4th Mar 2009, 14:26

I have a September '06 1.9 CDTi 150 and while I would agree it is a nice looking car, which handles well and has plenty of power, I would urge caution before purchasing one as I have suffered many problems with it.

The interior light does not work at all and never has. The doors (mine is a 3 door) constantly require tightening as they jerk around on the catch, the factory fitted sat-nav jam's constantly and then requires a new CD/DVD at £60 a pop every time the road network is updated (most annoying. And the postcode thing is a real pain in the backside too). I also have the electronic climate control in mine which is admittedly very good, especially in auto mode.

However, most serious so far is definitely the gear box! It started 'whining/squealing' constantly after about 35k miles, but the dealer I purchased it from allegedly could not pinpoint the problem despite admitting there was indeed a 'whining/squealing' noise, and instead suggested I "allow it to develop"!! Obviously, as I am not completely thick, I got this in writing from them. And good job I did too as almost exactly two months later the car is now back in the garage awaiting what I suspect, and what has been initially indicated to me by the dealer, will be warranty repairs following a total failure of the gearbox three days ago (very scary it was too traveling at 45-50mph with my young daughter in the car). The car was brought to a shuddering halt with a horrendous crunching/squealing/grinding noise and violent judder.

I have had to pay to have it recovered to the dealer, who astoundingly claims it cannot be looked at for eight, yes EIGHT days. In the meantime, I am sadly on foot patrol as Vauxhall will not provide a courtesy car until the exact fault has been established. And they will not even give it priority service to speed things up a bit either. In my opinion, very shoddy service from both Vauxhall and their dealership.

The car now has 44k miles on it and I have been informed this is not an isolated incident. Indeed, a friends five door version of the same age suffered the exact same problem which was attributable to a faulty thrust bearing apparently.

15th Aug 2009, 14:40

We have an 06 plate Astra SRi CDTi 150bhp. It's a great car, we bought it with 30k on the clock about a year ago, and now with just 50k on it, the gear box has started to whine in 1st, 2nd and 5th gear for some reason. Shame really because there are no other problems, and it is a pleasing car to drive.

I can't decide whether to get rid of it or buy a reconditioned box.

16th Aug 2010, 08:41

I have got an Astra 06 plate 1.8 which has done 64k on the clock and I had the same problem as you with the gearbox. I went to a local scrap yard and brought a gearbox off an 08 plate for £250 which had only done 18k. That is a lot cheaper than refurb as I had a quote for a starting price of £599, so have a look around.

13th Nov 2010, 15:57

Hi, I have a 56 plate 1.8 SRI 140bhp XP. (72K)

The ride is smooth, but the power seems a tad sporadic... lots of power one day, but sluggish the next... any ideas??

P.S when putting into reverse, the crunch is unbearable!!!


11th Jan 2011, 11:20

I have had lots of Astras, all SRI or sports versions.

We also had a problem with our gearbox on our 06 plate SRI 1.8. After months of loud crunching when putting into reverse and being told by our local Vauxhall garage nothing seems wrong, the gear stick came off in my husband's hand when trying to put the car into reverse (50 miles away from home), so he had to be rescued by the AA.

All it was that caused the problem was a plastic retaining cup that held the gearstick in place. The AA bodged it and followed us home. It was expensive to replace as Vauxhall do not replace just that part. As usual, it needed everything that went with it.

But apart from that I have been really happy with all my Astras.

14th Nov 2011, 11:36

Hi, this happened to mine, the gearstick just came out. Can you tell me how much it was to fix?



26th Nov 2011, 16:58

I have an Astra Design 1.8 2007, and have bought the 18 inch Penta alloys, and I'm buying X pack. Will I need to get new springs or have it lowered, or will it not be noticeable?

10th Dec 2014, 14:01

I have an Astra 1.3 06 plate. When I set off in 1st, it makes a weird noise. Is this a gearbox/clutch problem??? Only got 75K on clock and the issue has been ongoing for 3 weeks.