22nd Nov 2009, 17:35

I waited approximately 3 months for my 1.8 S.E.90 saloon Insignia. I was surprised to find model was fitted with the electric hand brake, which does require some getting used to, and can be a problem in certain driving situations.

Also, straining your head around the steering wheel looking to see if the (P) is on or off, it is difficult to see clearly traffic approaching from the left at junction due to the wide door pillars and passenger seat head rest obstructing view.

There is also an annoying wind noise on the passenger side as if a window or door is open, but they are all closed..

Petrol consumption is higher @ 32-08 mpg. Mileage to date 1045.

28th Nov 2009, 08:17

Reference the electronic handbrake - don't forget that you can pull away without manually releasing it. If you press the gas pedal and then bring the clutch up gently, the parking brake will release automatically.

Also, the Insignia has hill hold assist, so if you release the brake pedal on a hill, the car will hold for a couple of seconds.

16th Dec 2009, 01:49

In reference to the electronic handbrake, the problem is not the the 'hold' facility or that you can release it by moving the car, it is knowing if the brake has been applied. Many times I have pulled the switch quickly & found that the brake was not applied, that is when I have to take my eyes off the road to see if the brake is on before I release the footbrake. I don't think enough thought has been put into it. Auto Hold like the VW is much better, it comes on automatically when the wheels are stopped with the footbrake.

19th Dec 2009, 02:31

Update on my review. Now covered 15K and just had first service as it's nearly 12 months old. No issues, love this car and performance and economy are both awesome.

Tiny thing though is the ice warning indicator doesn't appear to work, it's been -2C and no snowflake appearing on either display. No problem, but can't understand why it don't come up! Vauxhall said they will check it on the laptop sometime.

Also had a few recall fixes done, namely plenum chamber sealing (no idea what that is!), the diesel particulate filter has been reprogrammed and the ignition barrel greased. Awesome machine though, and is handling the winter weather so far with ease! I'm now averaging over 57 mpg on each tank, which means I'm getting over 830 miles from each tank (mainly motorway cruising).

28th Jan 2010, 15:59

Well it's now coming up to Feb 2010, and so I've experienced the very cold winter we've had so far in the UK with the Insignia.

The car has been fantastic, being able to turn off the traction control was really useful in the snow, and the car always felt reassuringly safe and solid.

Now up to 17K, and achieved my best ever average mpg over a full tank of diesel of 57.8 mpg; I managed close to 900 miles before refilling! Of course that's really gentle driving, and mostly 55-60 mph on A class roads and motorway, but even so, really impressive, that's using ordinary Shell diesel by the way.

No issues to report, everything works well and tyres are looking as though they should get close to 20K before requiring replacement on the front.

I've found the climate control appears to have a sun sensor, so it blows cool air from the face vents if the sun shines through the windscreen and the heating is on.. nice!

Also, going from auto mode on the climate to pressing the air direction buttons and turning off the air con button, gives auto fan speed, until you adjust the speed manually.

I've found the optimum position for the drivers seat at last, using the electric height adjuster to tweak the back inclination as the ratchet steps are a little coarse. The seats are great, I drove 6 hours and came out as fresh as a daisy, as if I hadn't even been driving a car!

1st Mar 2010, 15:37

I have had my 2009 Insignia 2.0 diesel 160 hp SRi from nearly new, and only have one complaint.

Since I have owned it, I have a slight pull to the left.

I have had it checked at my local dealers and they say it is camber conscious.

Can anyone tell me if they have had the same problem please?

Apart from this, the car is far superior to my previous Vectra SRi diesel.

25th Mar 2010, 10:56

My Insignia is also 'Camber Sensitive' as are most of the Vauxhalls I have owned. I went back to a main dealer and drove their demonstrator, it also pulled to the left. It also had the same clunky 2nd gear change.

15th Jun 2010, 14:40

OK, quick update for June 2010 on my Insignia Exclusiv 160 CDTi.

It's now been over 8 months since purchasing the car, and I have clocked up 25000 miles (about 15K since buying it). I am glad to say no issues so far, the car is running like a dream and is such a pleasure to drive.

Replaced the front tyres after 22000 miles, rather frightening though at over 200 quid each! The car as previous comments have said is camber sensitive, but I think all Vauxhalls I've owned have been the same. Sometimes you think it's pulling to one side, but it depends on the road surface and isn't a problem. Would be nice though if it didn't!

The engine runs really smooth for a diesel, and on a good surface with the windows closed you sometimes believe it's a petrol cruising along, really great sound insulation.

Any criticisms for this car?

Well it has a big turning circle, so it's sometimes difficult to reverse out of parking spaces when there are cars behind.

Brakes sometimes feel as though they slightly shudder when slowing down, not sure if it's the discs or the road surface though.

Nowhere to tidy up the wiring for the TomTom when stuck to the windscreen, and the handbrake isn't that brilliant; you need to leave the car in gear as it takes quite a bit of pulling up, and pulling it too far; it slips of the ratchet.

I think I've finally got used to the seating position, and although it doesn't feel quite right, it is, as it supports the back very well - just sometimes feel it needs to support the shoulders a bit more at the top... or maybe I haven't quite figured out the best position?

12th Sep 2010, 15:49

Update on my Insignia SRi 160 diesel.

As I have previously mentioned, my Insignia is camber conscious, which I've learned to live with.

But, and a big but, on returning from Scotland, my steering developed a slight vibration at around 70 / 80 mph.

I thought it was me expecting too much from the car, after all it's a Vauxhall, not a Rolls.

Since this happened, my locking mechanism on the fuel cap has packed up and needs to be replaced. So I also mentioned the vibration on the steering when I booked it in at my local dealers. They have told me that the valves are sticking, which is causing the vibration, what a shock.

The car has got to go in, and if it can't be sorted, I have been told it will have to have the engine stripped (head off) and the valves sorted out, so to say the least, I'm a little bit miffed. The car as done 10k now, and I wasn't expecting anything of this nature with it.

Can anyone tell me if they have had any similar issues please?

I am concerned now this may produce further problems in the future. Think this will be my last Vauxhall :-(