2009 Toyota Yaris from North America


OK car


Gas smell inside the car; I smell it every time I drive it. Has happened since a few months ago.

Gas pedal is too heavy and brake pedal is too light. When you press on the gas a lot of times, it gives it more gas than you expect and when you press the brake, it doesn't have any effect until it is halfway down.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2011

30th Aug 2011, 09:22

Had a shocking experience with my Yaris; brakes totally failed! Car is only 15 months old! After been towed away and after 2 weeks of saga with Toyota Australia, they told me the brakes are fine... I guess somebody needs to get killed next time for them to acknowledge the problem. Very disappointed with the car, and even more with way Toyota customer service is operating.

I will sell this car ASAP, and would never buy Toyota again.

30th May 2014, 16:08

If you really are pushing the brake pedal that far down, then the brake system probably has air in it and needs bleeding.

2009 Toyota Yaris YRS 1.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Great economical sedan


The only problem I have had with this car is it was hard to start on two occasions. I have since added distilled water to the battery, and it seems fine now.

General Comments:

Car is a great size. There is plenty of boot space, and the seats fold down, and I can fit my bike. Try that in other sub compact cars.

Automatic transmission is a little annoying when it is cold. It won't shift into fourth gear until the engine cold light turns off in the dash.

Great fuel economy; costs about $7 for every 100 km I do.

Dashboard marks easily, and the steering wheel is a little too plasticky for my liking. Otherwise a very comfortable interior.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2011

3rd Sep 2011, 02:52

Just an update about my Yaris. Once it reached 35000 kms it developed a squeak in the seat and a rattle in the dash. So far I have been mucked around by the dealer to get them rectified. The seat track is on order and will be fixed under warranty. I would recommend when considering buying a Yaris, take it for a long test drive over different driving surfaces to check for any rattles or squeaks. I personally know of two other people who have the same model, which also has the same problems.

2009 Toyota Yaris Sedan 1.5L gasoline from North America


Classic Toyota virtues live on in its most affordable model


Not applicable. Test driven only.

General Comments:

I test drove the Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit. They are rife for comparison, both giving outstanding fuel economy and the high reputation for reliability of their respective manufacturers.

Here are my impressions.

1. As between the hatchback configurations, the Fit provides a far superior use of space.

2. The powertrain of the Yaris feels more refined than the Honda. Being a Honda fan, I was disappointed with the 1.5 L Fit engine. It was uncharacteristically coarse sounding, and dare I say, reminded me of the rough little 1.6 L engine that came with the North American Suzuki Swift / Chevrolet Aveo when they first debuted. In contrast, the Toyota 1.5 L is a zingy little engine even if loud when pressed.

3. The Yaris sedan (there is no sedan for the Fit) looks and feels like a classy little car. The styling is tasteful and honest. It's by no means luxurious, but what is there exudes the design excellence and quality that used to be synonymous with Toyota. For example, the automatic shift knob in the Yaris is a solid little mass of firm plastic solidly screwed onto the gear selector. (In contrast, the knob in the North American market Corolla and Camry will rotate in your hand.) The seats bottoms are comfortably long for average height males. They are upholstered in a silky feeling textile with well aligned seems rather than the wear-prone chintzy mouse fur or coarse fabric found on many entry level offerings in North America.

4. Given all the rave critical reviews about the Fit's handling, I was again disappointed. It was very good but nothing special, and the ride was a little flinty over rough surfaces. The Yaris steering actually felt tighter and more responsive than the Fit and the ride quality was excellent for a small entry level car. (I have read that the Yaris sedan suspension is tuned slightly softer than the hatchback's.)

I'm a fan of the Yaris sedan, especially now that Canadian versions come with ABS and side airbags and standard equipment, like the Fit.

If I wanted a hatchback, I would go with the Fit for its superior packaging and flexible storage configurations.

If I wanted a classy, but inexpensive, little fuel efficient car, I would go with the Yaris sedan.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2010