19th Feb 2007, 08:56

Wow, given 13:54's story one has to wonder why Japanese makes have always topped the JD Power surveys and others and why the imports made any headway at all. I mean, it's clearly obvious that American cars are so vastly superior to any other vehicle. Guess my positive experience with over 20 imports from various countries is just a fluke, eh?

And the Italian car comment is totally irrelevant since those cars are known for their unreliability and owners know that going in. If your friend didn't know that, s/he should not have bought the car in the first place.

19th Feb 2007, 16:14

Well, I'm surely impressed that you are a qualified therapist. However, that doesn't mean that you are a qualified mechanic.

What keeps Japanese vehicle prices high, (which is to say higher than the domestics), is that the quality is higher, and you are paying for a vehicle that will last longer than so-called 'domestics'. People have argued rings around this site, and to no avail. Those of us that have owned a few domestics and a few Japanese imports know this to be fact. Now, there may be a few people out there that did in fact have a 'bad' Toyota. Almost none, in reality; it's usually the owners fault if the thing finally breaks down after 100,000 miles after little or no maintenance.

As for the rest of these comments made by people that say that they have owned several Japanese imports and several 'American' made vehicles, and the imports were all bad, the simple and true explanation is that THEY ARE LYING. It COULD possibly happen, but highly, highly unlikely. You're a therapist, so I'm sure you realize that because their comments are made anonymously, these people back up their favorite vehicles with a LOT of exaggerated situations, false mileages, false service records, false stories, and false, inaccurate, or out of context information. Of course it happens on both sides of the argument.

Still, the fact remains that those of us who have ACTUALLY owned some of both makes of vehicles have had much better luck with the Japanese makes as a whole. No contest for me, and friends and family that buy them now. We all see how much better they are, how much smoother they run, and how much LESS they break down. Almost never. Tell me truthfully that you have owned more than 3 imports and more than 3 domestics, and that the domestics were more reliable. No way. People might PREFER domestic vehicles, but there is no way they can truthfully say that they are more reliable. They are more expensive for the same reason that prime rib is more expensive than bologna.

19th May 2011, 14:18

Japanese cars are not at the top of the JD Power list as you claim. In fact, there are more American models than Toyotas, what with all the Toyota quality problems of recent years. My Tundra's frame rusted out after 50000 miles. What kind of design is that?