30th May 2007, 22:41

It sounds sorta dumb, but nowadays you really ought to go to Edmonds and check out the maintenance REQUIRED to keep your warranty in effect and the cost. They have a great breakdown all the way to 100K. Sometimes you will buy the vehicle twice just in maintenance due to the cost of the parts... Good luck on your search, I too am trying to decide which way to go.

31st May 2007, 16:25

What exactly is the extent of this supposed engine failure?

31st May 2007, 20:23

Wow one review you read about bad transmissions on top of line Acuras and now Toyotas with bad engines. I think domestics are the wiser choice.

1st Jun 2007, 00:58

The guy with the v6 Tacoma is a typical Toyota lover. He worships his truck and tells himself all the rest suck after making some Google searches on articles that were probably written by people like him. Well I say there is a reason the F-150 sells close to 1 million a year, because they are best, at least according to Toyota lover logic. This is about full size trucks, not Tacomas, and the reason Toyota is the best selling make right now is because the media says it's the best, people's minds are controlled by the media. There is no better proof of this than Toyota. The vast majority of people don't have extensive car knowledge so they blindly go out and buy a Toyota because someone told them they are the best. How else could so many people be buying crummy, inferior Camry's. I don't need to go into stats and stories to proove Camry's are not preferable, people on this site have heard them all by now already anyways.

1st Jun 2007, 05:12

One source you can check out is "consumeraffairs.com". They have articles on both the 4 star crash test results and the engine problem.

1st Jun 2007, 09:00

Yeah and the beloved Ford Fusion of the domestic crowd got 4 stars also... doing worse than the Honda Civic even in crash tests!! So what is your point?

1st Jun 2007, 10:59

HI, I am the original reviewer of this thread. I really appreciate all the responses that I got to this review. I must say that the engine failures have scared me a little. For one reason, what if I buy the truck with the weaker engine camshaft and it breaks after my warranty expires!! And the other, we don't know how many Tundra's on the lot have this defect, even though Toyota says the problem is rectified.

Another aspect of my purchase that I encountered was the horrible Dealerships of Toyota. All over Atlanta I haven't found even one toyota dealer who may be true to his word. They are just simply marking up their cars using cheap tricks. At Atlanta Toyota, I see online that they have 6 Tundras with the exact configuration that I want and are available immediately. I take their VIN numbers and head off to the dealership where the salesman says that they do not have any stock, but can get me one for $500 above the MSRP and after 3 days and only if I pay a deposit that day itself. No rebates/discounts since it is in high demand. So I say no and go about the lot to look at any other option. I see 6 Tundra's with the exact same config that I want. But the surprise does not end here. Four of them have the same VIN numbers as shown online in the inventory. None of them have Manufacturer stickers on them and are at the end of the entire lot. I ask about these Tundra's and nobody available is able to explain why they don't have stickers on them and whether or not they are for sale. I suspect that if I pay for a deposit as they asked for, I would get one of these trucks only, which are already in the inventory. Also, I would not even get the $2500 discount on new Toyotas.

So I am still kind of confused whether to buy this or not. Or go for a new F150 lariat which will definitely be cheaper than the Tundra and isn't at all a bad truck, but lacks the 381hp punch that Tundra has.

More reviews will be appreciated.


1st Jun 2007, 19:17

I do not like trucks at all, but I came across this article about the engine failure. If I know my friend Bud who lives in the country, and he does! He will try and do anything to say the Toyota is going ot fail because of a few defects with the first Tundras on the road... here is an article I came upon on the engine failures... hope this puts the foot in the Ford mans mouth for a while.

"Toyota fixing Tundra truck engine failures

SAN ANTONIO, May 30 (UPI) -- Some new Toyota Tundra pickup trucks have a defect that has caused at least 20 engines to fail, the Japanese automaker says.

Toyota Motor Corp. said a camshaft flaw in some 5.7-liter V-8 Tundra engines caused the engine component to crack and fail.

The flaw was due to a manufacturing defect by a subcontractor, Toyota said. Toyota would not identify the subcontractor, but said it has fixed the defect.

All affected engines are being replaced at no charge.

Toyota spokesman Bill Kwong told USA Today he did not know how many engines were made and installed before the flaw was detected. But he said the problem was found early and Toyota did not issue a recall."

So more of a problem with the first Tundras than all of them. Take what Tim Buck II says about bashing Toyotas with a grain of salt.

1st Jun 2007, 21:49

To the writer who is debating over a Toyota or a Ford F150.

My question to you would be, why only those two? If you don't like the engine in the Ford, Chevy just redesigned it's Silverado pickup which was voted 'truck of the year' by 49 UNBIASED automotive journalists at the Detroit Auto show. It has 367 horsepower, which isn't far from the Tundra. Also, Chevy has a lot more experience than Toyota in making heavy duty pickups. Also you can get a new Dodge Ram with the Hemi that is supposed to be really good. Also, while I'm not a fan of imports, the Nissan Titan has a pretty powerful engine and good towing ratings, although I think they have been having some reliability problems. If I were you I would consider some other brands, the new Silverado has been getting some really good press and I think its better than the Toyota and maybe even better than the Ford.

Good luck with your decision!

2nd Jun 2007, 16:29

Avalanche is great if you have a family or carry a group of friends. My small children especially liked this model however I just don't like the bed access or it would have been a strong contender. I also like the other new Ford and GM full sizes as well which ride and perform very well. I like the Titan styling too would have been the only import consideration. Buying a new truck requires a lot more consideration than a car. You have to examine every usable aspect to not neglect features you will certainly miss if you are not careful.