27th Oct 2010, 11:10

I have a 58 2 litre CDTI 160.

It has had the usual recalls done but the water still comes from around the back doors when it's been raining. I also have what I would describe as "free play" somewhere in the transmission or at the driveshafts. A clonking as you accelerate or decelerate as if there is play in something.

Anyone had this problem & what was the outcome? Also the handbrake lever sometimes goes clunk when you apply it. I now have a vibration under load at low revs. The dealer says it may be another recall for a new fly wheel & clutch!

16th Nov 2010, 09:33

My experiences with 2 separate Insignia cars I have owned have been nothing but trouble...

1. Leaking back doors - happened on both cars.

2. Faulty fuel filter causing the car to stall whilst in motion. This happened to mine on the motorway, causing a serious incident whilst my wife was driving, and my 2 sons, 6mths and 3 yrs old, were in the car. Mine was swapped out by Vauxhall Motors directors office due to this.

3. Front bumper comes away from driver side of car - happened on both cars

4. Information display fails - happened on both cars

5. 2 amp drain on battery when the car was not being used, requiring new dash wiring loom and fuse box. Due to this and parts in short supply, the car is off the road now for 2 months!

I would seriously recommend anyone considering this car to consider again, it may be I have just been unlucky getting a poor one, but twice??

21st Nov 2010, 10:44

I purchased my Insignia 2.0 SRi in January, new from dealer. Wouldn't have been my first choice, but the Golf GTDi was 5k more, and equivalent Audi at least 7k! I've always had loyalty to the VAG brand, but as a family man now with 2 boys, my allegiance is now with my wallet!

Although I do relatively like the Vauxhall, I find that I'm getting nowhere near the fuel figures the have been mentioned here, averaging 37 to 38 mpg on the commute to work/daily use. The other problem I have is deep scoring of the rear brake discs, which my dealer is sweeping under the carpet. Front discs are still as new after almost 15k. Wondering if anyone else has the same brake problems?

24th Nov 2010, 15:17

Vauxhall Insignia 2.0t petrol 2009.

Had rear brakes changed because of scoring. I reported them at 6500m and was fobbed off. Found out a technical instruction in place effective May 2010. "If customer complains about scoring, then replace the disc and pads on warranty." Limit is usually 30,000Km or 18400m. I was way over this, but I insisted as was first reported at 6500m and had them done on warranty. Don't be fobbed off, they know they all have problems, should be a recall!!

25th Nov 2010, 06:30

There is a Vauxhall tech note re the back discs on the earlier Insignias, something to do with incompatible materials in pads V discs. If the discs are a mess and noisy, mention all this, Vauxhall advise replacement.

Anyone finding achieving decent MPG in 1.8 SRi difficult? Had the same engine in a Vectra, and driven harder always averaging 35mpg. The Insignia is nearer 31 or worse, and that is without harsh driving.

6th Dec 2010, 17:15

I have a 2010 SRi 160. Just been recalled for a software update. Took 5 hours; why I will never know. When I booked it in, he wanted the car as soon as possible. Made me wonder if it was more serious than they were saying (flattening battery) BUT NEVER HAS.

Also campers to the left, and always has. Can anyone advise me if they have had this problem rectified and how? I have also had a knocking when the car is stood ticking over. Thought it was air con pump, but doesn't do it all the time. If you rev the engine, it goes. Has anyone else had this problem?

9th Dec 2010, 03:58

I have had my Insignia 2.0 SRI 160 manual 5 door for 3 weeks, bought one year old with 22000 on the clock.

Noticed the left pull and vague steering within 30 seconds, while leaving the lot.

Reported straight away.

Had 3 all-wheel alignments and the sub-frame adjusted. Still the same. Regional Manager is now involved.

Feels great on a right camber (fast lane) or on a gentle left bend (self steers). Otherwise, I have to maintain constant right-hand-down pressure on the wheel to stay on-course. As a result, wheel sits right of centre, which feels odd.

Another annoying thing: a really tiny high-frequency vibration through the steering, really noticeable at 70-80mph. The mirror vibrates so quickly that I lose detail out my back view, so cannot read number plates.

Fuel economy is the biggest disappointment, and the rear seats for my 3 kids: I have really made a poor choice, as I need to draw straws to see who I leave behind.

Honestly, even considering the nice fit-and-finish and power, I would like to roll back time and get my old 55 Vectra SRI estate back.

3rd Jan 2011, 13:15

I've been thinking of buying a second hand Insignia, but after reading all the comments, I am now wondering if I should look elsewhere for a car. I was going to get a 08 Vectra, but was looking at an Insignia, and I wanted one instead.

Do you guys think I would be better off with a Vectra, rather than just going with a car that has good looks, and by all accounts, not much else?

9th Jan 2011, 00:06

Why not do yourself a gargantuan size favour, and buy a Mazda 6? Style, reliability in spades, good performance, ride and handling, inexpensive to run, and dealers that leave Vauxhall dealers in their wake (but that's not hard to rise above rock bottom though).

Highly recommended.

11th Jan 2011, 04:31

Vauxhall Insignia 2009, only 3886 miles.

I have been driving for 47 years and driven most types of cars. I have always treated my vehicles with respect. Broke down on the road and the RAC guy informed me that the clutch had burnt out. Never have I burnt out a clutch. At 3886 miles this seems absurd.

Towed to the local Vauxhall dealership who stated that, unless a mechanical fault can be proven, the repair will be my responsibility. Is this reasonable? Has anyone else had a similar problem? Is it possible that the clutch assembly was frozen during the recent cold spell? Any advice would be really appreciated.

11th Jan 2011, 16:48

If you google "Insignia clutch problems", this seems to be a common occurrence.

Get some hard evidence, refuse to pay once work is done, threaten publicity or setting up an Internet recall campaign for a common fault.

They'll soon see sense.

13th Jan 2011, 15:37

WAS DRIVING MY 59 VAUXHALL INSIGNIA 1.8 SRi (12000 miles on clock) 2 days ago. When changing from 3rd gear into 4th, lost all drive in the car. Told by the AA my clutch has gone, and I'm towed to the Vauxhall garage, I get a phone call today from a very cheery and smug lady from garage, to be told my clutch has burned out, and I will have to pay. I told her I don't accept this, and I'm then phoned back by service manager to be told my clutch and flywheel have burned out, and I will be charged £1400 to repair this. I told him from experienced mechanics and employees from the same company, that this should not happen to a 10 month old car, no matter how hard it is driven, and also on searching the Internet, I have found this to be a common 2009 Vxh Insignia problem. The service manager told me he could take any car out of the forecourt, and burn out a clutch in 5 minutes if he wanted to, at which point I ended the conversation, as I was getting nowhere.

I have since found out a lot of manufacturers are having problems with new dual mast flywheels, which are causing both burn out to the clutch and flywheel, and on this I am taking my fight to Vauxhall customer services tomorrow. Can anyone let me know if they are having similar problems?