2009 Toyota Yaris from North America


If you want your ego beaten down, buy a Yaris! AKA "The Humble Machine"


So far, nothing has gone wrong with the Yaris.

General Comments:

This car lacks imagination, styling, and performance marks!

Although it is a company vehicle, I regret accepting it from my boss. I would NEVER purchase one!

To be honest, I feel silly driving the Yaris because it screams... "I'm too cheap to drive a real car"!

If this is Toyota's attempt at producing economy on a shoestring budget, they've succeeded!

To much plastic, too noisy, and just plain BORING!!!

Only good thing, is that it sips the gasoline... if that's of any importance.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2010

24th May 2010, 18:07

Its all about priorities. Sounds like you're the flashy car like Jaguar-owner type, whereas I'd be happy with the Yaris just knowing that it won't ever leave me stranded! (Don't get me wrong though, I'd still take the Jag LOL).

The Yaris is an updated Toyota Echo (those ugly Echo's; a REAL ego-buster there!) And both models are known for their outstanding reliability.

2009 Toyota Yaris Hatchback gas from North America


It is an excellent commuter car, definitely not a luxury vehicle.


Nothing has gone wrong with the car so far. It runs smoothly, but the manual shift is harder to get used to than some other manual shifts I have driven.

The one thing I find somewhat annoying is having to open the window in the rain or snow if I have to adjust the side mirror. There is no way to adjust it from inside the vehicle.

So far I have put only 20,000 km more than when I bought it, so it hasn't really had a chance for defects to show up.

General Comments:

Even though it is a small vehicle, I have been able to move some fairly large items with the back seat flattened down. I have moved over forty 8' and 10' two by fours, and a 24" stacked washer dryer, among other things.

For the first 3 months that I drove it I consistently managed 740 km per tank (about 42 liters). Now I am getting about 640 km per tank. Perhaps my driving style has changed, or it needs a tune-up.

I am fairly happy with the gas mileage. I like the two interior push on lights. They are convenient, bright, and don't seem to drain the battery. Several times I have left them on all night and they didn't drain the battery.

It is a little tight to fit a family of 5 into, but still possible if they aren't too big. There is plenty of headroom for the driver, which I can't say for all little cars.

It is great for parking, since it is hardly much longer than a smart car, and handles very well.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2010

2009 Toyota Yaris Hatchback 1.5L gasoline from North America


This car is excellent all-around


Some of the interior components are flimsy.

General Comments:

This car has excellent storage for a vehicle its size. The back seats fold flat easily, so I can put nearly anything I want in the back with no trouble. The back seat holds passengers comfortably, unlike other small cars. It's got plenty of cupholders, which are sturdy enough to have no problems spilling beverages.

The car feels a bit slow, but it's worth it when I'm getting at least 30 mpg consistently.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2009

7th Jan 2011, 17:50

I really want a Toyota Yaris hatch for my next car. But right now, I'm still enjoying my 2005 Toyota Echo.

2009 Toyota Yaris 3-door Hatchback 1.5 from North America


Overall this is a GREAT car for the price!


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

This car is great on gas mileage. I get an average of 39 miles per gallon, and I drive a mix of city, country roads, and highway.

It is small in size, but I didn't need anything roomy. It fits my husband, my son, my dog, and myself just fine. The back seats amazingly have plenty of leg room for an adult.

The fold down seats are a nice feature, so that you can fit larger items if need be. The only down side is they don't fold down completely flat.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2009

19th Sep 2009, 09:40

Actually, the seats DO fold down flat. You've just got to make sure to slide them all the way forward first.

15th Oct 2009, 14:25

You cannot properly evaluate a car with only 756 miles on it. Come back and write a real review when you have put 25,000 miles on it and the new car buzz has worn off.

15th Oct 2009, 21:38


Give the lady a break. It is perfectly fine to contribute an early review. One can always leave updates in the comments section.

Me thinks you might not like the idea of a Toyota getting a positive review.

Well you should get used to it as there are plenty of positives!

14th Feb 2010, 12:48

I get about the same mileage in my Hyundai Elantra. And I drive a mix of highway, city and country roads as well (I live in a very small town, so I actually drive a lot of country roads.) I'm not saying the Yaris is a bad car. It's a very nice car, a lot better than other cars in the same class (more room than a Hyundai Accent, cheaper than a Honda Fit, and a heck of a lot more reliable than a Chevrolet Aveo) but you could get about the same mileage with a larger car. You say you have a family of 5, which is definitely cramped in a Yaris.

16th Jan 2011, 14:30

The Yaris is more fuel efficient than an Elantra. It's the most fuel efficient car you can buy aside from a hybrid, or Smart Car.