8th Aug 2011, 13:26

I took my Insignia 1800 into the Vauxhall garage to find out why I was getting a slight knock. I had driven the car 22 miles to get there with no problem. I asked the mechanic to put it up on the ramp and see what it was. He returned some time later to inform me that my clutch was burnt out, and would require a new one at a cost of £900 plus. When I tried to drive it out of the garage, it just would not move. When I asked him why this was, he just told me that the clutch was burnt out and I would have to have it replaced. I have had the car 15 months, and I have been driving for 50 years and never had to replace a clutch. This is a 2009 with only 32000 on the clock.

8th Sep 2011, 07:55


I too have had the same problem. Picked a VX Insignia 1.8S, as Vauxhall were in trouble and I wanted to help British industry. Had driven Fords for years. Received it May 2009, so one of the originals.

First problem was the rear discs, which were replaced at service in May 2010.

It is now in the garage, having had a burnt out clutch on Saturday pm, and towed by AA to same. It has 25,000 miles on the clock and a full service 3 months ago where clutch was checked. I have been told that this is driver abuse and I will have to pay for the clutch and DMF which has? been broken by the burnt out clutch.

As I am 61, no boy racer, and the majority of miles are done on the motorway, and have never had a burnt out clutch in over 25 years driving, I disputed this, but am not hopeful of a sympathetic hearing. I have verbally contacted Vauxhall customer care, and am awaiting their call back.

I fully intend to pursue this being done on warranty, as a 2 year old car costing 18,000+ should last longer than this when driven by a normal everyday driver. The fact that the clutch is in a sealed unit, which cannot be directly inspected, does not help when it is clear that the clutch is expected to wear, given that it is only covered by warranty for approx 18 months in any car.

I would not recommend this car to anyone. There are a number of reasons.

The weight of the car is too heavy for the power level.

Gear changes in low gear are never really smooth.

The side door support causes a significant blind spot.

It is impossible to see the back edge of the car (window too small) or the front nose when parking.

The seals around the doors and hatchback are less than robust.

Of course this may be our weather, in Scotland we have had serious rain and snow last 2 years, but VX are built in UK, so should at least be suitable for home market.

All in all, it will undoubtedly be my last VX.

6th Oct 2011, 13:07

Had problem with burnt out clutch and dual mass flywheel on our Vauxhall Insignia reg 2010. After being told that we were out of warranty because we have 67,000 miles on clock, we went to trading standards because the car was only 1 year 3 months old. Was told to quote that the vehicle was sold to us and is not fit for purpose. Also trading standards are aware of similar problems. Quote different laws to Vauxhall and you might just get some better response.

25th Oct 2011, 15:55

Hi, I bought an 09 Insignia, and noticed the ESP warning lights with a picture of a spanner, then took it into a Saab dealer, which does Vauxhall repairs. They told me it's a recall anyway to do some work on seals etc. The traction ABS may be linked with the recall; they said they sorted it out, but the engineer had to take it home to make sure it's OK. It's a first for me. I have 48678 on the clock and I'm the 2nd owner. I told them it's still under warranty and they should fix it; I'll find out tomorrow. Will let you guys know.

About the clutch; that should be a recall. Everyone should get together and make them notice the problem.

14th Nov 2011, 10:00

We have had our Insignia Ecoflex for 2 months now, and I can't get any more than 450 miles to a tank. It works out roughly 28 mpg. We sold a fab Jeep just to get more mpg (we were told nearly 50), but I thought at worse it might do double what the Jeep did (22!). At the present mpg it just wasn't worth changing considering how comfy/safe/etc. the Jeep was compared with this car.

24th Nov 2011, 05:14

Bought new Vauxhall Insignia 2.0T 2009 in the past year or so. The steering rack has been replaced 3 times, and also the steering pump 2 times. The car is still making moaning noises from the steering. Every time I got the car back, I had to pay for a wheel steering check. Thought this would be done after every steering rack replacement? Would like to know what to do next? Have driven Vauxhall for 20 years, and the dealer say Vauxhall are looking into it. Wondering if it is safe to drive?

6th Dec 2011, 17:42

Hi, regarding the ESP / ABS lights - I have exactly the same issue, lights keep coming on, and I notice a change in the feel of the brakes when it does come on. ABS completely inactive - is this a recall, I am out of warranty on an 09 SRI 2.0CDTI by 5 months!

10th Feb 2012, 04:46

Yes, my Vauxhall Insignia 'Sports Tourer' pulls to the left, however, I drove it for 1000 miles in France - no problem. So, it appears that these cars, made in Germany, are 'set up' for continental roads. However, try this - corner the car hard to the right on a roundabout with the steering well over - result, it now drives straight for about 15 minutes. Four wheel alignment doesn't help either.

I also have the wind noise from my passenger door, so I'm going to try resealing it.

It's not a bad car at all otherwise, better built than my previous Mercedes! The diesel performance is excellent. Automatic is smooth and the brakes are powerful.

21st Mar 2012, 03:44

I have a Insignia on lease, which is only 6 months old. I have a problem when it rains; water starts to bubble up on the driver and passenger windows, then spreads across the windows, then I can't see out of my mirrors. Vauxhall are saying that it's a characteristic design of the car, so we are having to get an independent report done to take them to court. I would never buy another Vauxhall again; so far in 6 months, not only do I have this problem, I have had a rear brake problem, and also a parking brake problem.

24th Mar 2012, 07:29

I have an 09 SRI, the worst car I have ever bought, and I am a Vauxhall man. The current problem I have is it is losing water with no obvious signs. The garage has had it 3 times, and said they can't find anything wrong. Anyone else having this problem?

30th Mar 2012, 13:48

My 09 1.8 Insignia had a problem with the handbrake lever in the first year. The ratchet appeared to miss now and again. It was replaced under warranty.

The car is now just over 3 years old, and the handbrake problem is back again. I've been in touch with Vauxhall, and am at present waiting for their opinion. Hopefully it'll be favourable. Watch this space. Has anyone had similar problems?

6th Apr 2012, 04:12

I have big problems with my 5000 miles Astra handbrake. Please let me know what they find. dinosaurmark@hotmail.co.uk

27th Apr 2012, 23:09

I have had the Insignia for over 2 years. It has an electric handbrake, and it is just an extra expense when it goes wrong.

The flywheel goes around 40 to 50k.

I am on 67k, and the car is falling apart. Brake caliper went just after the warranty ran out, radiator is leaking just after the warranty ran out, handbrake is on its way out just after the warranty ran out. So beware as soon as you hit 60k - big bucks.

12th Oct 2012, 13:54

I have similar problem with my 2009 Insignia. Unfortunately I have had the car from new, and the clutch has been replaced, we have had a new gear box, flywheel, rear boot lock and scoring brake discs.

Now as we have a problem that it appears to be leaking water as the coolant light code 3 is appearing, and I am continually having to fill up water jar, but am unable to find the source of the leak. Can you advise where the leak was detected in your car and what Vauxhall did to help? Is anyone else having this problem?