2nd Feb 2004, 07:25

I have a '99 'T' Reg Chequers Ltd Edition just done 49k miles...

Excellent car, very reliable, until last week, when the head gasket was diagnosed faulty and replaced... Is that normal on such a low mileage?

You are right, the window is supposed to lower, so that the vacuum created when closing the tailgate, does not force out the front windows.

22nd Feb 2004, 08:56

I had same problem with passenger window going down & up, the garage I purchased it from stopped it doing this, now I'm confused whether or not I should have left it alone.

Also! does anyone have a handbook, or be-able to tell me what the orange 'helicopter' light is, this light comes on now & again?? now the engine fires up, then promptly dies, is this related?? (Sandra, Blackburn)

22nd Feb 2004, 17:00

The orange 'helicopter' light (the picture is supposed to be of an engine, but you wouldn't necessarily guess) is the engine management system warning light. It should go out when you start the car, but may briefly come back on for a few seconds from time to time (this isn't significant).

If it stays on for more than a few seconds, the engine control unit (ECU) has recorded a problem with the engine somewhere. This may be minor or major, but it's almost certainly something to do with the engine problems you're experiencing.

Take the car to your usual mechanic or a Vauxhall dealer and ask them to read the engine management codes for you. Some Vauxhall dealers will do this free of charge if you ask them nicely. Hopefully this will work out the problem.

10th Jun 2004, 09:31

The thing about the window going down when the tailgate is opened is mentioned in the handbook so is normal.

When I mentioned to my dealer about the engine overheating really quickly, he said that was normal for the car! It, sort of, isn't a problem as the fan cuts in and it's fine, but I really hate it doing that.

22nd Jun 2008, 14:47

I have had my car for a year now and after a month or two it started to chug when pulling away. I changed the plugs and leads and had an oil change and engine flush. Vauxhall tell me that after all that being done it would next probably need a new coil pack on it. Has anybody else had this problem because im not sure if it will work, I know they're not expensive but would just like to know. Iv also been told it's a common problem.

28th Nov 2008, 09:49

I recently bought my 1998 1.4 Chequers knowing the head gasket had gone. This has been sorted but the engine is locking, I've checked the timing but that all seems fine. Can anyone give me any ideas?

30th Dec 2008, 14:59

I have a Tigra 2000, X-reg and no handbook. I'm not sure where to check the clutch fluid? Does anyone know? Glad to see the opening window is normal. Can I get a handbook from anywhere for that year? Thanks.

12th Mar 2013, 08:21

A tip for anyone who is not aware of how to re-initialize the window opening and closing when closing the boot.

The passenger side window will not come down when you have disconnected the battery. To re-initialize it, you need to hold the down button on the passenger side window control, so it goes all the way down, and then the up button until the window is fully closed. You may do it in one go, but sometimes it can take another go.