28th Dec 2017, 06:55

In North America this is named Corolla and it's sold with a 1.8 engine - search here for Corolla. It's a decent engine; not spectacular, but has fine acceleration. The 1.5 engine goes rather in the Vitz, the smaller Toyota. Interesting marketing depending on the country where it's sold. I can imagine a Corolla with a 1.5 engine to be quite slow and gutless, making it feel like an inexpensive car.

28th Dec 2017, 13:40

The Vios is actually not a Corolla (that is a larger vehicle called the Altis in Asia). The Vios is really more a sedan derivative of the Echo/Vitz hatch. They are visually very similar now, but are in fact different cars.

29th Dec 2017, 04:21

Yes, here in Malaysia it is called the Toyota Corolla Altis and sold for USD 33,221 (2.0) and USD 29548 which is higher, thanks to the government for heavy duty and tax. Actually, the Vios is similar to the Vitz Sedan. What can I say? Although it is reliable, you do not want to drive this car if you have another option. Yes, the Corolla Altis is better, but given any circumstance I would love to choose Civic 2018, which is sleeker, better performance and nice to drive too. Sigh...

29th Dec 2017, 04:23

Dear Alex,

You should buy the new Civic, it is more fun to drive and a head turner as well. How's your Fortuner? It is my dream car!

29th Dec 2017, 14:22

Well we actually considered getting the Honda Civic RS when we thought of buying a car last year. Whenever I see one on the road, I said we wish we just bought that car instead of the Vios since it's much sleeker, faster, and somewhat luxurious. We also thought of the Polo, Altis, or even getting another big car like the Ranger.

The Fortuner is nice! It is very comfortable and has great performance too. It also has a luxurious feel.

13th Jan 2021, 12:57

Hello, I am the original owner of the post. Just an update, now on 13 January 2021, my Vios has no problem whatsoever, except for its aircond gauge which rotates poorly and is misaligned, due to frequent operation. It is now clocking 51,000 and still as new as the day it was bought. Just wanna highlight, if you want a reliable car, but not fun, this is it.

I saw the previous comment, it is actually b class type, not comparable with Toyota Altis. The Vios is the same as the Toyota Yaris Sedan or Toyota Belta.