27th Jan 2007, 14:03

The more I hear about the new Toyotas the more thankful I am that we opted for a domestic last time around. Our friends who bought Tundras are having nothing, but trouble with them (mostly brakes and the automatic transmissions). It's sad. Toyota once built great cars and trucks.

27th Jan 2007, 14:54

They still do build great cars and trucks, the best in fact.

27th Jan 2007, 17:26

It is a free country so anyone can put reviews or comments on here that are not true...

25th Feb 2007, 10:39

Yeah the reviews said the Malibu was the bestest car ever!!!

25th Feb 2007, 17:38

It's unfortunate that this site is turning into a talking points site instead of a review site, as it was originally intended. Toyota still makes great cars and trucks, and some models are problematic, but much fewer than most domestics. You are correct, though, most dealers and manufacturers do not stand behind anything anymore, and tell you that "poor maintenence or improper use" caused your warranty situation, instead of the manufacturing defect.

Let us stick to reviewing the cars and debating facts instead of name calling and brand bashing. Review your specific car, OK, and get over it.

25th Feb 2007, 18:14

Yeah, you might want to check out the CAMRY site. ONLY TWO of the reviewers for the 2006 model said they'd buy another Toyota. That is really bad. It's almost as bad as the Tundra reviews. It seems recent Toyota buyers aren't exactly thrilled with the reliability of the cars and trucks.

I guess Toyota just sort of gave up on trying to keep up with domestics like the Fusion and F-150.

25th Feb 2007, 21:07


I don't know what you guys are so happy about. You make the Tundra a rattle trap on wheels. What make has the most recall notices between 2000-2006. Guess what. The tundra had 27 recalls. Ford F150 had 54 and the silverado had 74.Believe or not the Dodge ram 1500 had only 14 recalls during that period.

Now a recall could mean the factory forgot to fasten down a nut to the wrong spec or the truck has a design flaw. You're actually making a Dodge look better than a Toyota.

26th Feb 2007, 05:22

I own a new import sedan and a new Silverado. Put down my can of Bud?

26th Feb 2007, 10:04

The number of recalls can't be used as a sign of quality. Japanese-owned companies aren't subject to voluntary recalls as domestics are. Toyota has, in the past year, had MANY MORE problems (many very well publicized in the press) than ANY domestic, yet issued very few recalls. Imports ONLY issue recalls for VERY SERIOUS issues when FORCED TO by our government. Ford, GM and Chrysler issue recalls for ANY defect, regardless of how minor, and at ANY mileage, not just in the first 36,000 miles, as imports do. I had a recall on a 7-YEAR-OLD Ford for a piece of interior trim that the Sun might warp over time. The car had 100,000 miles on it at that time.

26th Feb 2007, 11:16

No, keep the can of Bud, sell the Silverado for a Tundra, refrain from watching Nascar or Walker Texas Ranger, and you should be o.k.

26th Feb 2007, 14:45

"You're actually making a Dodge look better than a Toyota."

Works for me. I'd much rather have a Dodge Ram 1500 than a Toyota Tundra/Tacoma etc.

26th Feb 2007, 17:19

Funny, all those Chevy ads that are blanketing the airwaves don't show a single owner with a Mercedes or any type of luxury/sports car. All they are is a bunch of Bud drinkers in overalls.

If you want to blame someone for your stereotypes, start with the company that makes your own vehicle!

After all, that's what THEY think of you.

26th Feb 2007, 17:29

12:45; What Edmunds failed to mention is cost of ownership AFTER 5 years. This is where any Toyota pays off - the long run. The Silverado will fall apart first, guaranteed. Or maybe you don't keep them that long? If not, you paid a LOT for a warranty you'll not likely use. Seems to me you got the shaft either way with the Chevy. I bet that didn't occur to you, did it?

27th Feb 2007, 10:55

I will keep my Silverado to 100,000 miles instead of 36,000 miles with a Tundra...

27th Feb 2007, 16:28

No one EVER seems to understand recalls.

Japanese companies DO NOT ISSUE VOLUNTARY RECALLS. Domestics DO.

Would you rather drive a truck that has defective brakes (like the Tundra) and have to find out by hitting something, or drive a domestic that will be recalled at the FIRST HINT of a problem.

The LESS recalls a truck has, the more in DENIAL the manufacturer is of its problems.

The high number of Ford recalls is a mark of CONCERN FOR ITS CUSTOMERS, not numerous defects.

If all Toyotas were recalled for all their defects no one would ever have them long enough to drive them.

27th Feb 2007, 19:38

10:55; you very well might keep the Silverado for the duration of the warranty, but I'd surely unload it immediately after that. The issue is, at that point you may want another truck, and if you'd bought anything with a Toyota engine in it, you'd still most likely have another 150 to 200,000 miles left on the engine, whereas the Silverado might have 20 or 30,000 left (if you drive it like a 90 year old lady the whole time you own it) if you're lucky.

What I can't understand is why someone that understands what it's like to drive a Mercedes would opt for a Silverado over a Tundra. You heard how the engines start and run, so wasn't the superiority of the Toyota engine obvious? It should have been. But then, I guess that's the idea of GM's 100,000 warranty; they know they don't offer people a quality product, so they try and assure you that they'll fix it when it does break down.

28th Feb 2007, 07:08

19:38 I bought a Silverado SS.

28th Feb 2007, 13:06

16:28 needs to explain why the Ford Explorer was never recalled for its inherent design defect from 1990 - 2002 (which its lead engineer told Ford about) and why the Firestone recall never happened UNTIL THEY WERE FORCED TO.

American car companies have a long history of profits over people, and if they are issuing recalls voluntarily one must wonder (as in the case of the deathtrap Explorer) what they are REALLY hiding.

28th Feb 2007, 16:43

I just read a comment from a guy who unloads Toyotas off ships when they arrive, and he was talking about how a lot of them either won't start, or of they do they run rough and stall out. It seems those "superior" Toyota engines aren't all they're cracked up to be.

28th Feb 2007, 19:07

Man, Dodge must be in denial. They have hardly any recalls.

Here is just one recall notice for a 2006 Silverado


Gee that sounds safe.

28th Feb 2007, 22:15

I have yet to see a Tundra that had made 200,000 miles without NUMEROUS major repairs. There are 30 year old Chevy (and Ford and Dodge) trucks out there that have been in daily use since new with virtually no problems. My former boss bought a new 1985 Dodge Ram and when I ran into him at breakfast a few months back he was STILL driving it, and had not had a single problem with it. No Tundra will be around after 22 years. Just a big pile of rust with weeds growing in it.