14th Apr 2006, 07:32

I have owned my Tigra for about two years now. I must admit I bought it because of its looks!

I have read all the above comments and can relate to them all! My first problem was the cam belt which I had replaced and then the water pump went. I have had so many problems and they never seem to end.

Two months ago I had to get a new clutch. At the moment I need to get the tensioner changed on the alternator belt. I also have another noise which I believe is the wheel bearing... great yet more money!

I'm sick and tired, more to the point disappointed with my car. Oh yes also the lights for air con/temperature controls do not work either.

I have also found that the car leaks in water from the roof/boot so when it's been raining heavily I get a nice wet ceiling.

Although my latest problem is probably the best... the speedometer doesn’t work properly. I could be waiting at traffic lights and it will go between 0-30mph while I'm at a standstill!

I do love the car, but I've had enough!

30th Jul 2006, 11:27

----> HI. I have had my Tigra since January 2005.

Problems so far... New Thermostat (£150), Head Gasket (£850), Replacement Speedometer drive (£160), Disc & Brake pads (£209 - each time, this has happened 3 times) - Maybe I brake to hard?! I have always taken the car to Vauxhall Garages, so you assume you would get a honest, reliable service, unfortunately not. When the head gasket was done, one week later (October 2005) the speedo went, I was told that the gasket work could have caused it? This was repaired last year. Well, YESTERDAY the speedometer stopped working again and the orange light (management/electrics?) keeps coming on and cutting out the car. All repair work was not in the warranty period with the Garage or Vauxhall (Vauxhall work covers for 3 months or 3000 miles - whichever happens 1st) - lucky me, so wondered if anyone knows whether they were originally responsible, or if there is anything else that can be checked?

Help on what to do would be lovely.

I love the car and it came with front tints, that match the rear window, and I now have matching blue interior, dash and controls so there is NO WAY I would sell!

14th Sep 2006, 07:08

Jamming sunroof!!! How can you close it?? Weather is getting worse!!!

10th May 2007, 05:36

Hum, just read reviews. had my Black W reg 1.4 Tigra for 7 months and nothing has gone wrong yet at all!! Well I am lying a bit, took it to the garage for servicing a found that my shock absorbers were worn and my tyres were split. Neither urgent so haven't had them fixed yet, will wait until about a week before my MOT Hehe.

As soon as I saw a Tigra I feel in love with it, then I had to have one and now I've got it its not all its cracked up to be. Even thought I've had no major problems, I just know that when it does break its going to cost me a lot of money which scares me.

I admit it's a looker.

26th Aug 2007, 06:11

I bought a new Tigra convertible in Sept 2006 and really love the car. I bought the diesel version which is very economical. However, due to the very wet "summer" I discovered that water gets into the boot when it rains leaving a nice pool of water. The car has been back twice already - the first time they claimed that the seals around the boot had been replaced, but it made the problem worse. I have just got it back again only to discover that water still pours into the boot - caused by the action of opening it. You can only see this problem if you have the correct position for taking the roof off ie. with the divider pulled into the back position. So its going back again! Very annoying!

10th Oct 2007, 15:48

I have just brought a 94 M plate Tigra 1.6, and am having problems with the brakes. When you press the brake, it goes straight to the floor and makes a noise like pumping air, which seems to be coming from behind the pedal. We have changed the brakes back and front, and were wondering if this was a servo problem?

The garage said it might be an ABS problem, but I'm not sure whether it has ABS? Also a few problems with interior electrics and bulbs, and a knocking noise when turning right, that's only coming from the back end? I think it just needs a bit of love, but would be really grateful for some help on the brakes, as each garage suggests something different.

Help me please.

23rd Apr 2008, 17:14

Hi - has anyone else had a problem with their speedometer. My daughter has a T reg Tigra and had two speeding convictions within two weeks of each other. 2 days after the 2nd one, her speedometer failed. Mechanic said it could have been shearing through for a few weeks. She has driven for 15yrs no problems. Legal advice asked if we knew of any other Tigra owners had similar problems. thanks.

30th Jul 2008, 10:07

I have an 05 Tigra (which I adore - previously owned a V reg Tigra 1.6 - loved that too. My new Tigra seems to have had a number of faults and I am wondering if other Tigra or vauxhall owners have also experienced them.

1. Clutch cable not secured thus due to vibration of engine wore a hole leading to the fluid leaking out. Gears seized on the motorway and just avoided horrific accident.

2. National recall of ABS brakes.

3. Handbreak not holding, rolled and luckily only hit bushes, now always have to place in gear and generally avoid parking on hills of any kind as still ‘groans’ even when in gear.

4. Cam shaft snapped, again narrowingly avoiding accident on motorway - apparently completely unheard of by AA, local and vauxhall garage.

I wonder whether I should contact anyone to notify or whether I unfortunately have an unlucky car.


7th Sep 2008, 13:29

I have bought a 2005 Tigra 1.8. It's a lovely looking car and it's great to have the roof down (weather permitting in the UK) Ah Ah. Fortunately it is under 3 month warranty and has been back to the garage a few times for:

Roof leaking at passenger and driver side, and the door locks were a bit hit and miss - sometimes it would unlock and other times you had to open the doors by inserting the key into the lock, which sometimes set the alarm off. Fingers crossed the above are sorted.

However by sheer luck, after washing the car I did a general check under the bonnet and noticed that the the water level had gone down dramatically with about half an inch water left. Just hope it's a rubber seal/ pipe and not the cylinder head gasket.

30th Oct 2008, 14:23

I have a P reg Tigra. I just bought it today, it is already in the garage, due to clutch or gearbox links problem. I was just reading the reviews and would like to know if there are any other problems that occur with P reg Tigras? I do love the looks of the car, but am worried I will constantly be getting problems fixed.