2000 Vauxhall Omega CDX 2.5 V6 24v from UK and Ireland


Could teach new beemers and mercs a thing or two about ride


Intermittent poor starting.

Knocking/rattling noise on start up, which goes away after approx a minute.

Driver's side heated seat inoperable.

Electric sunroof slow.

Whistling wind noise from driver's side wing mirror.

Occasional high pitched noise from climate control system, regardless of whether the fan is set on high or low.

Cruise control occasionally deactivated of its own accord.

General Comments:

Plus points first -- this has to be the comfiest car I think I've ever owned, it rides fantastically and the seating is spot on, like sinking into an old sofa after some cars I've driven.

I bought this car as very high mileage for only £800, for that money I got a large, roomy, luxo barge that accommodates even 5 adults in reasonable comfort, still felt very well built even after all those miles, and had a very high kit count.

Half my journey to work is dual carriageway, the Omegas home turf, it cruises at 80-85 mph with hardly any engine or wind noise, feels nice and stable, and has re-assuring brakes in case of a high speed stop, also kicks down quite well at speed, handy for pulling out into lane 2 or 3 if something is pulling up at a rate of knots behind you.

Xenon headlights are brilliant, really noticeable improvement over standard lights, also thought the 4 disc CD autochanger mounted in dash is a good idea, no rummaging round in the boot, and the audio system sounds really good, handy info display as well, coming up with messages like "washer fluid low" or "check engine oil".

Negatives for me were the slightly barge like handling on country roads, although the steering feel is pretty good, it tended to wallow quite a lot and felt like the damping needed to be better, perhaps the price you pay for such a good ride!

I also felt the initial brake bite was too spongy, not that confidence inspiring, although the brakes are very powerful if you need them to be. I had the traction light flash too many times for my liking as well, although to be honest I think this was more to do with the time of year and the fact the rear tyres were down to about 2mm, I actually came close to losing it once round a left hand bend whilst accelerating onto a dual carriageway off a roundabout, good to know it's a 4 star Euroncap car then!

Most other niggles really are down to the above listed faults, not sure what the poor starting was about, the knocking engine noise seemed to start after I had the spark plugs changed (expensive as one bank's stupidly hidden by a load of crap in the engine bay), sunroof issue was down to lack of use by the previous owner, I think the whistling wing mirror was due to the fact it was slightly loose on it's mounting and wind was getting through a gap, and the most annoying thing, the high pitched whistle from the A/C system, was just weird! It was intermittent, seemed to go away under acceleration, and sometimes turning the temp down as low as it would go and running it on full blast would clear it.

Was a bit thirsty, got 25.5 mpg on average, and I thought low down torque was a bit lacking as well, prompting using sport mode on the box more than I would've liked.

Overall, a good car, I'd have another, hopefully a 3.0 litre Elite next time!

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Review Date: 21st January, 2009

16th Apr 2009, 07:34

You seem to like the car overall though from reading your comments.

I have had my 3.0 MV6 manual now for about 3 years now, and other than normal wear and tear items she has been brilliant.

You think your traction control kicks in too much, you should try a manual 3.0, it's far worse. Having said that I would rather it kicked in than lost the backend round a roundabout in the wet.

I carry large amounts of tools in the boot, and it can still accommodate 5 adults and more.

Love my MV6 to pieces, just wish she had less than 130'000 miles on her, but what the heck, she starts first time every time without knocks, rattles, and goes like a rocket with exceptional handling as well.

2000 Vauxhall Omega MV6 3.0 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic super cruiser


Both front wishbone units replaced.

Steering idler arm worn (caused wandering steering).

Rear suspension units started to leak.

Both cam covers leaking oil (knew this when I purchased the vehicle, but as I am a Vehicle Technician this didn't bother me).

General Comments:

This is a fantastic piece of kit from Vauxhall, and why they ever spent a fortune reviving it with the Series 2 facelift, and then killed off the model is anyone's guess.

The "Signum" apparently is supposedly the replacement for the Omega, but I will never buy one as it just looks like a "Vectra" with a weird looking rear end!

Plus a true drivers car is front engine and rear wheel drive as the Omega is.

The traction control is a blessing in the wet with this much power under your right foot, and especially as my wife drives the car more often than me.

It has all the toys (with exception to the Elite Model) and all of them work fine. I have no squeaks or rattles from the interior, and you can just eat up the miles on a long journey and feel nicely refreshed at the end, no back aches etc.

My brother drives a 2001 BMW 330Ci, and even he comments on how quiet the car is, with no rattles etc, unlike his, which constantly drives him mad with noises and trim sections creaking!

The (in disguise) Vauxhall/Recaro seats fitted have plenty of adjusting features for the tallest or shortest drivers.

It's not the best fuel economical vehicle, but then I didn't buy it for economy, I bought it for luxury, power, safety and reliability, and that's exactly what I got.

If you don't want to pay silly money for a BMW 5 series, then you should seriously consider a "facelift" Omega.

Just make sure it has a full Vauxhall history (mileage doesn't really matter), not too many previous owners, a good paint finish, and away you go.

And if you want economy, go for the 2.2 litre 4 cylinder, or better still the 3.0 V6 like it did.

The 3.2 facelift model is nice, but was only available with the "automatic gearbox", so may not be to everyone's tastes.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2007