1st Jul 2007, 22:33

I just got my VIOS last friday...yea...one thing that I don't satisfy with it is its pick up... but maybe I used to drive CIVIC 1.7 before, that's why I feel the power is less...

2nd Jul 2007, 17:53

Hey... if you make a comparison in the same class and same range (1.5L range), VIOS is still the only car that generates 109hp. So, it is really not bad!

5th Jul 2007, 14:06

I don't drive a vios, but I do agree tat TOYOTA does have a upper hand of quality,

I remembered when I was driving a 1985 TOYOTA corolla LE, 1.3litre 8 valve 4 cylinder, the performance of the car was even stronger than my friends EG the hatch back version, zero to 160 was so easy for the car at that age, so if you let me choose again I will still choose toyota, as Honda has less stability on the road, even they have a better fuel consumption, but toyota has the best in average performance.

11th Jul 2007, 02:57

HONDA CITY, VTEC version is in the same class with VIOS... it also generates equal horse power...I've test drive the car and it is not bad... the different is only the design and of course the price... if the design is OK and the price little bit cheaper, maybe i'll take VTEC car...

28th Aug 2007, 01:42

I just cannot believe that you can get 15km/l on Pesona. Was this on long distance drive or town driving with start & stops??

12th Sep 2007, 07:06

I'm planning to get used Toyota Vios 2004 or 2003. E & G specs. My budget around RM53K. What to look out ofr these used Vios.. anyone selling? BTW can anyone help me on market value of

1) Vios 2004 E specs

2) Vios 2003 G specs


25th Jan 2008, 08:57

After a long survey, I made my my decision to buy VIOS 1.5E (2005) priced RM60k.

I think the price between 1.5E & 1.5G are no different at all.

12th Jun 2008, 10:41

All said and done, Toyota does not become the world's top production car for nothing. It has been the most attractive brand in overall performance. For those who keep tabs on avid car owners throughout the last 15 years, you will notice most Honda car owners upgrade to Toyota but very few Toyota owners switch to Honda. Forget about die hard brand lovers. Just assess with an open mind. Look at the number of Accord left on the road and you will wonder where they have gone. Another fact, Vios captured more than 70% of the 1.5cc market segment. Makes you wonder why... find out and you will know. Ask mechanics and you will get the answer.

3rd Sep 2008, 09:16

Dear all, does anyone of you know the price for a year 2004 Toyota Vios 1.5G?

1st Oct 2008, 09:42

VIOS rocks! I bought one in Feb 2007. With 45ltr tank filled in to full, it gives me at least 720km on long haul driving! Yes!, I tried that from Klang to Melaka to Gemencheh, Muadzam Shah, Kuala Rompin, Kuantan, Cherating, and back to Klang via East/West and Karak Highway. Way to go for fuel economy. I have little complain about the cabin space, especially leg-room and A/C outlet which is too close to my arms on the wheel. The car's behavior is predictable on the road. She can move and stopped as you wish... on the dot! Having said that, am yet to drive a city to make a fair comparison. Some day in years to come, I will let go this beautiful baby camry and go for her elder brother Altis or the real camry itself for greater feeling.


10th Jan 2010, 00:49

I choose Vios... compare with the City in engine specification. I don't really don't know the difference between the Vios engine and City engine. But looking on that spec, the City has a 4 cylinder valve with SOHC vtec... meaning it's SOHC (single overhead cam).. where the Vios has 4 cylinder valve DOCH (double overhead cam) VVT-i... meaning logically... the Vios is more powerful than the City??... Do you all agree???...

30th Jul 2010, 06:47

Vios 2004 G speks at RM54k.. it is OK guys??