21st Jun 2003, 06:40

I have had my Corsa 1.2i 16v SXi for 18 months now and it has been reliable, fun to drive, and cheap to run. It's a great car, and looks good for the money. A sound buy.

10th Mar 2004, 03:35

Hi, I have had my Corsa 1.2 sxi sport, 1999 for 18 months. I love my car to bits, it looks good and sporty and was great value for money. It has been very reliable, especially in this cold winter and I would recommend this car to any one thinking of buying it. Rebecca.

10th May 2006, 16:36

I have had my Corsa 1.2 16V SXI now for 2 months and I think it has been a great buy. done most I can to it to get the 100 BHP that I have got. recommend it to any first time drivers out there!. Jon and Leah.

22nd Jan 2007, 05:55

What bhp are they and what is there real top speed, are they fast whats the acceleration like.

25th Jan 2007, 05:56

I have the 1999 corsa 1.2 16v sxi top speed I got was 118mph, about 8-10 second 0-60, so that's not bad for a 1.2.

1st Feb 2007, 04:57

I bought a Vauxhall Corsa sxi 1.2 16v in November brand new. I'm having terrible problems with my brakes as in they are grinding, I'm getting terrible vibration between 55 and 60mph and the car is very sluggish. Does anybody else have any of these problems. I'm the third person that I know of who has bought this car and is having the same problems.

6th Feb 2007, 13:51

I'm in love with my new corsa sxi!!! I love the whole look of the car and how it feels to drive, I've only had it two days, but I know I have made the right choice and wouldn't change it for the world! Annie x.

2nd Mar 2007, 13:31

I bought a new 1400 Corsa SXI in September 2006, this is my 3rd Corsa, however, like other buyers, I have had terrible grinding noises on my brakes. I did take the car back to the car dealers and they said they couldn't hear anything. On the second trip back they said this noise was normal and that nothing could be done! It looks unlikely that I will buy another Corsa. I think the aftercare on new cars from Vauxhall could be improved on.

30th Jun 2007, 08:22

Who said 8-10 sec for 0-60 even with my my remap and exhaust system it ant that quick!!!

18th Jul 2007, 08:43

How did you get 100BHP out of your corsa mine is about 80BHP now with induction and exhaust kit and that's not really that much.

28th Jul 2008, 17:07

I bought a Vauxhall Corsa last year, and for the past few months I have had this horrible grinding noise every time I brake. It's getting worse and worse now as the days go on.

I've took it in to the car dealer, and they say they are aware of the problem, but the brakes are safe and it's nothing to worry about! I've told them, that since it is only a year old car, I do not want to be driving a car that is making this horrendous noise. I've spoken to Vauxhall directly, and apparently they are trying to come up with a solution, but at present they do not have one!

Now it's getting to the point where I don't feel safe driving my car! I have contacted them and told them that I need this sorting, or they can have the car back and give me a full refund!!

If anyone else has this same problem, please don't hesitate to email me on debzmanc@hotmail.com.

26th Jul 2009, 04:50

I got a Corsa 1.2 SXi on a 99. It's a nice car.. but it don't arf tick! Sounds like a bag of bolts to be honest. But I hear other Corsas, and they sound the same.

11th Jan 2010, 22:01

Hi there :)

I just bought my Corsa 1.2 SXI 16V 1999. The car looks "superb" and it handles well. I admit that I really start to like it. However it isn't that fast as it takes ages to get to 60mph, and it is noisy as well.

Would suggest to put the music up and you won’t feel any noises :)



12th Jan 2010, 13:47

Those earlier performance claims are way off. The 1.2 Corsas made before 2000 only had 64bhp maximum, and in the manual 3 door the fastest 0-60 book time was 12 and a half seconds.

The Corsa C had a 1.2 engine with 73 (or 75 depending where you read) bhp and a fastest 0-60 of 11.5 - 12 seconds.

We had an 02 reg SXI 1.2, and were impressed at first, but it was one of those cars that never passed its MOT and always needed something doing on it. Parts were cheap though, and it was a nice tidy little car.

The seats were very hard, and the suspension also made for quite a harsh ride, but not even resulting in good handling as it was only average in the bends.

31st Oct 2010, 16:52

I also have a Corsa 1.2 SXi 1999, and to be honest, you're all wrong; it's quick, reliable, good looking, cheap, and makes a great noise.

12.5 seconds - balls. Mine's a tad faster than that (:

Only bad thing is rust.

Oh, and people who steal your spoiler.


8th Mar 2011, 13:27

I have an Opel Corsa SXi 1.L 16v Dr 2007. I also have a problem with the brakes grinding. The reason given is the disc pads are big for that size of car!!! I am told that this applies for the 2007 and 2008 Opel's.

3rd Feb 2012, 18:47

I've had a 1999 Vauxhall Corsa for 2 1/2 years, and have done roughly 43,000 miles since getting it.


Economical (41 - 43mpg).



Quite comfortable for long drives - drove from Cambridgeshire to the Highlands of Scotland in 1 day (638 miles), and was comfortable for the entire drive.

Replacement parts are dead cheap.

A common sight on the road, despite the fact that they were replaced by the Corsa C some 12 years ago!! (shows the reliability of the model)

Has no problems on the A roads, and the 1.2 has enough grunt to keep it up with the fast traffic on motorways.


Living out in the country means I have to frequently accelerate from 0 to 60mph, which can be a bit of a meal, especially if the car is fully loaded!

When you floor it, you are lucky to get it to 60 for 12 seconds.

Overtaking is painful, only way to do it efficiently is to drop into 3rd, which at 50mph makes the engine rather loud, but just make sure the road is clear, and you should be all set!

It's useless when it comes to accelerating on steep hills.

It's getting on in age now, and is lacking a lot of the safety features found in modern cars.

Its tax on the 1.2L 16v is £70/6 months, and it is an Insurance Group 3 car, so insurance is dirt cheap, regardless of driver experience! If you are looking for a first car, or just a cheap runabout, then you have found the perfect car, and you can get a lot of car for under £1,000. However, if performance is more your thing, perhaps a bigger engine or a Ford Focus TDCi is more up your alley?

5th Aug 2015, 19:27

I used to have one of these in the sky blue colour. I have a 350bhp Celica GT4 now, but I am looking for a 1.2 16v SXi, as it was the best car I have had, and loved it when I was 17. My car standard would beat 1.4 Civics, Saxo VTR/VTS, and a few Scoobys, Fiesta ST. It was a sick car, and I want one again!