15th Nov 2005, 11:15

Typical Toyota owner, writing how great his truck is and making sure to slam the American brands while he is at it. Like another responder stated so well, the Tundra is fine, if all you want to do is drive to your office job and pull a pop up camper on the weekends. If you want to perform serious work with your truck, you have to look at the American trucks, period. Oh, and you wrote how great the V-8 engine is in the Tundra. Seat yourself behind the wheel of a Hemi powered Dodge Ram and I bet you will leave a wet spot on the seat from the excitement.

29th Dec 2005, 15:33

After reading all the comments about how great the "big 3" truck builders are I just had to jump in here. I've been a die-hard Chevy owner all my life and still agree that off the showroom floor they are still my favorite (can't speak for Dodge or Fords much). However, I just got sick and tired of replacing ball joints, breaks, fuel pumps etc.. etc.. after 85,000 miles in my Chevy's. Recently bought a Tundra and I have to say that this truck is all a Chevy is and will ever hope to be. As for that "Hemi" guy out there, the new Tundra V-8 has it all over the Hemi (as I test drove a Dodge as part of my truck shopping) I know it's hard for you die-hard "big 3" lovers to except, but Toyota is here to stay in the big truck market. And in my opinion they are winning by a long shot. Oh yeah, just to set the facts straight the Tundra is made entirely in the USA by Americans.

29th Dec 2005, 20:37

After reading the comment from the last guy, I also had to jump in with my two cents worth, because I just about fell off my chair. You knew that someone like me, one who loves the "Big 3", would just have to respond to such nonsense. I will agree all day long that the Tundra is a sharp looking, dependable truck, that serves most basic tasks around the house. But it stops right there. The Tundra has nothing on any of the American trucks. Any of the "Big 3" offer a truck that will out haul, out tow, out plow, simply out perform a Tundra, period. To argue this point is ridiculous. That comment to the Ram guy about the Hemi shows your ignorance. You think your "little" 4.7 liter has it all over a 5.7 liter Hemi powered Ram? Look at the numbers, 271hp vs. 345hp. you definitely did not test drive a Hemi Ram, or maybe you drove one that was stuck in 4X4 low range? Personally, I am a Chevy man, that likes having a choice of three V-8 motors. How many V-8 motors did you get to choose from with Toyota? It is one thing to like your truck, and write factual comments about it, but quite another to write a bunch of nonsense that is simply not true.

30th Dec 2005, 06:29

Nothing like a good old fashioned, behind the wood pile argument over who has the toughest truck on the road. I have to agree with the Big 3 lovers out there. People who earn a living with a truck, whether it be hauling a Bob Cat or mowers, plowing snow, etc., drive one of the Big 3. I read another thread where someone claims they tow 10,000 lbs. with a Tundra. Come on, do you think you're writing to? I would hate to be stuck behind you on a hill with that much weight loaded to your Tundra.

1st Jan 2006, 11:48

For what it is worth, I am a contractor who drives a Super Duty Ford. I spend all of my work time on construction lots, and there are never any Toyotas on site. I do not think anyone is questioning the worthiness of a Tundra to a homeowner, we just get a little up tight when these Toyota owners start running down the American products.

2nd Apr 2007, 14:03

I have read everyone's entries about the Toyota Tundra and it seems a little mixed. My husband and I own a Tundra and love it so far, but we haven't put it to work yet. It drives great, handles well and is comfortable, if you are sitting in front. We are going to be traveling a lot now with his new job, and I, more than he, am concerned about the pulling power. We own the 2001 SR5 4x4 4WD extended access cab 4.7L. I guess we will find out for ourselves how well this truck pulls a trailer.

3rd Apr 2007, 12:41

To comment 14:03. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. The older Tundras cannot handle towing a heavy trailer. The transmissions are too weak and the underpowered engines overheat very easily. On our vacation we encountered a severely overheated Tundra broken down on the side of the road. They were pulling a camping trailer. One of our best friends has a 2002 V-8 Tundra and it has been very prone to breakdowns. I'd try to rent a full-size domestic truck for your trip if possible.

3rd Jan 2008, 15:04

This is sure funny " My truck is bigger and stronger than your truck!" Who cares. I do have to say the 4.7 is gutless, I know I have one had it for about 8 years with exhaust leak problems. Had them all Dodge when they built real trucks (1973 power wagon) for gold dredging very good truck, GM for hauling nothing, but recall after recall, Ford for driving the family around in and taking trash to the pump. I am not a contractor or an engineer, or a farmer. My choice is GMC. But I had so many damned problems with them all in the first year I said the heck with it and kept my WEAK BUTT 4.7 Toyota. with my exhaust leak. (which is now fixed.)