21st Aug 2006, 07:40

Nothing off the sticker price means You paid too much for a little import.

23rd Aug 2006, 18:22

This is a comment to the last posting. Maybe in US, AC is a standard on Yaris, but here in Canada is not. With the only option (automatic tranny) added, the car pass well over 18k CAD. No other option. And if you apply for financing, the interest is 8.7%. You do the math. With these money you can buy a decent loaded other car. I don't contest the quality of Toyota, but I assumed the chance to buy American cars and that payed off. The value of repairs never passed the difference of price. Actually they where way under. And I owned just American cars (five). If you want to argue, just compare Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe (the GM version of Matrix) and you will see what I'm talking about. If you want to pay just the brand, be my guest.

24th Aug 2006, 15:14

I bought a 2007 Toyota Yaris 3 weeks ago. I have put 2200 miles on it and have enjoyed driving it every single mile. I am a fairly big guy, 6’ 3” 280lbs and I have plenty of leg room up front and room to move around while driving. I just got back from a trip to Myrtle Beach SC from Richmond VA, a 5½ hour drive. My Yaris did great, it kept up with highway traffic and still maintained great mpg at speeds of 85 – 90 MPH for most of my trip; I got 37.5 MPG. Yes I have a lead foot. The only downfall that I found with my Yaris is that I did not get cruise control. I would recommend cruise control if you plan on taking it on trips.

I bought this car as a second vehicle to save money on gas. My first vehicle is a full size pickup that only gets 16.5 MPG. I have been very impressed with the Yaris. I was a little scared of buying a vehicle that was so new to the market, but after doing some research and talking to several people at the Toyota dealerships this car was a must have. It has the same engine and transmission that the Toyota Corolla has had for years and years. So it is not new technology that Toyota put out, its just a new body style. It replaces the awful looking ECHO.

My Yaris is the base model 4 door sedan with a few little extras, I have AM/FM CD player, split rear folding seats, and pin stripes, the rest is just base, no power windows no power locks, no ABS brakes. I paid right around $13,500 before tax, tags, delivery fee.

My Yaris drives like a dream, tight steering, great acceleration for a 4 cylinder with AC. This car is fun to drive and great on gas. I can say nothing bad about this vehicle. I have had a Hyundai and a KIA. All I can say about Hyundai is POS, LEMON. The KIA I loved, but it was the Sorrento and was great. I would still rate the Toyota above the KIA for price and performance.

I would recommend this car for a first car for a teen, a second car for commuting, or a nice efficient vehicle for anyone.


26th Aug 2006, 19:56

I looked at this car briefly. What I observed is that it's slow and expensive. Online, Edmunds.com tested the performance of the Yaris S sedan and had a 0-60 time in 10.8 seconds. And the quarter mile was almost 18 seconds. Oh, and it was 17 grand! That just seems overpriced for a car with 106 horsepower.

I wouldn't drive this car on the interstates in metro Phx, it simply does not have enough power.

14th Sep 2006, 21:59

As some comments have pointed out, the Yaris is basically an Aveo or a Hyundai Accent with an extra 5 grand tacked on for that little "T" emblem. The Accent is actually faster, smoother, and covered by a warranty that is more than twice as long. If Toyota has such "superior" build quality, why doesn't it put its money where its mouth is and offer more than the puny 36 month limited warranty? I can't imagine paying 5 grand more just for a myth of better quality. My best friend bought an Accent for 10 grand three years ago, drives lots of miles, abuses the heck out of it and doesn't take care of it. At 70,000 miles its never seen the inside of a service department.

19th Sep 2006, 19:11

When I was considering getting rid of my truck, which I no longer need, I decided to look at some of the new "box" small cars like the Yaris, Aveo, Versa, etc. I ended up not even looking at the Versa because too many people told me that Nissan had too many problems with reliability. I did try out an Aveo and a Yaris, and I honestly can't fathom paying exactly TWICE as much (and that's what it was) for a Yaris. The Aveo was smoother, quieter, faster, and had a much more solid feel. I think Toyota is relying too much on its (undeserved) reputation for quality and trying to rip off consumers. I felt that the Korean-built Aveo was actually a more solid car, though it did not have quite the high fuel mileage rating as the Yaris (of course, for 8 grand you can buy a LOT of gas). No way am I paying twice as much for an equal (or less) vehicle.

29th Dec 2006, 01:24

I believe the Yaris is a quality automobile that will more than likely deliver years of trouble-free motoring, based on the reliability reports of its predecessor, the ECHO.

As a Canadian consumer, however, I agree with the above sentiments on this vehicle's price. Equipped with A/C and an automatic transmission, a new Yaris is listed at a price just shy of $20,000 CDN. For approximately $1,500 CDN more, one can purchase a similarly equipped, but much more comfortable, Canadian manufactured Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic.

On the other hand, a myriad of domestic compact sedans such as the Chevrolet Cobalt and Ford Focus can be had for thousands less after aggressive factory and dealer rebates. Although these vehicles lack the refinement (if not reliability) of their Japanese competitors, they do deliver considerable value for the price conscious consumer.

1st Feb 2007, 23:21

Considering all of Toyota's recent problems, I think I'd opt for the Focus or maybe the Dodge Calibre. They are 5 grand less expensive (well, the Focus anyway) and if recent problems with Toyota are any indication they should be much more reliable in the long run. Having owned a 2001 Focus ZX-3 and never having had a second's trouble with it, I recommend it very strongly. It also got very close to the Yaris's 35 mpg.

2nd Feb 2007, 10:09

Yeah, nothing better than owning a car built by workers who are going to lose their jobs. Lots of quality as job one there.

Please. A Scion or a Honda Fit/Civic would be best, won't give any trouble, and the company will still be in business five years from now.

18th Mar 2007, 11:54

First off, what are all the problems Toyota has been having? They are one of the leading manuacturers in the US. You don't get that from having all sorts of problems.

Second, the Dodge Caliber is garbage. I had one for just under 5k miles and hated it. There was a software issue on the manual transmission models that didn't kick up the idle, and would allow them to stall with the clutch pedal depressed. How's that for reliability?

Saying not getting a Toyota, but getting a Scion would be the best bet makes no sense! Toyota is the parent company of Scion! If you are concerned about Toyota going away, you should be equally concerned...

So many people are saying the Yaris costs double what the rest of the cars in its class cost. Show me proof. I have yet to see a company offer a car at the $5500 price range. You can get the base yaris for just over $11k, show me the better vehicle for half the price of that!

Face it, Toyota has a winner here, unless you are really into Korean cars made by the same company that makes your microwave (Daewoo). Toyota makes quality products, I own 2 mid seventies Toyotas, and I am far more satisfied with their build quality that that of the 2007 Dodge Caliber I owned for 6 months. Toyota is not going anywhere, check out their site for the J.D. Power & Associates awards they have received recently if you don't believe it.