year 100k warranty at no additional cost with zero deductible. I'm hoping that any problems I may encounter will be easiy resolved. I would like change over the exaust system to dual Flow Master, but the dealer says it will void my warranty.