2002 Toyota Tundra SR5 4WD from North America


Great truck, unacceptable brake system


My front brake rotors and rear brake drums warp approximately every 6,000 miles.

General Comments:

The truck drives incredibly smooth and is very comfortable as long as you don't need to brake.

It's great to have a truck with such power if you ever need it.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2004

2002 Toyota Tundra TRD 4X4 from North America


Stong, quality built, high safety rating, rides like a dream


No major problems. The motor is a little noisy on cold starts if the temp. is in the 30s or below, but quiets down after it warms up.

The serpentine belt squeals a little if it's cold and moist outside, but will stop after the motor warms up. A shot of silicone spray seems to help quiet this. The back seat area is a little small and upright for adults, but fine for the kids.

General Comments:

I love the way this truck handles. It rides better than any American made truck I've have rode in and most cars for that matter. Even with the off road suspension, it rides like a dream. The small v8 is power-full and responsive. This is a quality built truck and I expect to get at least 200,000 miles out of it. When I tow my bass boat, I can hardly tell it's there. If I had to go out and buy an other truck today, it would be a Tundra.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2004

5th Dec 2008, 21:48

First, why should they ride like a dream compared to an american truck, when the design is based on our domestics???

Second, why most threads talk about a choppy ride? Why is the 4.7 V8 an overhead cam when common knowledge rejects this design for towing and severe use???

Why do they advertise generous HP, often outnumbering our domestic trucks, and are laconic about when it is available and at what RPM??? What about their historical cloning of our designs and technologies??? Did you know that Toyota was a textile company and that their first production car was a 1936 Chrysler Airflow clone, with a GM engine replica???

2002 Toyota Tundra 4.7L from North America


This is a very comfortable, smooth driving truck


Nothing has gone wrong with the truck.

General Comments:

This truck has been very reliable living up to the Toyota reputation.

It rides well, is comfortable to drive and has sufficient power for my needs (I don't tow).

The interior back seat is obviously cramped for adults. Just fine for my two kids though.

Finish and trim are excellent and I've seen no fading of the finish in the two years since I've owned it.

Average fuel economy, but decent for a full-size truck.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2004

4th Oct 2004, 01:25

Love my truck it rides really smooth,and still has a lot of power. I went boating a while ago and pulled a 16 ft. boat like nothing it was great.

2002 Toyota Tundra LE Access Cab 4.9L from North America


Not up to maker's reputation


At 45243 miles, auto transmission failed and stranded wife in desert.

Something loose behind dash.

Off-road suspension went from sport-car taut to no-rebound wallows at apx. 40,000 - suspension not a warranty part.

General Comments:

It not only lacks towing capacity in comparison to its competition, it begins to handle dangerously while still 1000 lbs shy of its rated capacity.

It does not wear well; noticeably beginning the loss of its abilities at apx. 35000 miles.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2004

29th Nov 2008, 11:46

The guy's transmission went out in under 50k miles. He has something to complain about alright.

30th Nov 2008, 10:34

Springs should last more than 35,000 miles as well.

1st Dec 2008, 18:12

I was not satisfied with my wife being stranded anymore either........ we stepped up to both having new GM's, and they drive better and are more reliable than our last imports that she had bought new.

2002 Toyota Tundra SR5 Access Cab V6 from North America


Great Truck for Family


My family loves this truck. We haven't had any real problems.

We did repair brake drums/rotors. At about 30,000 miles the truck developed a pretty severe vibration during braking. Dealer looked and found that there was warping of the rear brake drums/rotors. I don't know a great deal about mechanics, but evidently that put additional strain on the front. Toyota was wonderful and replaced all 4 brakes and rear drums under warranty.

Only other thing (which was probably our fault) was that the driver's side rear window latch broke off- so the side window did not open properly. I suspect that this had something to do with my son in the car-seat by the window! Regardless, Toyota replaced this too under warranty.

The service department I visit has the "Satisfaction Guarantee" program and has alway gone above and beyond. We do own another Toyota vehicle as well.

General Comments:

Great Truck!

Good Looking.

High ground clearance.

We looked at the Chevy Trucks and the Ford F150 but for the money and the options you get standard- they could not beat the Toyota Tundra.

The V6 offers a really functional vehicle that can accommodate the family at a affordable price. I think every family needs one truck! Although we don't do hauling of anything substantial (so I cannot rate the payload or towing of the truck) there is always a need for bringing home mulch :) and this does that job.

I would recommend this to anyone!

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Review Date: 27th May, 2004