19th Jul 2013, 00:13

I bought my new Yaris in 2012, and in all respects but one, I have been happy.

My complaint is the reflection from the dash, early and late in the day when the sun is low, and even in winter when cloudless. It's been so like driving in fog that road signs and freeway turn-offs are unclear until almost too late.

Sometimes it's so severe that I pull over until the sun moves.

Apparently a dashmat can't be installed as it jeopardises airbag deployment.

Toyota have passed my comment on to designers for the future, but that doesn't assist me. Why was the black matte dashboard replaced in 2012 by this deep grey one with low sheen? A motor magazine gave this aspect a roasting last year. Sadly, it will be why I trade it in for something safer when affordable.

Also, I am disappointed with Toyota's lack of interest in the matter.

19th Sep 2013, 18:18

For the reflection on the dash, the easiest temporary fix is to cover the dash with a black cloth. Be careful not to cover the passenger airbag box that's in front of the passenger seat hidden inside the dash. Better cover only the driver's side of the dash.

22nd Sep 2013, 05:32

I own domestics, but check the differential and it could be a bad wheel bearing. It appears when you are moving only. I had that stopped, and it was the the power steering. If it's none of the above, you probably ran over a cat.

16th Apr 2014, 08:10

I'm driving a 2012 Yaris sedan. It is the base model and it drives very well. It has no power going up hills though, and I feel that I can run up the hill faster than this car. It is great on gas and so far reliable. Of course it only has 6500 miles. We'll see in the next few years what happens.

24th Nov 2016, 04:07

You're buying an Yaris and expecting it to be a Lexus. I have driven few and it's meant to be a budget A to B car and do what Toyota do - drive from point 1 to point 2 safely without breaking down. Road noise and high end dashboard - you can't expect for that budget. You get what you pay for and it is good value for money. Your review is very unfair. Just because you hate it - it was written to make others hate. A review should be fair and independent.