14th Jan 2006, 21:03

I think it is an unfair statement. I drove a Nissan, then a Proton and now a Toyota VIOS- it is the most recommended car among all my friends and relatives. VIOS is an excellent car in the same range. We cannot compare it with BMW or Mercedes as they are from a different class of car.

We got to be apple- to- apple comparison. Do not sway the subject and not get to the point!

9th Feb 2006, 00:38

If you are saying that Honda i. e Jazz or City is better, why Toyota Vios always ahead of them all in terms of sales volume.

Both Toyota & Honda are a very good & reliable cars, but most people in Malaysia prefer Toyota. Off course the running cost & spare parts are cheaper than Honda.

26th Jun 2006, 16:40

I believe you should test drive both the City and Vios. I am sure both engines are reliable. One of my friends had test-driven both cars, and he finds that the Vios outperformed in terms of its pick up.

However, the City's cab is more spacious. And as for its looks, this is very subjective, though I believe the City looks like frog! Hence, I'll choose the Vios.

One reviewer commented that the Vios' fuel consumption is higher than the City, but he did not elaborate the mileage comparison. I hope future reviewers will please provide data when making such comparisons!

29th Jun 2006, 23:18

I just owned a vios 1.3e. So far so good, except for power because of course, the engine is smaller. Very good for city driving, but I have heard a comment that vios is not good for continuous long distance traveling for they say; the engine has a higher possibility to overheat. Well, so far I haven’t experienced such yet. But some taxi’s claim overheating for prolonged driving. Anybody have a clue or experienced?

25th Jul 2006, 04:43

I got a 2006 Vios 1.5G last April. The center-positioned instrument panel really caught my attention...it's unique, cool and actually functional. Compared to the conventional position where the driver has to slightly look down for the meters then look back up again to the road and refocus, this new position allows a slight side gaze then back to the road again which provides a quicker refocusing. try it----it's great. Much more important is its fuel consumption. Driving in a moderate to heavy traffic, my Vios registers 12.33 to 13.5km per liter. Super! Well, I do not have to convince anybody... it's my experience. Just drive the Vios and you'll see what I mean.

29th Jul 2006, 21:06

Dear Toyota fans! I have just sold my VIOS to a used car dealer. 2004 edition, 1.5G full spec at RM57,000. The car dealer is going to sell it at RM60,000 and above. The annual depreciation is about RM7,000 despite the recent price reduction.

What I am trying to say here is, VIOS has great demand in the market and it has a decent depreciation value over many other cars. I am lucky enough to owned a VIOS, unlike Hyundai Elantra, a 4 year old car only fetches RM35,000. Also, Naza RIA has no takers, which means used car dealers DO NOT want to take the due to the demand being very low, in view of the recent fuel prices.

1st Aug 2006, 03:52

I am a used car dealer and car Lover, I like to test every car when they just brought in, but let me tell you here, in the used car market, it is true that the demand of Toyota is greater than Honda's model. But reality is reality, as a used car dealer, almost every Waja came in, there must be 1 or 2 power window is DEAD, need to be replaced, but I never seen a Toyota unser which power window is DEAD, have you?

In terms of built quality, Toyota look deep (R&D) into every parts they use, but some tomes, a 3-4 years old Honda, many minor or major problems has on it ways. Another thing... if you are driving a Proton now, some days, you might change to Toyota, Nissan or Honda, but when you drove a BMW, you will only change to another BMW model. If you are driving a Benz, you will only want to change to another Benz, but definitely not BMW... If you drove a Toyota, I think you will have the same feelings too. If you are a Ferrari F1 fans, I think you will never wear a Blue Renault T-Shirt..Right?? Agree??

3rd Aug 2006, 10:36

Actually, I sold my VIOS for Toyota Altis 1.8L. I am absolutely happy with my Altis, spacious, classy look, powerful and stable. I will keep my Altis as long as I could until I can afford to buy a BMW.

27th Nov 2006, 23:45

I own a Vios 1.5G. I bought the car in early September 06 and have no major complaints apart from fuel consumption. I note from comments above that someone achieved 12 - 13 km/litre. Unfortunately my best kilometerage is 10.88km/litre. There must be something wrong in this as I get similar consumption in my other 2.0 litre Honda. Can someone share similar experience?

21st Jan 2007, 01:49

Yea, I got my 1.5G Vios in July 06.

I too get about 10 to 11km/litre.

5th Feb 2007, 19:12

Is there a mechanism where the fuel consumption can be improved? Can we install NGV in private cars? I meant VIOS.

9th Mar 2007, 08:35

I would like to comment both City (i-DSi & VTEC) and VIOS. personally, I feel that City indeed has a better cabin space compare with VIOS, but the button location is just not right and City does not have an arm rest compare with my VIOS 1.5G.

Fuel comsumption, among the three I think i-DSi simply is the winner, but when it comes to VTEC and VIOS, I think both car clocked almost the same mileage from 1L petrol.

Brake wise, VIOS has a better feeling towards hard braking and it is always predictable and let you have confident to attack corner, but please beware your car behind (not to worry if it's a German made or TOYOTA), City's Brake tends to fade easily after long hour of hard driving, maybe it's due to it's smaller sized disc brake and larger/higher gross ground clearance body and it's brake is not as predictable as VIOS.

Power wise, I still feel that 4-speed auto with super-ECT is better than so called 7-speed mode CVT. you will feel less push when you floor the pedal in City (although City generate less noise when you floor the pedal, but I love the sound coming from my VVT-i). I experienced a smoother low speed ride with VIOS (20km/h) where City tends to feel unsmooth when especially you want to search for parking space in shopping centre.

Suspension setup, VIOS is definitely a winner. Why I say so? City suspension is stiffer, but... halo... we are not on track and you know malaysia roads have lots of potholes welcoming you, City just can't absorb uneven surface, therefore it is more welcome ontrack rather than on-road. when you brake hard you will found that VIOS have a more well balanced body compare with City (when braking hard, you will feel City's tail is not stable).

Last, but not least, I love my VIOS audio system which comes with SRS circle surround (2006 VIOS only), definitely it is better than City's.

I studied both cars well before I choose my VIOS. but one thing for sure City is better equip than VIOS, yes... City is better equipped. y? City have 2 fan in engine room where VIOS have only 1, City have 1 cabin light as well as 2 reading lights and both driver and passenger side have mirror where VIOS only have one for the driver side...

Build quality, I think both City and VIOS is up to RM80K standard, but I still prefer VIOS.

VIOS is the best car I ever own currently and I thanks TOYOTA for creating such impressive car.